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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 39528

Chapter 39528 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Characterization of two monoclonal antibodies against cytochrome b558 of human neutrophils. Blood 73(6): 1686-1694

Characterization of two monoclonal antibodies against human tissue-type plasminogen activator. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 53(2): 170-175

Characterization of two monoclonal antibodies against the COOH-terminal part of the human epidermal growth factor receptor and potential clinical use. Journal of Immunological Methods 143(2): 175-186

Characterization of two monoclonal antibodies reactive with the external domain of the platelet-derived growth factor receptor. Journal of Biological Chemistry 263(21): 10429-10435

Characterization of two monoclonal antibodies specific for lacto-series type 1 chain Gal beta 1----3GlcNAc-terminal structures. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 277(1): 181-188

Characterization of two monoclonal antibodies to Epstein-Barr virus diffuse early antigen which react to two different epitopes and have different biological function. Journal of Virological Methods 33(1-2): 47-52

Characterization of two monoclonal antibodies to human apolipoprotein A-I that also bind to rabbit apolipoprotein A-I. Application to ELISA evaluation of rabbit serum apo A-I. Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry 179(1): 85-95

Characterization of two monoclonal idiotype-binding suppressor T cell factors specific for the antibody response to L-glutamic acid60-L-alanine30-L-tyrosine10 (GAT). Journal of Immunology 137(12): 3709-3716

Characterization of two morphologically distinct Leu-7+ cell subsets with respect to Leu-15 antigen. Evaluation of Leu-15 determinant distribution on both E rosetting and non-adherent non-E rosetting cell populations. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 23(2): 225-231

Characterization of two mouse myeloma X sheep lymphocyte cell lines secreting sheep antibody. Molecular Immunology 23(7): 717-724

Characterization of two murine (2'-5')(A)n-dependent endonucleases of different molecular mass. European Journal of Biochemistry 179(3): 595-602

Characterization of two murine monoclonal antibodies (P10, P12) directed against different determinants on human blood platelet thrombospondin. European Journal of Biochemistry 154(1): 95-102

Characterization of two murine monoclonal antibodies reactive with human B cells. Their use in a high-yield, high-purity method for isolation of B cells and utilization of such cells in an assay for B-cell stimulating factor. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 21(3): 205-214

Characterization of two mutant metJ proteins with reduced, temperature-dependent capacity to regulate Escherichia coli K-12 met regulon elements. Journal of Bacteriology 171(7): 4095-4099

Characterization of two new ETB selective radioligands, [125I]-BQ3020 and [125I]-[Ala1,3,11,15]ET-1 in human heart. British Journal of Pharmacology 107(3): 637-639

Characterization of two new cell lines derived from oral cavity human squamous cell carcinomas--OC1 and OC2. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 48(4): 385-390

Characterization of two new crystal forms of uteroglobin. Journal of Molecular Biology 127(2): 237-239

Characterization of two new genes essential for vegetative growth in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: nucleotide sequence determination and chromosome mapping. Gene 55(2-3): 265-275

Characterization of two new human oncogenes. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 51 Pt 2: 993-1000

Characterization of two new members of the pregnancy-specific beta 1-glycoprotein family from the myeloid cell line KG-1 and suggestion of two distinct classes of transcription unit. Biochemistry 29(44): 10213-8

Characterization of two newly established EBV-containing lymphoblastoid cell lines from patients with myeloid leukemias. Leukemia Research 14(4): 309-320

Characterization of two nonallelic pairs of late histone H2A and H2B genes of the sea urchin: differential regulation in the embryo and tissue-specific expression in the adult. Molecular and Cellular Biology 6(11): 3746-3754

Characterization of two novel cholecystokinin tetrapeptide (30-33) analogues, A-71623 and A-70874, that exhibit high potency and selectivity for cholecystokinin-A receptors. Molecular Pharmacology 39(3): 346-351

Characterization of two novel forms of cholecystokinin isolated from bovine upper intestine. Regulatory Peptides 11(1): 27-34

Characterization of two novel human retropseudogenes related to the calmodulin-encoding gene, CaMII. Gene 97(2): 245-251

Characterization of two novel pre-B-cell lines (LK63 and LiLa-1): potential models of pre-B-cell differentiation. Leukemia Research 16(6-7): 655-663

