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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 39008

Chapter 39008 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

'Resistance to analgesia: report of a case treated using 5 per cent lignocaine'. British Dental Journal 170(2): 49-49

'Resolving' splenic uptake of Tc-99m MDP in aplastic anemia. Clinical Nuclear Medicine 16(12): 944-945

'Responsibility for drug-induced injury'--a valuable reference book. Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin 27(17): 65-65

'Restorative' proctocolectomy: first-choice surgery in ulcerative colitis. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 134(26): 1244-1246

'Resuscitation by mistake'. Annals of Emergency Medicine 17(10): 1135-1135

'Revealing' finding is no surprise. American Journal of Nursing 91(10): 21-21

'Reverse crescent pattern' on SPECT brain perfusion scan in chronic subdural hematoma. Clinical Nuclear Medicine 17(6): 473-476

'Reverse use-dependent' effects of 4-aminopyridine on the transient outward potassium current in ferret right ventricular myocytes. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 311: 357-358

'Revised' mass spectral identification of 2-amino-4-(5-nitro-2-furyl)thiazole metabolites. Biomedical & Environmental Mass Spectrometry 15(9): 495-499

'Rhizolysis' and low back pain. Medical Journal of Australia 1(14): 504-504

'Right at your fingertips'--is the oximeter only half the story?. Anaesthesia 43(1): 72-73

'Right' or 'privilege' to medical care?. Postgraduate Medicine 83(1): 226, 228, 230-226, 228, 230

'Rita' tries her ruse on me. Legal Aspects of Medical Practice 7(10): 28-29

'Rough and ready'. Nursing Standard 1987) 5(30): 3-3

'Routine' breast biopsy? Not when it's for me!. Rn 40(8): 61, 64-61, 64

'Routine' laboratory tests: how many and when?. Annals of Emergency Medicine 18(7): 788-789

'Ruling out' myocardial infarction in the coronary care unit. Western Journal of Medicine 148(5): 555-560

'Run out and get me a four-year-old child'. Lupus 1(6): 341-342

'Run-off' polymerization with digoxigenin labelled nucleotides creates highly sensitive and strand specific DNA hybridization probes: synthesis and application. Molecular and Cellular Probes 6(2): 107-114

'SPKK' motifs prefer to bind to DNA at A/T-rich sites. Embo Journal 8(13): 4189-4195

'Sacked'. Australian Family Physician 19(9): 1447-1447

'Safe harbors' protect physicians from the Medicare storm. Texas Medicine 86(7): 51-51

'Safe oxygen' in acute asthma: prospective trial using 35% Ventimask prior to admission . Respiratory Medicine 83(3): 189-194

'Safety in Welding and Cutting' details practices and procedures. Occupational Health & Safety 59(5): 27, 31-27, 31

'Safety shoe myths' cloud facts, discourage the use of foot protection. Occupational Health & Safety 60(12): 22-23

'Safety' cabinets are not safe, says UK study. Nature 278(5703): 384-384

'Salivary peptide P-C' of human pancreatic B-cells shares only partly immunoreactivity with salivary peptide P-C indicating a new B-cell protein which is different from insulin. Acta Endocrinologica 120(1): 62-68

'Sans everything'--not yet. Nursing Times 74(20): 820-821

'Schizoaffective disorder': dead or alive?. Archives of General Psychiatry 36(6): 633-634

'Schizoid' personality and antisocial conduct: a retrospective case not study. Psychological Medicine 16(3): 677-687

'Schizoid' personality in childhood and adult life. I: The vagaries of diagnostic labelling. British Journal of Psychiatry 159: 615-20, 634-5

'Scholarly case report'. Journal 56(9): 837-837

'Sciences' basic to psychiatry. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 81(3): 125-126

'Sciences' basic to psychiatry. Teaching nutrition to medical students. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 81(10): 618-618

'Scientists' summer camp' turns to sea for answers to human biologic questions. JAMA 260(7): 894-896

