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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 39058

Chapter 39058 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A curriculum for faculty. Journal of Allied Health 5(3): 50-51

A curriculum for primary care dentistry. Journal of Dental Education 41(4): 176-190

A curriculum for the benefit of a greater majority. L' Infirmiere Canadienne 17(8): 13-15

A curriculum guide for adolescent medicine. By the Committee on Education, Society for Adolescent Medicine. Clinical Pediatrics 16(6): 516-520

A curriculum guide for developmental-behavioral pediatrics. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 9(6 Suppl): S1-S8

A curriculum in clinical sexuality for arthritis health care professionals. Psychosomatics 31(2): 189-191

A curriculum in medical technology based on perceptions of students and practitioners. American Journal of Medical Technology 41(2): 45-49

A curriculum in palliative care for internal medicine housestaff: a pilot project. Journal of Cancer Education 3(4): 259-263

A curriculum in sport psychology in a family medicine residency program. Family Medicine 18(1): 23-24

A curriculum model for the expanded role. Japanese Journal of Nurses' Education 18(11): 670-674

A curriculum of sleep disorders education for psychiatric residency training. Psychiatric Medicine 4(2): 243-248

A curriculum on medical ignorance. Medical Education 23(1): 24-29

A curriculum used to help deaf children learn borrowing. American Annals of the Deaf 123(8): 983-985

A curse or a blessing. Ophthalmology 94(9): 13a-13a

A cursed duo: HIV infection and tuberculosis. Bulletin de L'academie Nationale de Medecine 175(3): 471-93; Discussion 493-4

A curve analyzer for micro-computers. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 20(3): 261-267

A curved Allis clamp for breast biopsy and other operations. American Journal of Surgery 134(2): 311-311

A cushingoid man with pneumaturia, diarrhea. Hospital Practice 20(11): 32m-32n, 32p

A custody and placement evaluation of an infant with a psychotic, mentally retarded mother. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 29(4): 661-666

A custom acrylic template for the transfer of reference lines and osteotomy from model surgery to the patient: an adjunct for Le Fort I osteotomy. International Journal of Adult Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery 2(4): 215-219

A custom dental ceramic firing support. Trends & Techniques in the Contemporary Dental Laboratory 5(4): 32-33

A custom grooved impression tray. Revue D'odonto-Stomatologie 19(3): 237-249

A custom incisal guide table. Journal of the Colorado Dental Association 64(6): 5-6

A custom made one-piece ramus bar implant for the partially edentulous mandible. Oral Health 68(7): 23-25

A custom speech valve retainer for the laryngectomee. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 57(2): 208-214

A custom tracheostoma valve retainer for the laryngectomy patient. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 57(4): 479-482

A custom-designed computer network for a dental clinical school. Australian Dental Journal 34(2): 166-174

A custom-designed dental environment--my way!. Dentistry Today 9(6): 51, 56-7

A custom-made head pointer for children. American Journal of Occupational Therapy 43(7): 456-460

A custom-made mouthpiece for transoral fibre-optic bronchoscopy. British Dental Journal 162(4): 152-153

A custom-made prosthesis for the treatment of supracondylar femoral fractures after total knee arthroplasty: report of four cases. Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma 3(4): 332-337

A custom-shaded porcelain-fused-to-metal restoration on a maxillary RPD. Quintessence of Dental Technology 11(3): 187-189

A customized non-axial external beam technique for treatment of prostate carcinomas. Medical Dosimetry 17(3): 123-127

A cutaneous B-cell lymphoma of novel immunophenotype. British Journal of Dermatology 125(4): 373-376

A cutaneous and plevic lymphangioma with varices, lymphangiomas and capillary hemangiomas of the rectosigmoid colon. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 23(1): 39-41

A cutaneous bronchogenic sinus. Apropos of a case. Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie 115(5): 601-602

A cutaneous disorder (Darier's disease) evidently exacerbated by lithium carbonate. Psychosomatics 27(11): 800-801

A cutaneous fistula of dental origin at the opening of the nasal fossa developing over 40 years. Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie 117(10): 719-720

A cutaneous geode: nodular crateriform scar in multiple myeloma patient. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 14(6): 1085-1086

A cutaneous lesion associated with myositis. Annals of Internal Medicine 91(4): 577-579

A cutaneous manifestation of trichloroethylene toxicity. Contact Dermatitis 18(1): 59-61

