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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 39525

Chapter 39525 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Characterization of polypeptide neurotoxins from the venom of Bungarus caeruleus. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 189(1): 115-121

Characterization of polypeptides associated with messenger RNA and its polyadenylate segment in Ehrlich ascites messenger ribonucleoprotein. Journal of Biological Chemistry 252(10): 3525-3532

Characterization of polypeptides from human nuclear cataracts by Western blot analysis. Experimental Eye Research 40(2): 205-212

Characterization of polyphosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C in rat parotid gland membranes. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 297(2): 368-376

Characterization of polysome-associated RNA from influenza virus-infected cells. Journal of Virology 20(1): 107-116

Characterization of polysomes from Xenopus liver synthesizing vitellogenin and translation of vitellogenin and albumin messenger RNA's in vitro. European Journal of Biochemistry 62(1): 161-171

Characterization of porcine MSEL-neurophysin. Febs Letters 71(2): 291-293

Characterization of porcine and some ruminant pestiviruses by cross-neutralization. Veterinary Microbiology 20(4): 291-306

Characterization of porcine growth hormone (pGH) binding to porcine liver microsomes: chronic administration of pGH induces pGH binding. Endocrinology 119(2): 780-786

Characterization of porcine peripheral blood leukocytes by light-scattering flow cytometry. Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research 51(4): 421-427

Characterization of porcine xenoreactive cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 34(3-4): 209-220

Characterization of pore-forming activity in liver mitochondria from Anguilla anguilla. Two porins in mitochondria?. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1061(2): 279-286

Characterization of porin and ompR mutants of a virulent strain of Salmonella typhimurium: ompR mutants are attenuated in vivo. Infection and Immunity 57(7): 2136-2140

Characterization of porins from the outer membrane of Salmonella typhimurium. 1. Chemical analysis. European Journal of Biochemistry 95(3): 433-439

Characterization of porins from the outer membrane of Salmonella typhimurium. 2. Physical properties of the functional oligomeric aggregates. European Journal of Biochemistry 95(3): 441-448

Characterization of porosity of isostatically pressed and sintered nickel-base powdered metal. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 3(3): 217-226

Characterization of post-junctional alpha-adrenoceptors in the rat isolated perfused femoral artery. European Journal of Pharmacology 137(1): 15-23

Characterization of postischemic myocardial oxygen utilization. Circulation 74(5 Pt 2): Iii125-9

Characterization of postreplication repair in mutagen-sensitive strains of Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 84(3): 507-526

Characterization of postribosomal aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases in cultured Chinese hamster ovary cells. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 562(3): 377-385

Characterization of postsynaptic alpha 1-adrenoceptors in the rabbit iris dilator smooth muscle. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 333(3): 271-276

Characterization of postsynaptic alpha-adrenoceptors in the arteries supplying the oviduct. British Journal of Pharmacology 105(2): 381-387

Characterization of postsynaptic alpha-adrenoceptors in the isolated rat tail artery. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie 309: 137-146

Characterization of posttranslational modifications in neuron-specific class III beta-tubulin by mass spectrometry. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 88(11): 4685-4689

Characterization of posttranslational processing of the mammalian high-molecular-weight neurofilament protein in vivo. Journal of Neuroscience 7(8): 2510-2521

Characterization of potassium channels in pancreatic beta cells from ob/ob mice. Febs Letters 266(1-2): 105-108

Characterization of potassium channels in respiratory cells. I. General properties. Pflugers Archiv 414(3): 291-296

Characterization of potassium channels in respiratory cells. II. Inhibitors and regulation. Pflugers Archiv 414(3): 297-303

Characterization of poultry isolates of Staphylococcus aureus by a new set of poultry phages. Journal of Applied Bacteriology 44(3): 387-400

Characterization of pp60src phosphorylation in vitro in Rous sarcoma virus-transformed cell membranes. Molecular and Cellular Biology 5(5): 916-922

Characterization of pp64, a nuclear phosphoprotein induced by platelet-derived growth factor. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 161(3): 1118-1125

Characterization of prazosin-sensitive alpha 2 B-adrenoceptors expressed by cultured rat IMCD cells. American Journal of Physiology 261(5 Pt 2): F760-F766

