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Bovine cardiac mitochondrial ADP/ATP-carrier: two distinct mRNAs and an unusually short 3'-noncoding sequence

, : Bovine cardiac mitochondrial ADP/ATP-carrier: two distinct mRNAs and an unusually short 3'-noncoding sequence. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 138(2): 850-857

cDNA clones for bovine cardiac mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier have been isolated. They hybridize with two mRNAs that differ in size by about 300 nucleotides. The concentration ratio and total abundance of the two mRNAs varies among bovine tissues (heart, liver, kidney, and uterus). At least one of them has an unusually short 3'-noncoding sequence, which includes the two consensus cleavage/polyadenylation signal sequences CATTG and ATTAAA. The 3'-end shows complementarity to regions of human U4 small nuclear RNA. The predicted amino acid sequence confirms the reported sequence from Val207 to the C-terminal Val297, which has been proposed (residue 279-291) to contribute to a nucleotide binding site.


PMID: 3017341

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