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A molybdopterin-free form of xanthine oxidase

, : A molybdopterin-free form of xanthine oxidase. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 259(2): 363-371

A previously unidentified fraction lacking xanthine:O2 activity has been isolated during affinity chromatography of bovine milk xanthine oxidase preparations on Sepharose 4B/folate gel. Unlike active, desulfo, or demolybdo forms of xanthine oxidase, this form, which typically comprises about 5% of an unfractionated enzyme solution, passes through the affinity column without binding to it, and is thus easily separated from the other species. The absorption spectrum of this fraction is very similar to that of the active form, but has a 7% lower extinction at 450 nm. Analysis of the fraction has shown that it is a dimer of normal size, but that it does not contain molybdenum or molybdopterin (MPT). The "MPT-free" xanthine oxidase contains 90-96% of the Fe found in active xanthine oxidase, and 100% of the expected sulfide. EPR and absorption difference spectroscopy indicate that the MPT-free fraction is missing approximately half of its Fe/S I centers. The presence of a new EPR signal suggests that an altered Fe/S center may account for the nearly normal Fe and sulfide content. Microwave power saturation parameters for the Fe/S II and Fe/S I centers in the MPT-free fraction are normal, with P1/2 equal to 1000 and 60 mW, respectively. The new EPR signal shows intermediate saturation behavior with a P1/2 = 200 mW. The circular dichroism spectrum of the MPT-free fraction shows distinct differences from that of active enzyme. The NADH:methylene blue activity of the MPT-free fraction is the same as that of active xanthine oxidase which exhibits xanthine:O2 activity, but NADH:cytochrome c and NADH:DCIP activities are diminished by 54 and 37%, respectively.


PMID: 2827575

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