A cutaneous marker in the Hunter syndrome a report of four cases. Archives of Dermatology 113(5): 602-605

A cutaneous sign of bulimia. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 12(4): 725-726

A cutter for an Ouchterlony plate used in gel double diffusion experiments. Laboratory Practice 25(9): 592-593

A cutter for treating the cotyloid cavity. Ortopediia Travmatologiia i Protezirovanie: 58-59

A cya deletion mutant of Escherichia coli develops thermotolerance but does not exhibit a heat-shock response. Genetical Research 55(1): 1-6

A cyamepromazine-trifluoperazine combination: changes in metabolism during chronic administration in the rat. Therapie 30(2): 267-276

A cyanide-aldehyde complex inhibits bacterial luciferase. Journal of Bacteriology 172(8): 4725-4727

A cyanogen bromide fragment of S4 that specifically rebinds 16S RNA. Nucleic Acids Research 15(24): 10331-10343

A cyanogen bromide fragment of beta-galactosidase from Escherichia coli with alpha-donor activity in complementation of the enzyme from mutant M15. Biochemical Journal 155(2): 209-216

A cybernetic approach to the origin of the genetic coding mechanism. I. Methodological principles. Origins of Life 7(3): 225-228

A cybernetic approach to the origin of the genetic coding mechanism. II. Formation of the code series. Origins of Life 7(3): 229-233

A cybernetic model of obsessive-compulsive psychopathology. Comprehensive Psychiatry 28(4): 334-343

A cybernetic theory of how psychotropic drugs work. American Journal of Psychiatry 143(5): 685-686

A cybernetic view of the nomenclature of drug forms. Ceskoslovenska Farmacie 28(3): 135-139

A cybernetics model for continuing education in nursing. Nursing Leadership 2(2): 15-20

A cycle of deprotonation and reprotonation energizing amino-acid transport?. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 72(1): 23-27

A cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate-binding protein in the causative agent of plague. Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 52(4): 33-40

A cyclic AMP analogue induces synthesis of a myelin-specific glycoprotein by cultured Schwann cells. Journal of Neurochemistry 50(1): 190-194

A cyclic AMP binding protein pattern useful as a biochemical differentiation marker of erythroleukemic cell lines and normal cloned erythroblasts. Leukemia Research 9(12): 1457-1461

A cyclic AMP mechanism mediates the serotonin-induced increase in glutamic acid decarboxylase activity in the preoptic area and hypothalamus. Journal of Neurochemistry 59(1): 206-209

A cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor, 8'-pivaloyloxymethyl ester (POM-ester) of griseolic acid, lowers rabbit intraocular pressure. Current Eye Research 10(9): 817-822

A cyclic AMP response element is involved in retinoic acid-dependent RAR beta 2 promoter activation. Nucleic Acids Research 20(23): 6393-6399

A cyclic AMP response element mediates repression of tyrosine aminotransferase gene transcription by the tissue-specific extinguisher locus Tse-1. Cell 61(5): 905-916

A cyclic AMP-independent protein kinase from Candida albicans. Biochemical Journal 234(3): 543-546

A cyclic AMP-responsive element-binding transcriptional activator in Drosophila melanogaster, dCREB-A, is a member of the leucine zipper family. Molecular and Cellular Biology 12(9): 4123-4131

A cyclic GMP-dependent histone kinase bound to liver nucleoli. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 587(3): 324-332

A cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate-dependent histone kinase from pig brain. Purification and some properties of the enzyme. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 377(2): 271-281

A cyclic adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate-mediated effect of cholera toxin on high-molecular-weight glycoprotein species of malignant cells. Cancer Research 36(9 Pt.1): 3178-3184

A cyclic analogue selective for the NKB specific binding site on rat brain synaptosomes. European Journal of Pharmacology 128(3): 283-285

A cyclic derivative of L-citrulline. Biochemical Medicine 19(1): 90-94

A cyclic imine intermediate in the in vitro metabolic conversion of 1,6-diaminohexane to 6-aminohexanoic acid and caprolactam. Xenobiotica; the Fate of Foreign Compounds in Biological Systems 19(1): 33-42

A cyclic isomer of 2-hydroxymelatonin: a novel metabolite of melatonin. Endocrinology 120(6): 2453-2459

A cyclic nucleotide and calcium-independent protein kinase of chick brain: activation by a heat-stable protein. Brain Research 385(1): 51-57