Characterization of pre- and post-junctional adenosine receptors in guinea-pig ileum. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 123(2): 195-203

Characterization of pre- and postjunctional receptors for neurokinins and kinins in the rat vas deferens. Neuropeptides 9(4): 333-343

Characterization of pre- and postsynaptic actions of (-)-baclofen in the guinea-pig hippocampus in vitro. British Journal of Pharmacology 84(4): 843-851

Characterization of pre-messenger-RNA-containing nuclear ribonucleoprotein particles from avian erythroblasts. European Journal of Biochemistry 99(2): 225-238

Characterization of precancerous and neoplastic human testicular germ cells. Recent Results in Cancer Research. Fortschritte der Krebsforschung. Progres Dans les Recherches sur le Cancer 123: 37-44

Characterization of precipitin response to Micropolyspora faeni in farmer's lung disease by quantitative immunoelectrophoresis. American Review of Respiratory Disease 119(4): 571-578

Characterization of prednisone, prednisolone and their metabolites by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography 565(1-2): 45-51

Characterization of preearly genes in the terminal repetition of bacteriophage BF23 DNA by nucleotide sequencing and restriction mapping. Virology 180(2): 861-861

Characterization of pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A: comparison with alpha 2-macroglobulin. Biochemistry International 20(3): 579-589

Characterization of pregnancy-specific beta 1-glycoprotein synthesized by human placental fibroblasts. Molecular Endocrinology 3(1): 89-96

Characterization of pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin-stimulated rat ovarian aromatase and its inhibition by 10-propargylestr-4-ene-3,17-dione. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 31(3): 317-324

Characterization of prejunctional alpha-2 adrenergic receptors involved in modulation of adrenergic transmitter release in the isolated perfused rat kidney. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 261(3): 1050-1055

Characterization of prejunctional muscarinic autoreceptors in the guinea-pig trachea. British Journal of Pharmacology 103(3): 1757-1763

Characterization of prejunctional purinoceptors on adrenergic nerves of the rat caudal artery. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 338(3): 221-227

Characterization of premalignant changes in the prostate. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research 239: 703-709

Characterization of prenatal growth and development in the crab-eating macaque (Macaca fascicularis) by ultrasound. Anatomical Record 222(2): 177-184

Characterization of preribosomal ribonucleoprotein particles from Tetrahymena pyriformis. European Journal of Biochemistry 102(2): 389-397

Characterization of presumptive histone messenger RNA from a cell line of Aedes aegypti. Cell Differentiation 8(3): 211-221

Characterization of presynaptic 5-HT receptors on adrenergic nerves supplying the bovine ovarian follicle. British Journal of Pharmacology 92(3): 487-497

Characterization of presynaptic beta-adrenoceptors facilitating endogenous noradrenaline release in the portal vein of permanently cannulated, freely moving rats. European Journal of Pharmacology 157(1): 37-43

Characterization of primary T helper cell activation and T helper cell lines stimulated by hapten-modified, cultured Langerhans cells. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 93(5): 649-655

Characterization of primary amino acid sequence of human complement control protein factor I from an analysis of cDNA clones. Biochemical Journal 242(3): 849-856

Characterization of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) specific mitochondrial determinants by immunoblotting. Deutsche Zeitschrift für Verdauungs- und Stoffwechselkrankheiten 47(2): 59-66

Characterization of primary transcripts and identification of transcription initiation sites on the heavy and light strands of mouse mitochondrial DNA. Biochemistry 28(2): 763-769

Characterization of primary translation products from ovine and rat salivary gland mRNAs. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 149(1): 244-248

Characterization of primate bronchoalveolar mast cells. I. IgE-dependent release of histamine, leukotrienes, and prostaglandins. Journal of Immunology 137(12): 3933-3940

Characterization of primate bronchoalveolar mast cells. II. Inhibition of histamine, LTC4, and PGD2 release from primate bronchoalveolar mast cells and a comparison with rat peritoneal mast cells. Journal of Immunology 137(12): 3941-3945

