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Articular and muscular hemorrhages in hemophilia A with anti-factor VIII antibodies. Treatment with selected batches of PPSB (factor IX concentrate)

, : Articular and muscular hemorrhages in hemophilia A with anti-factor VIII antibodies. Treatment with selected batches of PPSB (factor IX concentrate). Presse Medicale 14(19): 1073-1076

Over a 10-month period, 65 bleeding episodes in 14 hemophilia A patients with anti-Factor VIII antibodies were treated with a non-activated Factor IX concentrate (PPSB). A single dose of 58-102 U/kg of Factor IX (average 80 U/kg) was used in 51 hemarthroses, 13 muscle hematomas and one dental bleed. Overall clinical results were satisfactory in 51% of cases. Forty nine per cent of acute hemarthroses were clinically improved. Safety tests were unchanged and no significant elevation of anti-VIII: C titers was recorded. These preliminary results ae similar to those obtained with single doses of activated prothrombin complex concentrates given to the same patients (Autoplex and FEIBA).


PMID: 3158962

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