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Advances in mitomycin studies--clinical studies: progress over 10 years

, : Advances in mitomycin studies--clinical studies: progress over 10 years. Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & ChemoTherapy 14(6 Pt 1): 1957-1973

Novel clinical trials with mitomycin C (MMC) have been more frequently reported in Europe and the States than in Japan. It was considered useful for the future development of clinical studies to summarize the results presented mainly in these latest reports. In this paper, clinico-pharmacological results, results by single and combined therapies, results by intraarterial infusion, researches of derivatives and trials of local chemotherapy using the drug delivery system are summarized, and reports on hemolytic-uremic syndrome, which is said to be possibly caused by MMC, are introduced briefly. Such reports have recently been published also in Japan. On the whole, it can be concluded that, though MMC has still held the place as the most extensively applicable antineoplastic agent, it cannot be used by any other methods than the middle-dose intermittent administration for preventing side effects. More detailed studies on mechanisms of its therapeutic actions and adverse effects are needed for further investigations on effective application of MMC and for finding out useful derivatives. It is desirable that these investigations will be more actively conducted in Japan.


PMID: 3109334

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