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Stimulation of the paravascular carotid receptors by bradykinin

, : Stimulation of the paravascular carotid receptors by bradykinin. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 83(1): 111-121

In the rat, intra-arterial injection of bradykinin produces either hypotension associated with polypnea or excitation with polypnea and a biphasic cardiovascular response. Intra-arterial injection of PGE, produces similar effects. Bradykinin and PGE sensitize each other. Indomethacine abolishes all vascular responses induced by bradykinin, but fails to reduce them when bradykinin is injected simultaneously with low doses of PGE. It is concluded that stimulation of paravascular nociceptive receptors is wholly responsible for the reactions by intracarotid injection of bradykinin.


PMID: 50769

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