A cyclic somatostatin analog that precipitates withdrawal in morphine-dependent mice. Nida Research Monograph 76: 295-301

A cyclic thrombocytopenia associated with Sjögren syndrome. Japanese Journal of Clinical Hematology 30(7): 1021-1026

A cyclic-AMP-gated conductance in cochlear hair cells. Febs Letters 290(1-2): 167-170

A cyclical schedule of 10-hour, four-day workweeks. Nursing Management 22(9): 30-33

A cyclical, developmentally-regulated death phenomenon in a colonial urochordate. Developmental Dynamics 194(1): 71-83

A cyclin A-protein kinase complex possesses sequence-specific DNA binding activity: p33cdk2 is a component of the E2F-cyclin A complex. Cell 68(1): 167-176

A cyclin built for two. New Approaches to Understanding Cell Cycle Regulation sponsored by the Molecular Biology and Molecular Cytology Study Sections, Division of Research Grants, National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD, USA, October 11, 1989. New Biologist 2(1): 44-47

A cyclin protein modulates mitosis in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Current Genetics 19(1): 15-19

A cyclin-abundance cycle-independent p34cdc2 tyrosine phosphorylation cycle in early sea urchin embryos. Embo Journal 10(12): 3769-3775

A cycling assay for the determination of mono(adenosine-5'-diphosphoribose)-protein bound conjugate levels in mouse tissues. Analytical Biochemistry 155(1): 188-192

A cycloheximide sensitivity factor from yeast required for N-acetylphenylalanylpuromycin formation. Biochemistry 15(22): 4760-4764

A cycloheximide-inducible gene of Neurospora crassa belongs to the cytochrome P-450 superfamily. Nucleic Acids Research 17(18): 7535-7536

A cyclopeptidic suicide substrate preferentially inactivates urokinase-type plasminogen activator. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 178(1): 352-359

A cyclophosphamide/DNA phosphoester adduct formed in vitro and in vivo. Cancer Research 51(3): 886-892

A cyclotron target for the production of radioxenons. Progress in Nuclear Medicine 4: 53-60

A cylindrical container for the sterilization and storage of pins. Voenno-Meditsinskii Zhurnal: 54-54

A cylindrical dilatation of the right hepatic duct in a young asymptomatic patient. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 13(5): 605-607

A cylindrical retractor for transanal rectal surgery. Diseases of the Colon and Rectum 21(3): 210-211

A cylindrical thermistor probe for experiments on suppositories in rabbits. Jikken Dobutsu. Experimental Animals 36(4): 449-451

A cyproterone acetate-ethinyl estradiol combination in the treatment of acne. Data of a survey of gynecologists. Minerva Ginecologica 40(2): 125-132

A cyst in the penis of a child. British Journal of Urology 50(3): 213-213

A cyst of Vater's ampulla. Annales de Chirurgie 42(3): 215-218

A cyst of the common bile duct in a child. Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova 138(5): 98-99

A cyst of the left hepatic duct as the cause of obstructive jaundice. Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia: 70-71

A cyst of the second part of the duodenum. Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 32(3): 170-172

A cyst of the seminal vesicle. Actas Urologicas Espanolas 13(4): 288-291

A cyst of the spleen in a patient with schistosomiasis. Its detection by laparoscopy. Medecine Tropicale 38(1): 81-84

A cyst of the thymus gland. Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova 143(10): 44-45

A cyst of the urinary duct. Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia: 52-54

A cystatin-like cysteine proteinase inhibitor from venom of the African puff adder (Bitis arietans). Biochemical Journal 246(3): 795-797

A cysteine and a hydrophobic sequence in the noncleaved portion of the pre-C leader peptide determine the biophysical properties of the secretory core protein (HBe protein) of human hepatitis B virus. Journal of Virology 66(9): 5338-5346

A cysteine residue (cysteine-116) in the histidinol binding site of histidinol dehydrogenase. Biochemistry 25(17): 4778-4784

A cysteine-containing H2B-like histone found in mature mammalian testis. Journal of Biological Chemistry 251(13): 4155-4158

A cysteine-for-arginine substitution (R614C) in the human skeletal muscle calcium release channel cosegregates with malignant hyperthermia. Anesthesia and Analgesia 75(3): 441-448

A cysteine-histidine-aspartate catalytic triad is involved in glutamine amide transfer function in purF-type glutamine amidotransferases. Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(28): 16613-9

A cysteine-rich nuclear protein activates yeast metallothionein gene transcription. Molecular and Cellular Biology 9(2): 421-429