Characterization of primers for optimal amplification of hepatitis B virus DNA in the polymerase chain reaction assay. Journal of Virological Methods 29(2): 225-229

Characterization of private and cross-reactive idiotypes associated with human antibodies to hepatitis B surface antigen. International Immunology 4(2): 135-145

Characterization of pro-ACTH/endorphin-derived peptides in rat hypothalamus. Journal of Neuroscience 6(3): 837-849

Characterization of pro-opiocortin, a precursor to opioid peptides and corticotropin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 75(2): 669-671

Characterization of pro-opiomelanocortin cDNA from the Old World monkey, Macaca nemestrina. Dna 7(9): 627-635

Characterization of pro-opiomelanocortin-derived peptides in pituitary and ectopic adrenocorticotrophin-secreting tumours. Journal of Endocrinology 108(1): 49-56

Characterization of procollagen synthesized by matrix-free cells isolated from chick embryo tendons. Biochemistry 15(22): 4935-4942

Characterization of procollagen-derived peptides unique to the precursor molecule. Biochemistry 14(14): 3243-3250

Characterization of product RNAs synthesized in vitro by poliovirus RNA polymerase purified by chromatography on hydroxylapatite or poly(U) Sepharose. Journal of Virology 61(2): 611-614

Characterization of production of cholesterol oxidases in three Rhodococcus strains. Journal of Applied Bacteriology 61(4): 269-274

Characterization of products derived from aprindine hydrochloride photolysis. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 67(5): 722-725

Characterization of products derived from self-splicing of intron aI5 alpha which is located in the mitochondrial COX I gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Nucleic Acids Research 16(9): 3845-3861

Characterization of products formed during the autoxidation of beta-carotene. Free Radical Biology & Medicine 10(6): 427-437

Characterization of products of TY1-mediated reverse transcription in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Molecular & General Genetics 226(1-2): 145-153

Characterization of proenkephalin B-derived opioid peptides in the human hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal axis. Brain Research 345(2): 230-237

Characterization of proenkephalin-cleaving proteinases in bovine adrenal chromaffin granules using [35S]proenkephalin copolymerized into sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Journal of Neurochemistry 58(2): 593-599

Characterization of progesterone 11 alpha-hydroxylase of Aspergillus ochraceus TS: a cytochrome P-450 linked monooxygenase. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 28(3): 327-332

Characterization of progesterone receptor binding to the 90- and 70-kDa heat shock proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(31): 21165-21173

Characterization of progesterone receptor in human uterine cytosol with a synthetic progestin, norgestrel [proceedings. Journal of Endocrinology 77(2): 22p-23p

Characterization of progesterone receptor subunits in breast cancer cell line, CAMA-1N. Cancer Investigation 6(4): 385-392

Characterization of proinsulin-insulin intermediates in human plasma. Journal of Clinical Investigation 62(4): 727-737

Characterization of prolactin-releasing factor in the rat posterior pituitary. Endocrinology 122(6): 2533-2539

Characterization of prolidase I and II from erythrocytes of a control, a patient with prolidase deficiency and her mother. Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry 187(1): 1-9

Characterization of proliferating cells in transient abnormal myelopoiesis: ultrastructural and immunocytochemical study. Keio Journal of Medicine 36(1): 62-66

Characterization of proliferation and differentiation of opossum kidney cells in a serum-free defined medium. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology 25(10): 881-886

Characterization of proliferin-related protein. Molecular Endocrinology 2(6): 579-586

Characterization of proline endopeptidase from skeletal muscle. International Journal of Biochemistry 17(4): 521-524

Characterization of prolonged apneic episodes associated with respiratory syncytial virus infection. Pediatric Pulmonology 6(3): 195-201

Characterization of prominent protein antigens from mycobacteria. Bulletin of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 66(1): 47-51

Characterization of promoter elements of an interferon-inducible Ly-6E/A differentiation antigen, which is expressed on activated T cells and hematopoietic stem cells. Molecular and Cellular Biology 10(10): 5150-5159

Characterization of proopiomelanocortin mRNA detected by in situ hybridization. Journal of Neuroscience 6(1): 38-42

