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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 38996

Chapter 38996 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Transient kinetic studies of malic enzyme. A conformational change associated with substrate inhibition by malate. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 189(2): 309-316

Transient kinetics of nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphate-linked isocitrate dehydrogenase from bovine heart mitochondria. Biochemical Journal 171(3): 743-750

Transient loss of HLA B27. Lancet 1(8058): 284-284

Transient myeloid metaplasia associated with an unusual hemoglobin in a newborn infant. American Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology 1(4): 291-299

Transient myopia with angle closure glaucoma. Case report and biometric findings. Klinische Monatsblatter für Augenheilkunde 172(5): 762-766

Transient opening of brush border membrane vesicles in alkaline media: preservation of D-glucose transport after removal of extrinsic proteins. Febs Letters 105(2): 224-228

Transient osteoporosis of the hip. Journal of Rheumatology 4(1): 59-64

Transient photopotential of rhodopsin on a vesicle preparation of retinal rod membranes. Comptes Rendus des Seances de L'academie des Sciences. Serie D, Sciences Naturelles 288(1): 155-158

Transient potassium fluxes in toad skin. Journal of Membrane Biology 49(3): 199-233

Transient ring sideroblastosis in grafted human bone-marrow. Lancet 2(7999): 1364-1364

Transient spectra of intermediates in the photolytic sequence of octopus rhodopsin. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 545(3): 537-546

Transition-metal binding site of bleomycin A2. A carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance study of the zinc(II) and copper(II) derivatives. Biochemistry 17(19): 4090-4096

Transition: a planned clinical learning experience for Associate Degree students in nursing. Journal of Nursing Education 15(4): 3-6

Transitional carcinoma in congenital diverticulum of the bladder. Archivos Espanoles de Urologia 31(5): 449-468

Transitional forms of Arnold-Chiari and Dandy-Walker malformations. Journal of Neurology 210(2): 135-141

Transitional phases in human development. Aktuelle Gerontologie 6(7): 337-345

Transitory atrioventricular block induced by acute alcoholic intoxication. Considerations on 2 cases. Revista de Medicina Interna, Neurologe, Psihiatrie, Neurochirurgie, Dermato-Venerologie. Medicina Interna 30(5): 479-480

Transitory burst-suppression pattern in endogenous-exogenous encephalopathy. Eeg-Emg Zeitschrift für Elektroenzephalographie, Elektromyographie und Verwandte Gebiete 9(2): 120-124

Transitory decrease in platelet monoamine-oxidase activity during migraine attacks. Lancet 1(8008): 391-393

Transitory expression of Thy-1 antigen in skeletal muscle development. Nature 268(5616): 163-165

Transitory polyuro-polydipsia syndrome in infants with prolonged or recurrent diarrhea. Revista de Pediatrie, Obstetrica Si Ginecologie. Pediatria 27(2): 177-181

Transitory postnatal hemolysis of calf red cells by amino acids. Journal of Membrane Biology 26(1): 71-90

Transitory thrombocytopenia in small-for-date infants, possibly related to maternal smoking. Lancet 2(8032): 303-304

Transitory, post-traumatic "locked-in" syndrome. Lancet 2(8052-8053): 1351-1352

Translaminar growth of axons in the kitten dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus following removal of one eye. Journal of Comparative Neurology 161(3): 359-382

Translating the New Testament into simple English and signs for the mentally retarded deaf. Hospital & Community Psychiatry 30(9): 635-635

Translation and stability of rat liver messenger RNA for alpha 2 mu-globulin in Xenopus oocyte. The role of terminal poly(A). Journal of Biological Chemistry 254(18): 8937-8942

Translation in vitro of mRNA from rat ventral prostate [proceedings. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 85(5): 1009-1011

Translation of 35S RNA from avian myeloblastosis virus into viral specific polypeptides in Xenopus oocytes. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 84(3): 619-621

Translation of MS2 RNA in vitro in the absence of initiation factor IF-3. European Journal of Biochemistry 92(1): 235-241

Translation of albumin messenger RNA in a cell-free protein-synthesizing system derived from wheat germ. Journal of Biological Chemistry 252(4): 1272-1278

Translation of avian type C virus messenger RNA: evidence for multiple initiation sites. Virology 82(2): 255-264

Translation of catalase mRNA from rat liver [proceedings. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 86(4): 922-923

Translation of mRNA for glutamate dehydrogenase and spectrophotometric procedure to follow the enzyme biosynthesis. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 85(3): 583-588