A cysteine-specific lysosomal transport system provides a major route for the delivery of thiol to human fibroblast lysosomes: possible role in supporting lysosomal proteolysis. Journal of Cell Biology 110(2): 327-335

A cysteine-string protein is expressed in retina and brain of Drosophila. Journal of Neurogenetics 7(1): 15-29

A cystic adenomatoid tumor of the uterus simulating lymphangioma grossly. Acta Pathologica Japonica 35(4): 989-993

A cystic epigastric tumor? A differentiated urothelial carcinoma on the left with growth into a large pancreatic pseudocyst. Der Radiologe 28(8): 399-400

A cystic fibrosis bronchial epithelial cell line: immortalization by adeno-12-SV40 infection. American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology 4(4): 313-319

A cystic fibrosis patient with the nonsense mutation G542X and the splice site mutation 1717-1. Journal of Medical Genetics 28(12): 878-880

A cystic lesion in a 55-year-old man. Western Journal of Medicine 143(1): 74-79

A cystic lymphangioma of the retroperitoneum. A case report. La Radiologia Medica 84(1-2): 156-158

A cystic mass in the right iliac fossa. Revista Clinica Espanola 185(9): 473-475

A cystic partially differentiated nephroblastoma producing alpha-fetoprotein. American Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology 14(4): 352-355

A cystic teratoma in skin. American Journal of Dermatopathology 7(4): 383-386

A cystine-containing short-chain peptide as a potential cystine source for parenteral nutrition. Zeitschrift für Ernahrungswissenschaft 28(3): 191-200

A cystine-dependent inactivator of tyrosine aminotransferase co-purifies with gamma-cystathionase (cystine desulfurase). Journal of Biological Chemistry 262(15): 7351-7357

A cystine-rich protein fraction from oxidized alpha-keratin. Biochemical Journal 167(2): 489-491

A cyto-architectonic description of the thalamus of the tammar wallaby, Macropus eugenii. Brain, Behavior and Evolution 33(6): 342-355

A cyto-architectonic study of the cortex of the tammar wallaby, Macropus eugenii. Brain, Behavior and Evolution 33(5): 303-316

A cyto-physiological study of the G-cell secretory cycle in the antrum mucosa of the hamster and of the rat. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 14(1): 35-48

A cytoarchitectonic analysis of the spinal cord of the pigeon (Columba livia). Journal of Comparative Neurology 163(2): 159-180

A cytoarchitectonic atlas of the mouse hypothalamus. Journal of Comparative Neurology 167(3): 315-339

A cytoarchitectonic scheme for the spinal cord of the domestic fowl, Gallus gallus domesticus: lumbar region. Acta Morphologica Neerlando-Scandinavica 17(2): 105-117

A cytoarchitectonic study of the hypothalamus of the lizard, Calotes versicolor. Cell and Tissue Research 180(1): 63-85

A cytoarchitectonic volumetric comparison of the area gigantopyramidalis in wild and domestic sheep. Anatomy and Embryology 147(2): 167-175

A cytochemical and immunofluorescence study of endocrine cells in the gut of the ascidian Styela clava. Cell and Tissue Research 199(1): 139-144

A cytochemical and ultrastructural study of intracytoplasmic lumens in human gastric carcinoma in vivo and in vitro. Kumamoto Medical Journal 29(2): 51-66

A cytochemical and ultrastructural study of the "S.I.F." cells in cat sympathetic ganglia. Histochemistry 60(2): 189-224

A cytochemical procedure for determination of Na+,K(+)-ATPase activity in MDCK cells. Kidney International 41(2): 455-461

A cytochemical scanning electron microscopy study of non-specific acid esterase and acid phosphatase activities in human peripheral blood lymphocytes. Scanning Microscopy 5(1): 175-81; Discussion 181-2

A cytochemical staining procedure for succinate dehydrogenase activity in pre-ovulatory mouse oocytes embedded in low gelling temperature agarose. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 39(1): 135-138

A cytochemical study of binaurally converging connections in the nuclei of the cat superior olive. Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 81(2): 242-244

A cytochemical study of cerebrovascular lesions in mice infected with Plasmodium berghei. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 101(1): 24-34

A cytochemical study of leukocyte lipids in patients with viral hepatitis. Laboratornoe Delo: 38-40

A cytochemical study of lymphocyte subpopulation in respect to acid phosphatase. Japanese Journal of Clinical Hematology 18(1): 14-18