'Scopophilia Meanderans'-an unusual presentation of Munchausen's syndrome. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 93(1): 67-74

'Screening' and 'routine' testing. Western Journal of Medicine 147(5): 600-601

'Scripts' for dying at home--displayed in nurses', patients' and relatives' talk. Journal of Advanced Nursing 17(11): 1297-1302

'Sculpted' T tubes. British Journal of Surgery 76(1): 102-102

'Scurvy' Lind's medical geography. Social Science & Medicine 33(4): 347-353

'Sealant restorations (preventive resin restorations)'. British Dental Journal 165(12): 422-422

'Sebaceoma' associated with centroblastic-centrocytic lymphoma. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 22(3): 533-534

'Second opinion' surgery provisions now included in 27 BC-BS plans. Hospitals 52(20): 21-21

'Self-assessment manual of standards'. British Dental Journal 171(10): 307-307

'Self-correcting' spherical bioelectrode. T.-I.-T. Journal of Life Sciences 6(1-2): 45-48

'Sell!' a dirty word in dentistry?. Dental Management 16(11): 28-40

'Sequential' ELISA for anti-HIV should not replace the standard competitive method. Vox Sanguinis 55(4): 244-245

'Seven hells'--a physician remembers. Hospital Practice 23(2): 67-9, 73-4, 79

'Sezary-like' cells in malignant and non-malignant diseases. Experimental Cell Biology 45(3-4): 141-146

'Shadowing' a manager: an exercise in senior registrar management training. Medical Education 25(1): 66-70

'Sharing caring'--by geriatric and psychiatric nurses. Geriatric Nursing 6(3): 10-11

'Sheep flu'. Cdr: 191-191

'Short leg' and sciatica. JAMA 242(12): 1257-1258

'Short-course high-dosage amoxycillin in the treatment of acute dentoalveolar abscess'. British Dental Journal 162(5): 175-175

'Shuddering spells'. Seizures or not?. American Journal of Diseases of Children 140(1): 19-19

'Sick people' and 'trolls': a contribution to the understanding of the dynamics of physician explanatory models. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 10(3): 221-229

'Sick with the flu' for five years. Hospital Practice 22(1): 95, 100-95, 100

'Side effects of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid (maxepa)'. Journal of the Association of Physicians of India 40(7): 486-486

'Silence in court': twenty-one years of otolaryngology litigation. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 104(2): 162-165

'Silent epidemic' of 'social disease' makes STD experts raise their voices. JAMA 261(24): 3509-3510

'Silent ischemia' challenges diagnostic, treatment skills. JAMA 255(21): 2849-51, 2855

'Silent ischemia,' ventricular arrhythmias, and complications of hypertension. Circulation 85(5): 1948-1950

'Silent' nociceptors in the skin. Trends in Neurosciences 14(3): 95-95

'Silent' subacute thyroiditis. Archives of Internal Medicine 138(6): 1024-1025

'Silk route disease' (Behçet's disease). Western Journal of Medicine 148(4): 433-437

'Simple febrile convulsion'. American Journal of Diseases of Children 132(7): 724-725

'Single-stranded' DNA from phiX174 and M13 is cleaved by certain restriction endonucleases. Nature 257(5525): 421-422

'Sister, what's this?'. Nursing Standard 1987) 5(12): 50-51

'Skew flap' below-knee amputation. British Journal of Surgery 75(2): 188-188

'Ski slope' or 'book haven' -- it's five years old. Journal of the Iowa Medical Society 69(4): 139-141

'Skin failure'--a real entity: discussion paper. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 84(7): 412-413

'Slipped' trachea during laryngo-oesophagectomy. Anaesthesia 47(4): 357-358

'Slit-ventricle syndrome': etiology and treatment. Pediatric Neuroscience 14(1): 5-10

'Slow down and proceed with caution' is new rule for brain-graft surgeons. JAMA 260(4): 449-450

'Slow' K+-stimulated Ca2+ influx is mediated by Na+-Ca2+ exchange: a pharmacological study. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 979(3): 305-310

