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Allergy, otitis media and serum immunoglobulins after adenoidectomy

, : Allergy, otitis media and serum immunoglobulins after adenoidectomy. Acta Paediatrica Scandinavica 67(6): 717-723

The incidence of atopic disease and of episodes of otitis media, respiratory tract infections as well as levels of serum immunoglobulins were followed during 16 months after adenoidectomy in a consecutive group of 274 children. The total incidence of atopic disease was high (23.6%) at the start of the study and increased further to 39.0% during the study. Increased serum IgE levels, positive RAST tests and/or positive provocation tests were found before the onset of atopic symptoms in 13 out of the 19 children developing such symptoms during the observation period. Otitis media continued to occur in 42.9% of the children. The incidence of episodes of otitis media after the adenoidectomy was higher with lower age, a high number of episodes of otitis media before the operation and/or a history of atropic disease. None of the laboratory tests could predict subsequent episodes of otitis media. Protracted respiratory tract infections developed only in children with laboratory findings indicative of atopy. Serum IgE and IgM levels decreased significantly. No serious infections and no dysgammaglobulinaemias developed. Adenoidectomy seems to be a rather minor trauma from an immunological point of view, but further and controlled studies are needed concerning the possible clinical benefit of adenoidectomy in children with recurrent otitis media.


PMID: 716870

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