Translation of mRNA from rat-liver polysomes into tyrosine aminotransferase and tryptophan oxygenase in a protein-synthesizing system from wheat germ. Effects of cortisol on the translatable levels of mRNA for these two enzymes. European Journal of Biochemistry 70(1): 259-268

Translation of messenger RNA specific for tyrosine aminotransferase in oocytes of Xenopus laevis. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 72(2): 687-693

Translation of prolactin and growth hormone messenger RNA from rat pituitary tumour cells. Stimulation of GH mRNA activity by triiodothyronine [proceedings. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 85(2): 387-387

Translation of tyrosine aminotransferase mRNA from hepatoma cells in a wheat germ cell-free system. Febs Letters 93(2): 194-195

Translation of tyrosine aminotransferase mRNA in a modified reticulocyte system. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 79(4): 1015-1022

Translation products of the alfalfa mosaic virus ribonuclei acids in wheat-germ cell-free system and in oocytes from Xenopus laevis. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 84(3): 654-655

Translational control of protein synthesis in stimulated WI-38 fibroblasts. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 425(2): 234-245

Translational products of type-C RNA tumor viruses. Advances in Cancer Research 27: 1-53

Translocation 46,XY,t(2;5) (q37;q14) and mental retardation. Clinical and cytogenetic study. Journal de Genetique Humaine 24(1): 27-37

Translocation of cytosol protein kinase into nuclei and the induction of tyrosine hydroxylase in NBD-2 neuroblastoma cells. Brain Research 171(3): 481-487

Translocation of glutathione from lymphoid cells that have markedly different gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase activities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 76(5): 2249-2252

Translocation of intracellular glutathione to membrane-bound gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase as a discrete step in the gamma-glutamyl cycle: glutathionuria after inhibition of transpeptidase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 76(1): 268-272

Translumbar aortography revisited. Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 133(3): 562-563

Transmaternal modification of the Berenblum/Mottram experiment in mice. Bulletin du Cancer 65(3): 265-270

Transmembrane channel activity of gramicidin A analogs: effects of modification and deletion of the amino-terminal residue. Journal of Molecular Biology 132(4): 733-738

Transmembrane electrical and pH gradients across human erythrocytes and human peripheral lymphocytes. Journal of Cellular Physiology 99(1): 79-93

Transmembrane electrical and pH gradients of Paracoccus denitrificans and their relationship to oxidative phosphorylation. Febs Letters 87(1): 145-151

Transmembrane electrical potential and transmembrane pH gradient in the acidophile Thiobacillus ferro-oxidans. Biochemical Journal 178(1): 195-200

Transmembrane electrochemical H+-potential as a convertible energy source for the living cell. Febs Letters 74(1): 1-9

Transmembrane signaling: proceedings of the ICN-UCLA Symposium held at Keystone, Colorado, February 26--March 3, 1978. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research 31: Ix-786

Transmembrane voltage clamp current in cardiac fibres as measured with two different methods. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 83(3): 601-603

Transmethylating enzymes. Monographien aus dem Gesamtgebiete der Psychiatrie 18: 16-30

Transmissible agent in non-A, non-B hepatitis. Lancet 1(8062): 459-463

Transmissible agents from human sarcoid and Crohn's disease tissues. Lancet 2(7989): 761-765

Transmissible modification induced in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis in vitro. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 25(4): 462-474

Transmissible virus dementia. I. An unusual space and time clustering of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and of other organic presenile dementia cases. Acta Virologica 22(2): 146-153

Transmissible virus dementia. II. Neurohistology of three, geographically clustered cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Acta Virologica 22(2): 154-161

Transmission electron microscopy surveillance of retroviruses in tissue culture cells prepared by the critical-point drying method. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 61(2): 431-436

Transmission of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Lancet 2(8138): 338-339

Transmission of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease to Syrian hamster. Lancet 1(8009): 479-479

Transmission of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease to guineapigs. Lancet 2(8145): 752-752

Transmission of Salmonella typhi by fiberoptic endoscopy. Lancet 2(8029): 134-134

Transmission of enteroviruses and their antigenic variation due to antibody. Uirusu 25(4): 213-219

Transmission of hepatitis B by immune serum globulin. Lancet 2(8155): 1293-1293

Transmission of hepatitis B to the rhesus monkey. Studies on the humoral and cell-mediated immune response. Journal of Medical Primatology 7(2): 114-118