Characterization of two novel pyruvylated glycosphingolipids containing 2'-aminoethylphosphoryl(-->6)-galactose from the nervous system of Aplysia kurodai. Journal of Biochemistry 112(4): 461-469

Characterization of two operons encoding the cytochrome b6-f complex of the cyanobacterium Nostoc PCC 7906. Highly conserved sequences but different gene organization than in chloroplasts. Journal of Biological Chemistry 263(28): 14334-14342

Characterization of two pathological tau protein, variants in Alzheimer brain cortices. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 92(2-3): 133-141

Characterization of two phospholipases A2 in serum of patients with sepsis and acute pancreatitis. European Journal of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry 30(5): 263-269

Characterization of two plasmacytoma fractions and their RNA capable of changing lymphocyte surface immunoglobulins (cell conversion). Cellular Immunology 18(1): 98-109

Characterization of two plasmids arising spontaneously in phosphate-limited continuous cultures of Escherichia coli HB101[pAT153. Fems Microbiology Letters 59(1-2): 173-177

Characterization of two porcine proinsulin reactive monoclonal antibodies by immunostaining of beta-cells in pancreatic sections of different species. Acta Histochemica 93(2): 433-440

Characterization of two preparations of antibodies to basic fibroblast growth factor which exhibit distinct patterns of immunolocalization. Growth Factors 4(1): 69-80

Characterization of two pterin derivatives isolated from Methanoculleus thermophilicum. European Journal of Biochemistry 200(3): 783-787

Characterization of two putative smooth muscle cell lines from rat thoracic aorta. Experimental Cell Research 98(2): 349-366

Characterization of two radiation-induced lesions from DNA: studies using nuclease P1. International Journal of Radiation Biology 61(6): 729-736

Characterization of two related Epstein-Barr virus-encoded membrane proteins that are differentially expressed in Burkitt lymphoma and in vitro-transformed cell lines. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 83(15): 5703-5707

Characterization of two reserve glucans from Clostridium pasteurianum. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 21(7): 1136-1138

Characterization of two similar differential tumor markers based on phosphofructokinase activity arising from the influence of cancer patient serum. Cancer Detection and Prevention 13(3-4): 239-250

Characterization of two site-specifically mutated human dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenases (His-452----Gln and Glu-457----Gln). Journal of Biological Chemistry 267(8): 5128-5132

Characterization of two small-particle composite resins. Quintessence International 21(10): 843-847

Characterization of two soluble ferredoxins as distinct from bound iron-sulfur proteins in the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodospirillum rubrum. Journal of Biological Chemistry 250(21): 8330-8336

Characterization of two species of Fc fragments obtained from rat IgG2a by prolonged papain digestion. Journal of Immunology 118(2): 388-394

Characterization of two subcellular fractions isolated from myelinated axons. Brain Research Bulletin 2(4): 289-298

Characterization of two sulfate-reducing bacteria from the gut of the soil-feeding termite, Cubitermes speciosus. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 58(4): 271-275

Characterization of two temperature-sensitive mutants of adenovirus type 5. Journal of General Virology 43(3): 531-540

Characterization of two triacylglycerol lipase activities in pig post-heparin plasma. Biochemical Journal 163(2): 347-355

Characterization of two types of crystalloids in pleomorphic adenomas of minor salivary glands. A light-microscopic, electron-microscopic, and histochemical study. American Journal of Pathology 118(2): 194-202

Characterization of two types of fetal hemoglobin: alpha 2G gamma 2 and alpha 2A gamma 2. Blood 75(10): 2070-2075

Characterization of two types of human papillomaviruses in lesions of epidermodysplasia verruciformis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 75(3): 1537-1541

Characterization of two types of rRNA gene repeat units from the crustacean Artemia. Gene 48(1): 175-182

Characterization of two tyrosine-specific protein kinases from pig spleen. Substrate-specific effect of autophosphorylation. European Journal of Biochemistry 194(1): 251-258

Characterization of two unique cholesterol-rich lipid particles isolated from human atherosclerotic lesions. American Journal of Pathology 136(1): 169-179

Characterization of type 1 and mannose-resistant fimbriae of Erwinia spp. Journal of Bacteriology 169(5): 2281-2283

Characterization of type I and type II insulin-like growth factor receptors in an intestinal epithelial cell line. Endocrinology 126(6): 2998-3005

Characterization of type I collagen from the skin of blue grenadier (Macruronus novaezelandiae). Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 267(2): 497-502