Characterization of prostaglandin (PG)-binding sites expressed on human basophils. Evidence for a prostaglandin E1, I2, and a D2 receptor. Journal of Biological Chemistry 267(18): 12700-8

Characterization of prostaglandin E receptors in canine small intestine using [3H] prostaglandin E1 binding. Prostaglandins 44(6): 579-595

Characterization of prostaglandin E2 20-hydroxylase of sheep vesicular glands. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 879(2): 113-119

Characterization of prostaglandin E2 binding to isolated human adipocytes. Diabetes 34(2): 161-165

Characterization of prostaglandin E2 binding to uterine membranes from baboon, rabbit and tree shrew (Tupaia belangeri). Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 3(1): 33-42

Characterization of prostaglandin E2 receptors in the lung of guinea pigs. Zhongguo Yao Li Xue Bao 9(2): 122-126

Characterization of prostaglandin E2-induced Ca2+ mobilization in single bovine adrenal chromaffin cells by digital image microscopy. Journal of Neurochemistry 56(2): 531-540

Characterization of prostaglandin and thromboxane receptors expressed on a megakaryoblastic leukemia cell line, MEG-01s. Blood 78(9): 2328-2336

Characterization of prostaglandin production in amnion-derived WISH cells. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 159(6): 1385-1389

Characterization of prostanoid relaxant/inhibitory receptors (psi) using a highly selective agonist, TR4979. British Journal of Pharmacology 87(1): 45-56

Characterization of prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia and normal prostates using transrectal 31phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy: a preliminary report. Journal of Urology 146(1): 66-74

Characterization of protease cleavage sites involved in the formation of the envelope glycoprotein and three non-structural proteins of dengue virus type 2, New Guinea C strain. Journal of General Virology 68: 1317-1326

Characterization of proteases contained in the non-histone protein fraction of the chromatin in human lymphocytes. Bollettino Della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale 52(13): 961-965

Characterization of protective T cells in the acquired response to Leishmania donovani in genetically determined cure (H-2b) and noncure (H-2d) mouse strains. Infection and Immunity 57(9): 2892-2899

Characterization of protein F1 (47 kDa, 4.5 pI): a kinase C substrate directly related to neural plasticity. Experimental Neurology 89(1): 213-224

Characterization of protein I from serum-sensitive and serum-resistant transformants of Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Infection and Immunity 55(1): 273-276

Characterization of protein S, a gamma-carboxyglutamic acid containing protein from bovine and human plasma. Biochemistry 18(5): 899-904

Characterization of protein adsorption on soft contact lenses. IV. Comparison of in vivo spoilage with the in vitro adsorption of tear proteins. Biomaterials 7(2): 89-96

Characterization of protein behavior in high-performance capillary electrophoresis using a novel capillary system. Analytical Biochemistry 185(1): 51-56

Characterization of protein components of poly(A)-containing messenger ribonucleoproteins from cryptobiotic gastrulae of Artemia salina. Molecular Biology Reports 5(1-2): 65-69

Characterization of protein composition of guinea pig skin melanosomes by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Biokhimiia 42(8): 1452-1457

Characterization of protein kinase C and its role in catecholamine secretion from bovine adrenal-medullary cells. Biochemical Journal 228(1): 35-42

Characterization of protein kinase C from normal and transformed cultured murine fibroblasts. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 146(1): 140-146

Characterization of protein kinase C in Xenopus oocytes. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 182(1): 105-114

Characterization of protein kinases from adrenal medulla. A study of cytosol and nuclear enzymes. Neurochemical Research 3(1): 49-97

Characterization of protein kinases from bovine parotid glands. Aichi Gakuin Daigaku Shigakkai Shi 13(1): 41-57

Characterization of protein phosphokinase activities in horse thyroid nuclei. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 429(1): 163-172

Characterization of protein production by ovine placental membranes: identification of a placental retinol-binding protein. Endocrinology 129(1): 126-132

Characterization of protein synthesis initiation factor 2 from Xenopus laevis oocytes. Biochimie 70(2): 237-243

Characterization of protein transport between successive compartments of the Golgi apparatus: asymmetric properties of donor and acceptor activities in a cell-free system. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 240(1): 413-425