Transmission of herpes-simplex virus type 1 in a nursery for the newborn. Identification of viral isolates by D.N.A. "fingerprinting". Lancet 1(8071): 964-966

Transmission of non-A non-B hepatitis to chimpanzees by factor-IX concentrates after fatal complications in patients with chronic liver disease. Lancet 1(8115): 520-524

Transmission of non-A, non-B hepatitis from man to chimpanzee. Lancet 1(8062): 463-466

Transmission of stability (telestability) in deoxyribonucleic acid. Physical and enzymatic studies on the duplex block polymer d(C15A15) - d(T15G15). Journal of Biological Chemistry 250(13): 5109-5113

Transmission of viral hepatitis B by contaminated syringes. Mmw, Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift 120(40): 1309-1310

Transmission potential of Chagas' disease by blood transfusion: serological findings among donors of the State of Oaxaca. Salud Publica de Mexico 20(4): 439-444

Transmission, from man to hamster, of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease with clinical recovery. Lancet 2(8079): 40-42

Transmitter background of an emotional reaction of the cat [proceedings. Activitas Nervosa Superior 19(2): 122-123

Transmitter histochemistry of the rat olfactory bulb III. Autoradiographic localization of [3H]GABA. Brain Research 167(2): 221-240

Transmitter histochemistry of the rat olfactory bulb. I. Immunohistochemical localization of monoamine synthesizing enzymes. Support for intrabulbar, periglomerular dopamine neurons. Brain Research 126(3): 455-474

Transmitter histochemistry of the rat olfactory bulb. II. Fluorescence histochemical, autoradiographic and electron microscopic localization of monoamines. Brain Research 154(2): 253-271

Transmitter mediated arginine vasopressin release from superfused hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Journal of Endocrinological Investigation 1(3): 215-220

Transmitter metabolizing enzymes and free amino acid levels in sensory and motor nerves and ganglia of the shore crab (Carcinus maenas). Journal of Neurochemistry 26(4): 779-783

Transmitter mobilization at the frog neuromuscular junction. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie 229(2): 261-275

Transmitter mobilization in Helix pomatia: the effect of ion-substitutions. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. C: Comparative Pharmacology 63c(2): 313-317

Transmitter neuroanatomy of the nigro-neostriato-nigral system. Proceedings of the Western Pharmacology Society 20: 287-295

Transmitter release during repetitive stimulation: selective changes produced by Sr2+ and Ba2+. Science 197(4298): 67-69

Transmitter release statistics are meaningful. Nature 271(5646): 688-688

Transmitter-dependent peptide synthesis in the central nervous system. Advances in Biochemical Psychopharmacology 15: 211-223

Transmitter-specific retrograde tracing of pathways?. Progress in Brain Research 51: 489-496

Transmitters and related substances in brain material: an index of terminal and/or post-mortem biochemical change. Lancet 1(8056): 156-157

Transmitters for the afferent and efferent systems of the neostriatum and their possible interactions. Advances in Biochemical Psychopharmacology 19: 217-233

Transmucosal measurement of blood pH at the palpebral conjunctiva. Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica. Supplementum 68: 142-144

Transnasal gastroduodenal intubation. Klinicheskaia Meditsina 57(11): 25-28

Transnasal transsphenoidal approach to the sella. Laryngoscope 87(1): 47-57

Transneuronal or retrograde transport of (3H)adenosine in the rat somatic sensory system. Brain Research 107(1): 127-131

Transneuronal transport in the frog visual system. Brain Research 109(3): 623-627

Transneuronal transport of [3H]proline within the visual system of the grey squirrel. Brain Research 129(2): 346-352

Transneuronal transport of tritiated fucose and proline in the avian visual system. Brain Research 121(2): 343-347

Transoesophageal pulsed doppler echocardiography. Lancet 1(8106): 53-54

Transpalatal excision of the odontoid process. Otolaryngology 86(5): Orl-729-31

Transparency list--a final word. Mmw, Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift 121(12): 400-401

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Transparent protective barrier for fluoroscopy during angiography. Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 133(5): 954-955

Transperineal intraprostatic injection treatment of benign prostatic enlargement. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery 47(2): 220-222

Transphenoidal pituitary adenolysis. South African Journal of Surgery. Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif Vir Chirurgie 16(4): 241-244

Transplacental aminophylline toxicity in a neonate. Lancet 1(8017): 910-910

Transplacental carcinogenesis. Lancet 1(7984): 506-506

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