Characterization of type II insulin-like growth factor (IGF) receptors in sheep liver plasma membranes. Domestic Animal Endocrinology 7(2): 207-216

Characterization of type II insulin-like growth factor binding on rat hepatocytes of primary monolayer culture: regulation of the binding by IGF-I and related peptides. Nihon Naibunpi Gakkai Zasshi 64(12): 1281-1292

Characterization of type III procollagen from chick embryo blood vessels. Journal of Biological Chemistry 254(1): 233-239

Characterization of type-I NADH dehydrogenase. Polydispersity, molecular weight and polypeptide composition. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 501(3): 458-469

Characterization of type-II thyroxine 5'-deiodinase activity in rat Harderian gland. Life Sciences 41(9): 1179-1185

Characterization of types of gastric ulcer by gastric acidity and ulcer localization. Amb 32(9-10): 175-179

Characterization of ubisemiquinone radicals in succinate-ubiquinone reductase. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 293(1): 61-66

Characterization of ultra-high affinity monoclonal antibodies with a dimeric, symmetrical antigen: inhibition of the receptor recognition site of nerve growth factor. Molecular Immunology 29(3): 411-423

Characterization of ultraviolet laser-induced autofluorescence of ceroid deposits and other structures in atherosclerotic plaques as a potential diagnostic for laser angiosurgery. American Heart Journal 123(1): 208-216

Characterization of ultraviolet light-induced ouabain-resistant mutations in Chinese hamster cells. Mutation Research 51(1): 85-98

Characterization of ultraviolet light-induced relaxation of the isolated duodenum of the rat. British Journal of Pharmacology 66(2): 197-201

Characterization of undecaprenol kinase from Lactobacillus plantarum. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 574(1): 112-122

Characterization of underivatized lipid biomarkers from microorganisms with pyrolysis short-column gas chromatography/ion trap mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry 62(23): 2565-2573

Characterization of unintegrated retroviral DNA with long terminal repeat-associated cell-derived inserts. Journal of Virology 66(10): 5735-5743

Characterization of unique ADTN-catecholamine binding sites in the iris root-ciliary body of rabbits. Current Eye Research 8(12): 1225-1231

Characterization of unprocessed insulin proreceptors in COS 7 cells transfected with cDNA with Arg735----Ser735 point mutation at the cleavage site. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental 41(8): 820-826

Characterization of unr; a gene closely linked to N-ras. Nucleic Acids Research 18(16): 4891-4899

Characterization of unseparated nucleic acid restriction enzyme fragments by electric birefringence frequency dispersion. Analytical Chemistry 60(15): 1632-1635

Characterization of unstable poly (A)-RNA in Caulobacter crescentus. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 517(1): 65-75

Characterization of unusual hexosaminidase A (HEX A) deficient human mutants. American Journal of Human Genetics 30(6): 602-608

Characterization of unusual tetracycline-resistant gram-positive bacteria. Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 35(12): 2655-2657

Characterization of upFc, a fragment of human immunoglobulin G1 produced by pepsin in urea. Biochemical Journal 157(3): 535-540

Characterization of uptake, degradation and toxicity of antisense ODNs in cancer cells. Nucleic Acids Symposium Series: 299-299

Characterization of urease from Sporosarcina ureae. Archives of Microbiology 157(5): 411-416

Characterization of urinary insulin-like growth factor binding proteins. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 74(4): 830-835

Characterization of urinary metabolites from [1,2,methoxy-13C]-2-methoxyethanol in mice using 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Chemical Research in Toxicology 5(4): 553-560

Characterization of urothelial carcinoma with respect to the content of carcinoembryonic antigen in exfoliated cells. Cancer 40(4): 1511-1518

Characterization of ursolic acid as a lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase inhibitor using macrophages, platelets and differentiated HL60 leukemic cells. Febs Letters 299(3): 213-217

Characterization of uterine epithelium apoptotic cell death kinetics and regulation by progesterone and RU 486. American Journal of Pathology 140(2): 449-456

Characterization of uterine heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleic acid and the effect of oestradiol-17 beta on its synthesis. Biochemical Journal 172(3): 587-593

Characterization of v-sis protein expressed in silkworm larvae using the Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus vector. Journal of Biochemistry 109(1): 36-44

Characterization of vaccinia virus DNA replication in vitro. Virology 79(2): 342-354