Characterization of protein tyrosine kinase activity in murine Leydig tumor cells. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 886(2): 187-194

Characterization of protein tyrosine kinases from human breast cancer: involvement of the c-src oncogene product . Cancer Research 52(17): 4773-4778

Characterization of protein-DNA complexes by affinity cleaving. Methods in Enzymology 208: 497-515

Characterization of protein-linked glycoconjugates produced by identified neurons of Aplysia californica. Journal of Neurobiology 20(6): 530-548

Characterization of protein-tyrosine kinase activity in the canine prostate. Biochemistry and Cell Biology 69(2-3): 146-153

Characterization of proteinase-3 (PR-3), a neutrophil serine proteinase. Structural and functional properties. Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(15): 9540-9548

Characterization of proteins associated with nuclear ribonucleoprotein particles by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Canadian Journal of Biochemistry 57(1): 32-42

Characterization of proteins by mass spectrometry. Invited lecture. Analyst 117(3): 299-303

Characterization of proteins encoded by the Epstein-Barr virus transactivator gene BMLF1. Virology 168(1): 101-111

Characterization of proteins from nucleolar preribosomes of mouse leukemia cells by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. European Journal of Biochemistry 85(1): 105-114

Characterization of proteins from recombinant DNA manufacture. Bioprocess Technology 13: 263-313

Characterization of proteins immunologically related to brain microtubule-associated protein MAP-1B in non-neural cells. Journal of Cell Science 92: 607-620

Characterization of proteins in membrane vesicles from scrapie-infected hamster brain. Journal of General Virology 66: 851-859

Characterization of proteins of hepatitis delta virus. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research 234: 105-110

Characterization of proteins of human papilloma viruses (HPV) and antibody response to HPV 1. Medical Microbiology and Immunology 166(1-4): 13-19

Characterization of proteins, insoluble at low temperature, produced by Clostridium botulinum type C and C. subterminale. Their antigenic relationship with a similar protein synthesized by C. botulinum type G. Zentralblatt für Bakteriologie, Mikrobiologie, und Hygiene. Series A, Medical Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, Virology, Parasitology 265(1-2): 45-56

Characterization of proteoglycan and the proteoglycan--hyaluronic acid complex by electric birefringence. Biochemical Journal 173(1): 237-243

Characterization of proteoglycan-reactive T cell lines and hybridomas from mice with proteoglycan-induced arthritis. Journal of Immunology 148(7): 2090-2096

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Characterization of proteoglycans produced by human chondrocytes cultivated in clusters. Agents and Actions 23(1-2): 38-39

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Characterization of proteolytic activities in embryos of Xenopus laevis. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. B, Comparative Biochemistry 91(4): 651-656

Characterization of proteolytic fragments of the laminin-nidogen complex and their activity in ligand-binding assays. European Journal of Biochemistry 178(1): 71-80

Characterization of protoporphyrin in red blood cells of patients with erythropoietic protoporphyria. Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry 63(3): 355-362

Characterization of pseudorabies virus neutralization antigen glycoprotein gIII produced in insect cells by a baculovirus expression vector. Virus Research 21(2): 123-139

Characterization of pulmonary macrophages and bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT) macrophages in the rat. An enzyme-cytochemical and immunocytochemical study. Immunobiology 169(5): 553-562

Characterization of pulmonary surfactant protein D: its copurification with lipids. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1086(2): 185-190

Characterization of pure human first-trimester cytotrophoblast cells in long-term culture: growth pattern, markers, and hormone production. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 160(4): 938-945

Characterization of purified DNA-relaxing enzyme from human tissue culture cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 72(7): 2550-2554

Characterization of purified autoantibodies to the insulin receptor from six patients with type B insulin resistance. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental 41(3): 325-331

Characterization of purified avian 90,000-Da heat shock protein. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 264(1): 54-60

Characterization of purified cytochrome P-450scc and P-450(11)beta from bovine adrenocortical mitochondria. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 74: 281-289

Characterization of purified cytochrome c1 from Rhodobacter sphaeroides R-26. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 852(2-3): 203-211

