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A comparison of the hormonal and etholotropic activity of luliberin and its analogs

, : A comparison of the hormonal and etholotropic activity of luliberin and its analogs. Problemy Endokrinologii 36(1): 72-74

The paper is devoted to comparative analysis of the activity of peptides (LH-RH analogs) with relation to their action on ovulation as well as on the learning capabilities and their effect on immobilization stress in rats. The acceleration of learning processes and elimination of immobilization stress were shown to be caused by LH-RH and its analogs, regulating actively ovulation under experimental conditions. The comparative evaluation of their action has shown that LH-RH analogs-antagonists produce a more marked effect on the process of learning and elimination of stress consequences than its analogs-agonists.


PMID: 2184431

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