A cytochemical study of lysosomal system in rat junctional epithelium after intravenous horseradish peroxidase injection. Shika Kiso Igakkai Zasshi 31(6): 671-681

A cytochemical study of myeloid bodies in the retinal pigment epithelium of the newt Notophthalmus viridescens. Cell and Tissue Research 240(3): 641-648

A cytochemical study of periodontal tissues (osteoclasts and fibroblasts) under tooth movement by microperoxidase. Nihon Kyosei Shika Gakkai Zasshi 46(4): 673-686

A cytochemical study of some enzyme activities in biliverdin-treated cell cultures. Pathologie-Biologie 23(2): 101-105

A cytochemical study of the blood cells in the newborn. Laboratornoe Delo: 59-62

A cytochemical study of the dynamics of RNA synthesis as revealed in the metaphase chromosomes of HeLa cells. Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 79(3): 94-97

A cytochemical study of the effect of tuftsin on the enzyme activity in functionally different formations of the brain in rats. Tsitologiia 33(12): 67-72

A cytochemical study of the livers of rats treated with diethylnitrosamine/phenobarbital, with benzidine/phenobarbital, with phenobarbital, or with clofibrate. Toxicology 46(2): 217-236

A cytochemical study of the transcriptional and translational regulation of nuclear transition protein 1 (TP1), a major chromosomal protein of mammalian spermatids. Journal of Cell Biology 106(5): 1427-1433

A cytochemical study of the "chloride cells" in the skin of a fresh-water teleost (Channa striata (Bl.) Channidae, Pisces). Acta Histochemica 53(1): 126-135

A cytochemical study on the effects of energy deprivation on autophagocytosis in Ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Histochemistry 90(3): 177-184

A cytochemical test for determining the activity of the peroxidase--endogenous hydrogen peroxide system in human blood neutrophils. Izvestiia Akademii Nauk Sssr. Seriia Biologicheskaia: 453-455

A cytochemical ultrastructural study of the lysosomal system of different species of malaria parasites. Journal of Protozoology 37(6): 465-470

A cytochrome P-450 gene family mapped to human chromosome 19. Annals of Human Genetics 49(Pt 4): 267-274

A cytochrome P450 immunochemically related to P450c,d (P450I) localized to the smooth microsomes and inner zone of the guinea pig adrenal. Endocrinology 124(5): 2480-2493

A cytochrome b-like pigment with a peak at 567 nm in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 24(4): 490-492

A cytochrome o-type oxidase of the thermophilic bacterium PS3 grown under air-limited conditions. Journal of Biochemistry 107(4): 597-602

A cytofluorometric and radiochemical analysis of the uptake and turnover of 5-hydroxytryptamine in mast cells. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 23(2): 128-135

A cytogenetic abnormality in tuberous sclerosis. Report of an affected infant with 47,XX, + der22,t(11;22)(q23.3;q11.2)mat. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 615: 243-251

A cytogenetic analysis of the Punch-tudor region of chromosome 2R in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 121(2): 273-280

A cytogenetic analysis of the antimutagenic action of alpha-tocopherol on spontaneous and radiation-induced chromosomal mutations. Genetika 10(7): 12-17

A cytogenetic and endocrinologic study of a set of monozygotic isokaryotic 45,X/46,XY twins discordant for phenotypic sex: mosaicism versus chimerism. Fertility and Sterility 47(4): 626-633

A cytogenetic and genetic characterization of a group of closely linked second chromosome mutations that suppress position-effect variegation in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 130(2): 333-344

A cytogenetic and molecular analysis of five variant Philadelphia translocations in chronic myeloid leukemia. Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics 35(2): 179-197

A cytogenetic and molecular reappraisal of a series of patients with Turner's syndrome. Annals of Human Genetics 54(Pt 3): 209-223

A cytogenetic and molecular study of a series of 45,X fetuses and their parents. Journal of Medical Genetics 28(3): 151-155

A cytogenetic approach for detecting the selective toxicity of drugs in avian embryonic B and T lymphocytes. Mutation Research 253(2): 161-172

A cytogenetic comparison of the responses of mouse and human peripheral blood lymphocytes to 60Co gamma radiation. Radiation Research 115(2): 334-346

A cytogenetic follow-up study of the victims of a radiation accident in Goiania (Brazil). Mutation Research 247(1): 103-111