Characterization of purified gp 51 from bovine leukemia virus integrated into iscom. Physicochemical properties and serum antibody response to the integrated gp51. Archives of Virology 120(3-4): 219-231

Characterization of purified hepatitis B surface antigen containing pre-S(2) epitopes expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Gene 67(2): 229-245

Characterization of purified human erythroid-potentiating activity. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research 184: 95-104

Characterization of purified nitrate reductase A and chlorate reductase C from Proteus mirabilis. Archives of Microbiology 111(1-2): 25-35

Characterization of purified poly(adenylic acid)-containing messenger ribonucleic acid from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Biochemistry 16(1): 8-16

Characterization of purified populations of human fetal chromaffin cells: considerations for grafting in parkinsonian patients. Progress in Brain Research 78: 551-557

Characterization of purified pp60c-src protein tyrosine kinase from human platelets. European Journal of Biochemistry 190(2): 343-350

Characterization of purified structural proteins of murine mammary tumor virus. Virology 96(1): 319-322

Characterization of purified, reconstituted site-directed cysteine mutants of the lactose permease of Escherichia coli. Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(24): 15688-15692

Characterization of purine metabolism in cultured fibroblasts from a gouty family with feedback-resistant phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase. Israel Journal of Medical Sciences 11(11): 1216-1216

Characterization of putative kappa opioid-sensitive cells of the substantia nigra pars reticulata. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research 328: 335-338

Characterization of putative neurotransmitter N-acetyl-aspartyl-glutamic acid and some related compounds by fast atom bombardment and tandem mass spectrometry. Biological Mass Spectrometry 21(2): 85-91

Characterization of putative nuclear pre-messenger RNA of Ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Biomedicine / 22(5): 399-403

Characterization of putrescine- and spermidine-transport systems of a rat pancreatic acinar tumoral cell line (AR4-2J). Biochemical Journal 269(3): 629-632

Characterization of pyrazofurin-resistant HeLa cells with amplification of UMP synthase gene. Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics 11(4): 359-369

Characterization of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate affinity labeling of band 3 protein. Evidence for allosterically interacting transport inhibitory subdomains. Journal of Biological Chemistry 262(33): 15965-15973

Characterization of pyrimidine metabolism in the cellular slime mold, Dictyostelium discoideum. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 35(4): 432-438

Characterization of pyrimidine nucleoside monophosphokinase in normal and malignant tissues. Cancer Research 37(6): 1593-1597

Characterization of pyrimidine-repressible and arginine-repressible carbamyl phosphate synthetases from Bacillus subtilis. Journal of Bacteriology 137(1): 82-91

Characterization of pyruvate kinase from the liver of a patient with aberrant erythrocyte pyruvate kinase, PK Nagasaki. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 90(6): 1012-1020

Characterization of qa-2 mutants of Neurospora crassa by genetic, enzymatic, and immunological techniques. Journal of Bacteriology 129(1): 166-172

Characterization of quinolinic acid phosphoribosyltransferase in human blood and observations in Huntington's disease. Journal of Neurochemistry 45(1): 199-205

Characterization of quisqualate recognition sites in rat brain tissue using DL-[3H]alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methylisoxazole-4-propionic acid (AMPA) and a filtration assay. Neurochemical Research 12(9): 775-781

Characterization of quisqualate-type L-glutamate receptors in the retina. Brain Research 414(1): 99-108

Characterization of rabbit antibodies that recognize determinants on naturally occurring glycoproteins. Carbohydrate Research 173(1): 169-174

Characterization of rabbit cytochrome P450IIC4 cDNA and induction by phenobarbital of related hepatic mRNA levels. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 146(1): 224-231

Characterization of rabbit ear artery opioid receptors using a delta-selective agonist and antagonist. European Journal of Pharmacology 139(1): 61-66

Characterization of rabbit ileal receptors for Clostridium difficile toxin A. Evidence for a receptor-coupled G protein. Journal of Clinical Investigation 88(1): 119-125

Characterization of rabbit liver cytochrome P-450 (laurate omega-1 hydroxylase) synthesized in transformed yeast cells. Journal of Biochemistry 103(1): 143-148

