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Action of a synthetic peptide on some syngeneic tumors

, : Action of a synthetic peptide on some syngeneic tumors. Giornale di Batteriologia, Virologia Ed Immunologia 68(7-12): 231-239

The protective effect of intraperitoneal Peptichemio at different doses in a population of syngeneic mice with four experimental tumours is described. The drug is much used in oncology en account of its low toxicity and is both alkylating and antimetabolic. It was found more effective against plasmacytomas and less so against a spontaneous adenocarcinoma (ADK lt) Activity was noted at the lowest dose employed (4 mg/Kg five times on alternate days), which had no more than a slight immunodepressor effect and was unattended by sideeffects, as well as at the highest dose (10 mg/Kg). Evaluation of mean diameters and survival in the experimental animals and in the controls made it clear that the drug possessed almost general effectiveness, in addition to being most active against plasmacytomas.


PMID: 1234591

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