A cytogenetic investigation of DNA rereplication after hydroxyurea treatment: implications for gene amplification. Chromosoma 93(3): 191-196

A cytogenetic method of determining the effect of threshold values of anthropogenic factors on plant and animal genome. Doklady Akademii Nauk 326(5): 908-910

A cytogenetic study in women who had used oral contraceptives and in their progeny. Mutation Research 33(2-3): 299-310

A cytogenetic study of 47,XXY males of known origin and their parents. Annals of Human Genetics 52(Pt 4): 319-325

A cytogenetic study of 74 nasopharyngeal carcinoma biopsies. Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore 20(5): 597-600

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A cytogenetic study of eight human melanoma cell lines . Pathology 11(4): 597-606

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A cytogenetic study of mentally retarded school children in Taiwan with special reference to the fragile X chromosome. Human Genetics 79(4): 292-296

A cytogenetic study of nonpolymalformed patients with mental retardation of clinically undefined etiology: application of a high resolution banding technique. Acta Medica Okayama 43(2): 105-114

A cytogenetic study of secondary amenorrhea. Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi 21(1): 19-21, 60

A cytogenetic study of spontaneous abortions in Hawaii. Annals of Human Genetics 41(4): 443-454

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A cytogenetic study of the bone marrow cells from the 1st-generation offspring of irradiated monkeys. Tsitologiia 33(7): 117-121

A cytogenetic study of the human chorion for the purpose of the prenatal diagnosis of hereditary diseases. Tsitologiia 32(1): 74-78

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A cytogenic evaluation of long-term colchicine therapy in the treatment of Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF). American Journal of the Medical Sciences 274(2): 147-152

A cytohistological analysis of roots whose growth is affected by a 60-Hz electric field. Bioelectromagnetics 6(3): 283-291

A cytokeratin immunohistochemical study of alcoholic liver disease: evidence that hepatocytes can express 'bile duct-type' cytokeratins. Histopathology 13(6): 605-617

A cytokeratin immunohistochemical study of cholestatic liver disease: evidence that hepatocytes can express 'bile duct-type' cytokeratins. Histopathology 15(2): 125-135

A cytokeratin-immunohistochemical study of focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver: further evidence that ductular metaplasia of hepatocytes contributes to ductular "proliferation". Liver 9(6): 372-377

A cytokeratin-immunohistochemical study of hepatoblastoma. Human Pathology 21(3): 302-308

A cytokine network in human diploid fibroblasts: interactions of beta-interferons, tumor necrosis factor, platelet-derived growth factor, and interleukin-1. Molecular and Cellular Biology 7(1): 273-280

A cytokine, lymphocyte blastogenesis inhibitory factor (LBIF), arrests mitogen-stimulated T lymphocytes at early G1 phase with no influence on interleukin 2 production and interleukin 2 receptor light chain expression. European Journal of Immunology 19(8): 1357-1364

A cytokine-selective defect in interleukin-1 beta-mediated acute phase gene expression in a subclone of the human hepatoma cell line (HEPG2). Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(13): 7669-7674

A cytokinetic analysis of bacillus calmette-guérin-induced growth control of a murine leukemia. Cancer Research 37(6): 1743-1749

A cytokinetic approach to determine the range of O2-dependence of pyrimidine(deoxy)nucleotide biosynthesis relevant for cell proliferation. Cell Proliferation 25(3): 169-179

A cytokinetic model for heterogeneous mammalian cell populations. III. Tritiated Thymidine studies: correlations among multiple kinetic parameters in human tumors. Journal of Theoretical Biology 65(3): 421-464

A cytokinetic study of small-intestinal and colonic mucosa after resection of 70% of the small intestine. Cell and Tissue Kinetics 19(5): 491-502

A cytologic aid in the diagnosis of congenital glaucoma. Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society 75: 382-396

A cytologic diagnosis of breast secretions--application of cytology to the mass survey of breast cancer. Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics 34(2): 174-178

A cytologic study of the effect of Kolanut on the keratinization of the palatal mucosal of Nigerian smokers. African Dental Journal 4(1-5): 1-5

A cytologic wire brush for flexible endoscopes. Meditsinskaia Tekhnika: 61-62

A cytological analysis of FMC-7 positive leukaemias. Hematological Oncology 4(3): 205-212

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A cytological procedure to screen mammalian temperature-sensitive mutants for cell-cycle-related defects. Somatic Cell Genetics 3(4): 449-456

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