Characterization of vaccinia virus deletion mutants isolated from persistently infected Friend erythroleukemia cells. Virus Research 12(3): 239-250

Characterization of vanY, a DD-carboxypeptidase from vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium BM4147. Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 36(7): 1514-1518

Characterization of vanadate-based transition-state-analogue complexes of phosphoglucomutase by spectral and NMR techniques. Biochemistry 29(11): 2770-2778

Characterization of vanadate-dependent NADH oxidation stimulated by Saccharomyces cerevisiae plasma membranes. Journal of Bacteriology 173(2): 834-841

Characterization of vanadium bromoperoxidase from Macrocystis and Fucus: reactivity of vanadium bromoperoxidase toward acyl and alkyl peroxides and bromination of amines. Biochemistry 29(34): 7974-7981

Characterization of variable-region genes and shared crossreactive idiotypes of antibodies specific for antigens of various influenza viruses. Viral Immunology 1(1): 1-12

Characterization of variant and parental-cross-protective immunity to immunogenic variants of a murine fibrosarcoma using the local adoptive transfer assay. Cancer Immunology, ImmunoTherapy 30(4): 219-226

Characterization of variant gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase produced by pancreatocholangiocarcinoma cell lines in a protein-free, chemically defined medium. Pancreas 4(4): 406-417

Characterization of variations in rabbit hepatic progesterone 21-hydroxylase activity by serial biopsy. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 130(1): 43-49

Characterization of various digestive enzyme activities of Palaemon serratus Pennant (Crustacea, Decapoda) after polyacrylamide gradient gel electrophoresis. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 170(3): 634-638

Characterization of various nervous tissues of the chick embryos through responses to chronic application and immunocytochemistry of beta-bungarotoxin. Journal of Comparative Neurology 180(3): 449-466

Characterization of various streptokinase dosage schedules through quantitative streptokinase, plasminogen and plasmin determinations in the plasma of patients. Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin 81: 1152-1155

Characterization of vascular histamine H1-receptors: multiple affinity states of aortic histamine H1-receptor. Agents and Actions 16(3-4): 179-182

Characterization of vascular neuropeptide Y receptors. British Journal of Pharmacology 105(1): 45-50

Characterization of vascular permeability-increasing component isolated from solid tumors and the effect of highly polymerized dextran sulfate on its activity. Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 41(2): 163-171

Characterization of vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype in long-term culture. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology 25(2): 183-192

Characterization of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) receptors in mammalian lung. Peptides 7(5): 791-800

Characterization of vasoactive intestinal peptide receptors by a photoaffinity label. Site-specific modification of vasoactive intestinal peptide by derivatization of the receptor-bound peptide. Journal of Biological Chemistry 262(24): 11539-11545

Characterization of vasoactive intestinal peptide receptors in nervous and immune systems. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 527: 257-281

Characterization of vasodilators by comparison of their effects on blood pressure, counterregulation and myocardial oxygen demand in conscious normotensive dogs. Arzneimittel-Forschung 35(1a): 288-291

Characterization of vasopressin and oxytocin immunoreactivity in the sheep and rat pineal gland: absence of vasotocin and detection of a vasopressin-like peptide. Peptides 8(1): 7-11

Characterization of vasopressin receptors in cerebral endothelial cells. Acta Histochemica. Supplementband 33: 79-83

Characterization of ventricular fibrillation during coronary angiography. American Journal of Cardiology 55(1): 249-249

Characterization of versilin-sensitive sites in self-sensitive producer and sensitive non-producer or unrelated organism. Journal of Applied Bacteriology 67(2): 191-200

Characterization of vertebrogenic pain using the short form of the McGill Pain Questionnaire. Casopis Lekaru Ceskych 129(51): 1611-1614

Characterization of very low density lipoproteins and intermediate density lipoproteins of normo- and hyperlipidemic apolipoprotein E-2 homozygotes. Journal of Lipid Research 26(3): 316-326

Characterization of very young mineral phases of bone by solid state 31phosphorus magic angle sample spinning nuclear magnetic resonance and X-ray diffraction. Calcified Tissue International 50(1): 42-48

Characterization of very-low-density lipoproteins isolated from baboons, and fractionated using heparin-Sepharose chromatography. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 958(3): 416-423

Characterization of vesicles containing insulin-responsive intracellular glucose transporters isolated from 3T3-L1 adipocytes by an improved procedure. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 971(3): 339-350