'Slow' field potentials in penicillin-perfused hippocampal slices. Brain Research 403(1): 162-166

'Slow-binding' sixth-ligand inhibitors of cytochrome P-450 aromatase. Studies with 19-thiomethyl- and 19-azido-androstenedione. Biochemical Journal 273: 533-539

'Slowly progressive schizophrenia'. British Journal of Psychiatry 157: 457-457

'Smoke-bomb' pneumonitis. Respiratory Medicine 86(2): 165-166

'Smokeless cigarette' draws plenty of heat. JAMA 261(1): 13-14

'Smokeless society by 2000' debated. Archives of Internal Medicine 146(1): 208-208

'Snapping hip' and sacroiliac sprain: example of a cause-effect relationship. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 13(2): 114-115

'Sneeze syncope', basilar invagination and Arnold-Chiari type I malformation. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry 39(4): 381-384

'So great a cruelty'--historical aspects of Caesarean section. Midwifery 3(2): 72-74

'So you're going to have an operation?' The making of a video. British Journal of Theatre Nursing 2(1): 4-7

'So-called mesothelioma' of the atrioventricular node--immunohistochemical study. Tokai Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine 10(6): 589-593

'So-called' cortical deafness. Clinical, neurophysiological and radiological observations. Brain 114: 2385-2401

'Social science and educating nurses'. New Zealand Nursing Journal. Kai Tiaki 72(3): 18-19

'Society must decide'--Oregon health decisions: biovaluation beyond bioethics. Western Journal of Medicine 144(2): 246-248

'Socrates' symptom'. British Journal of Psychiatry 161: 424-425

'Sodium sensitivity' in man. Medical Hypotheses 23(3): 265-276

'Soft lasers--have they a place in dentistry?'. British Dental Journal 166(3): 69-69

'Solubile': decision-making in the diagnosis of jaundice. International Journal of Bio-Medical Computing 27(1): 47-57

'Some ailment in the spiritual part'. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 78 Suppl 8: 26-27

'Someone must be to blame' syndrome. Practitioner 234(1496): 937-937

'Something for your pain, dear'?. British Journal of Theatre Nursing 2(7): 4-6

'Sometimes there aren't street signs'. Occupational Health & Safety 48(7): 40-43

'Son et lumière': a new combined optical and Doppler ultrasound approach to the detection of breast cancer. Journal of Biomedical Engineering 10(2): 119-123

'Spare a thought for the resident hospital dental surgeon'. British Dental Journal 166(4): 109-109

'Special' child: challenge for dentistry. Dental Student 54(4): 42, 62-42, 62

'Special' children in a comprehensive. Special Education: Forward Trends 3(1): 8-11

'Speed' and hematuria. Western Journal of Medicine 129(5): 440-440

'Spiked' atropine. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 15(1): 121-121

'Spin, cool, and filter' red cells prepared in a regional blood center. Transfusion 27(4): 332-334

'Spinal' headache--with no headache. Anaesthesia 46(9): 794-794

'Spontaneous' Klebsiella pneumoniae septicemia with ocular and meningeal localizations. Archives of Ophthalmology 103(8): 1109-1109

'Spontaneous' complete remission in a case of prolymphocytic leukemia. British Journal of Haematology 63(2): 395-398

'Spontaneous' platelet aggregation in whole blood in diabetic patients with and without microvascular disease. Diabetic Medicine 9(3): 247-251

'Spontaneous' rectus sheath haematoma: a rare cause of abdominal pain. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 85(7): 420-421

'Spontaneous' rupture of the diaphragm. Postgraduate Medical Journal 62(727): 389-391

'Spontaneous'/uremic hypoglycemia is not a distinct entity: substantiation from a literature review. Nephron 58(3): 325-329

'Sports anemia'--a real or apparent phenomenon in endurance-trained athletes?. International Journal of Sports Medicine 13(4): 344-347