Characterization of rabbit reticulocyte factor(s) that stimulates the translation of mRNAs lacking 5'-terminal 7-methylguanosine. Journal of Biological Chemistry 254(5): 1440-1443

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Characterization of rabies viruses recovered from persistently infected BHK cells. Virology 67(2): 520-533

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Characterization of radiation-induced performance decrement using a two-lever shock-avoidance task. Radiation Research 103(1): 149-157

Characterization of radiation-resistant vegetative bacteria in beef. Applied Microbiology 30(2): 242-250

Characterization of radiation/fusion hybrids containing parts of human chromosome 10 and their use in mapping chromosome 10-specific probes. Genomics 13(1): 25-34

Characterization of radioactivity distribution in the organism during constant intravenous infusion of tracer amino acids and calculation of the rate of tissue protein synthesis in rats. Archiv für Tierernahrung 28(10): 629-639

Characterization of radioactivity in plasma after intraduodenal administration of 131I-labelled human cationic trypsin. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology. Supplement 126: 21-24

Characterization of radioimmunoassayable neurotensin in the rat. Its differential distribution in the central nervous system, small intestine, and stomach. Journal of Biological Chemistry 251(22): 7045-7052

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Characterization of rat 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/delta 5-delta 4 isomerase cDNAs and differential tissue-specific expression of the corresponding mRNAs in steroidogenic and peripheral tissues. Journal of Biological Chemistry 266(1): 583-593

Characterization of rat Leydig cell gonadotropin receptor structure by affinity cross-linking. Journal of Biological Chemistry 263(2): 1002-1007

Characterization of rat T cell precursors sorted by chemotactic migration toward thymotaxin. Cell 56(6): 1073-1083

Characterization of rat T-cell clones with bacterial specificity. Immunology 71(1): 120-126

Characterization of rat alveolar type II cells in vitro by immunological, biochemical, and morphological criteria. Experimental Lung Research 11(4): 263-275

Characterization of rat and human liver microsomal cytochrome P-450 forms involved in nifedipine oxidation, a prototype for genetic polymorphism in oxidative drug metabolism. Journal of Biological Chemistry 261(11): 5051-5060

Characterization of rat and human tyrosine hydroxylase genes: functional expression of both promoters in neuronal and non-neuronal cell types. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 157(3): 1341-1347

Characterization of rat bone marrow cells. II. Analysis of surface antigens in small lymphocytes with particular reference to thymus antigen-carrying cells. Cellular Immunology 44(2): 381-394

Characterization of rat bone marrow lymphoid cells. I. A study of the distribution parameters of sedimentation velocity, volume and electrophoretic mobility. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 26(5): 369-381

Characterization of rat brain microsomal acyl-coenzyme A ligases: different enzymes for the synthesis of palmitoyl-coenzyme A and lignoceroyl-coenzyme A. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 246(1): 374-380

Characterization of rat brain opioid receptors by [Tyr-3,5-3H]1, D-Ala2, Leu5-enkephalin binding. Neurochemical Research 10(5): 627-635

Characterization of rat c-myc and adjacent regions. Nucleic Acids Research 15(16): 6419-6436

Characterization of rat cellular retinol-binding protein II expressed in Escherichia coli. Journal of Biological Chemistry 262(28): 13773-9

Characterization of rat cerebral cortical beta adrenoceptor subtypes using (-)-[125I]-iodocyanopindolol. Journal of Receptor Research 9(6): 495-508

Characterization of rat cytochrome P-450MC synthesized in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Journal of Biochemistry 98(1): 167-175

Characterization of rat encephalitogenic T cells bearing non-V beta 8 T cell receptors. European Journal of Immunology 22(2): 591-594

Characterization of rat glomerular thromboxane A2 receptors: comparison to rat platelets. European Journal of Pharmacology 227(1): 71-78

Characterization of rat heart plasma membrane Ca2+/Mg2+ ATPase. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 263(2): 281-292

Characterization of rat hepatoma glucosamine 6-phosphate synthase and its relation to liver and fetal forms. Cancer Research 39(7 Pt 1): 2779-2782

Characterization of rat kallikrein-like multigene family and its expression in the submandibular gland. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 198 Pt A: 189-194

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