Characterization of vinblastine-induced supersensitivity in the rat. Journal of Autonomic Pharmacology 5(1): 31-39

Characterization of vir-activated TnphoA gene fusions in Bordetella pertussis. Infection and Immunity 59(9): 3273-3279

Characterization of virus DNA synthesized in KB cells infected with two temperature-sensitive mutants of adenovirus type 5. Journal of General Virology 44(1): 25-35

Characterization of virus induced proteins in SV40 infected primary monkey cells. Hoppe-Seyler's Zeitschrift für Physiologische Chemie 356(3): 260-261

Characterization of virus infected cell cultures by pyrolysis/direct chemical ionization mass spectrometry. Biomedical & Environmental Mass Spectrometry 18(9): 757-760

Characterization of virus-like particles produced by a recombinant baculovirus containing the gag gene of the bovine immunodeficiency-like virus. Virology 178(2): 435-451

Characterization of virus-like particles produced by an influenza A virus. Archives of Virology 62(4): 291-302

Characterization of virus-specific cytotoxic T cell clones from allogeneic bone marrow chimeras. European Journal of Immunology 17(2): 159-166

Characterization of virus-specific messenger RNAs from avian fibroblasts infected with fowl plague virus. Journal of General Virology 36(2): 237-248

Characterization of viruses infecting a eukaryotic Chlorella-like green alga. Virology 150(1): 170-177

Characterization of vitamin A transport system from goat plasma. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 581(1): 136-141

Characterization of vitellogenins and vitellines in Ceratatitis capitata (Diptera, Trypetidae): electrophoretic and immunoelectrophoretic study. Archives de L'institut Pasteur de Tunis 64(3): 363-375

Characterization of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels in beta-cell line. Diabetes 38(2): 188-193

Characterization of voltage-dependent calcium currents in mouse motoneurons. Journal of Neurophysiology 68(1): 85-92

Characterization of voltage-gated and calcium-activated potassium currents in toadfish saccular hair cells. Brain Research 556(1): 22-32

Characterization of voltage-gated calcium channels in Xenopus oocytes after injection of RNA from electrically excitable tissues. Society of General Physiologists Series 42: 153-166

Characterization of voltage-gated sodium channels in ovine gonadotrophs: relationship to hormone secretion. Journal of Physiology 399: 493-517

Characterization of voltage-sensitive calcium channels in a clonal pituitary cell line. Life Sciences 36(23): 2209-2215

Characterization of volume-sensitive, calcium-permeating pathways in the osteosarcoma cell line UMR-106-01. Journal of Biological Chemistry 264(8): 4383-4390

Characterization of von Willebrand factor in factor VIII concentrates. American Journal of Hematology 31(1): 41-45

Characterization of water-insoluble proteins in human lens nuclei. Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology 31(3): 433-439

Characterization of water-insoluble proteins in normal and cataractous human lens. Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology 34(2): 216-224

Characterization of water-soluble shrimp allergens released during boiling. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 85(6): 1005-1013

Characterization of wear of tungsten carbide burs. Journal of the American Dental Association 99(5): 831-833

Characterization of wheat germ initiation factor eIF-2. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 74(2): 129-135

Characterization of wild-type and mutant M13 gene V proteins by means of 1H-NMR. European Journal of Biochemistry 200(1): 139-148

Characterization of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes in sturgeon (Acipenser baeri). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. B, Comparative Biochemistry 93(4): 921-928

Characterization of xenobiotic responsive elements upstream from the drug-metabolizing cytochrome P-450c gene: a similarity to glucocorticoid regulatory elements. Nucleic Acids Research 15(10): 4179-4191

Characterization of xenogeneic mouse-to-rat bone marrow chimeras. I. Examination of hematologic and immunologic function. Transplantation 44(1): 88-92

Characterization of xylamine binding to proteins of PC12 pheochromocytoma cells. Journal of Neurochemistry 47(4): 1277-1285

Characterization of xylitol-utilizing mutants of Erwinia uredovora. Journal of Bacteriology 161(2): 529-533

Characterization of yaw to roll cross-coupling in the three-dimensional structure of the velocity storage integrator. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 656: 829-831

Characterization of yeast clathrin and anticlathrin heavy-chain monoclonal antibodies. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 36(4): 329-340