'Spread-eagle' position for the rectal examination of the prostate. Postgraduate Medical Journal 66(780): 880-881

'Springtime in Ayrshire': home weighing of neonates with a new direct recording scale. Public Health 102(4): 335-347

'Square arrays' in the sarcolemma of human skeletal muscle fibres. Nature 281(5727): 145-146

'Staging' systems for aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Annals of Oncology 3(9): 675-676

'Sticky feet'-directed mutagenesis and its application to swapping antibody domains. Nucleic Acids Research 17(24): 10163-10170

'Stockbroker's knee'. Archives of Dermatology 113(9): 1300-1300

'Stop frustating nature in the first hours of life'. Rnabc News 10(8): 12, 14-12, 14

'Stranger' child-murder: issues relating to causes and controls. Forensic Science International 36(3-4): 267-277

'Streamlined' file system facilitates record-keeping. Dental Survey 53(8): 63-64

'Stress fracture' in osteoporosis treated with sodium fluoride. Clinical Nuclear Medicine 16(3): 183-184

'Stressors' and difficulties in dealing with the terminal patient. Journal of Palliative Care 6(3): 28-33

'Stromal cell' colonies produced by non-adherent cells from long-term human marrow cultures enhance erythropoietic burst formation. Experimental Hematology 14(4): 324-326

'Strong' phase response curve for the circadian rhythm of locomotor activity in a cockroach (Nauphoeta cinerea). Nature 270(5634): 241-243

'Student apoplexy--irrelevance of BDJ'. British Dental Journal 171(7): 196-196

'Subacute thyroiditis-like' syndromes -- relation to HLA. Tissue Antigens 13(2): 167-169

'Substantively' speaking, SHUR is full of holes and needs lots of work. Modern Healthcare 9(5): 76, 78-76, 78

'Sudafed' capsules poisoned with cyanide. Lancet 337(8747): 968-968

'Sugar in urine' in routine test of healthy teenage boy. Hospital Practice 21(12): 22, 27-8

'Sugar. Is it as dangerous as it's made out to be?'. British Dental Journal 169(6): 149-150

'Sugar: the autumn issue'. British Dental Journal 168(2): 54-54

'Suicide prevention' by GPs?. British Journal of Psychiatry 161: 574-574

'Sun never sets' for staff in prevention-oriented practice. Dental Survey 52(8): 72-74

'Superglue ear'. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 101(7): 706-707

'Superpolyamines'. Macrocyclic polyamines induce highly efficient actin polymerization. European Journal of Biochemistry 151(3): 557-559

'Superstition' in the pigeon. 1948. Journal of Experimental Psychology. General 121(3): 273-274

'Superwarfarins' as agents of accidental or deliberate intoxication. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine 21(4): 491-491

'Surburban neurosis': cultural and racial effects. New Zealand Nursing Journal. Kai Tiaki 68(11): 14-16

'Sure I charge for insurance forms!'. Dental Management 16(5): 73-73

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'Surprised' by several comments. Journal 56(3): 198-198

'Survey of general anaesthesia and sedation in dental practice in two cities'. British Dental Journal 169(9): 275-275

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'T form' lateral incisors. Two case reports. British Dental Journal 139(6): 245-248

'TEAM' up for technology assessment. Hospitals 53(11): 119-20, 122

'Take one, take all' and the Omnibus Health Care Act: significant provisions in S.B.-576 rules. West Virginia Medical Journal 86(4): 156-161

'Talking in their sleep'--a defensive practice. Anaesthesia 44(8): 706-706

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'Team' concept improves dental practice in U.S. Dental Student 54(1): 36-38

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'Tegaderm' dressings prevent recolonization of chlorhexidine-treated skin. Journal of Hospital Infection 10(3): 287-291

'Telephobia'. Nursing Times 88(52): 28-29

'Tell public about organ donations,' says Council. American Nurse 17(4): 3, 19-3, 19

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'Terminal' terminology challenged. JAMA 239(23): 2447-2447

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