Characterization of yeast fructose-2,6-bisphosphate 6-phosphatase. Febs Letters 239(1): 69-72

Characterization of yeast strains of the genera candida, Hansenula, Kluyveromyces, Pichia, Rhodotorula, and Saccharomyces by mixed-dye fluorometry. International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 41(2): 249-254

Characterization of yeast strains with conditionally expressed variants of ribosomal protein genes tcm1 and cyh2. Molecular and Cellular Biology 5(1): 99-108

Characterization of yeast-expressed beta-actins, site-specifically mutated at the tumor-related residue Gly245. European Journal of Biochemistry 207(1): 315-320

Characterization of yellow-pigmented enterococci from severe human infections. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 29(12): 2884-2886

Characterization of yolk platelets isolated from developing embryos of Arbacia punctulata. Developmental Biology 113(2): 342-355

Characterization of zinc nutritional status by means of chelating agents. 2. Relationship among zinc intake, zinc retention and zinc excretion in urine after a single I.P. EDTA injection in the rat. Zeitschrift für Tierphysiologie, Tierernahrung und Futtermittelkunde 38(2): 106-118

Characterization of zinc-based soaps. Die Pharmazie 32(8-9): 505-506

Characterization of zinc-binding sites in human stromelysin-1: stoichiometry of the catalytic domain and identification of a cysteine ligand in the proenzyme. Biochemistry 31(19): 4535-4540

Characterization of "Campylobacter pyloridis" by culture, enzymatic profile, and protein content. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 22(6): 1007-1010

Characterization of "Pasteurella" piscicida isolated from white perch and cultivated yellowtail. Japanese Journal of Microbiology 19(4): 241-247

Characterization of "T" and "non-T" cell lines established from children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma after leukemic transformation. Haematology and Blood Transfusion 20: 265-269

Characterization of "abp38" in cytoskeleton of mouse myeloid leukemia cells and distribution of abp38 in various tissues. Journal of Biochemistry 101(1): 63-71

Characterization of "big big prolactin" in serum and tumor extract in patients with PRL-secreting tumor. Endocrinologia Japonica 34(3): 325-334

Characterization of "depolarization"-induced calcium release from sarcoplasmic reticulum in vitro with the use of membrane potential probe. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 184(1): 538-543

Characterization of "fetal-type" acetylcholinesterase in hemin-treated K562 cell culture. Blood Cells 12(3): 647-655

Characterization of "hibernating" and "stunned" myocardium with focus on the use of calcium antagonists in "stunned" myocardium. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 20 Suppl 5: S25-S33

Characterization of "high-affinity" [3H]ouabain binding in the rat central nervous system. Journal of Neurochemistry 44(6): 1709-1715

Characterization of "modified-self"-induced specific antibody hyporesponsiveness to herpes simplex virus. Viral Immunology 5(2): 113-122

Characterization of "neo-dermis" formation beneath cultured human epidermal autografts transplanted on muscle fascia. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 95(1): 20-26

Characterization of "peak E," a novel amino acid associated with eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome. Science 250(4988): 1707-1708

Characterization of "regulatory" idiotope-specific T cell clones to a monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibody mimicking a tumor-associated antigen (TAA). Journal of Immunology 142(3): 1046-1052

Characterization studies of human tissue-type plasminogen activator produced by recombinant DNA technology. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 51 Pt 1: 551-562

Characterization studies on insoluble total N-nitroso compounds in bacon adipose connective tissue. Food Additives and Contaminants 3(2): 153-159

Characterization studies on the cadmium-binding proteins from two species of New Zealand oysters. Environmental Health Perspectives 65: 57-62

Characterization through a data display of the different cellular responses in X-irradiated small intestine. Journal of Radiation Research 33(2): 163-177

Characterization to effector lymphocytes associated with immunity to murine sarcoma virus (MSV)-induced tumors. II. Repeated stimulation and proliferation in vitro of specific cytolytic T lymphocytes. Journal of Immunology 119(2): 623-629

Characterization using phage typing of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains causing outbreaks. Enfermedades Infecciosas Y Microbiologia Clinica 10 Suppl 3: 36-38

Characterization with [3H] dihydroergocryptine of the alpha-adrenergic receptor of the hepatic plasma membrane. Comparison with the beta-adrenergic receptor in normal and adrenalectomized rats. Journal of Biological Chemistry 253(4): 1114-1120

Characterization with agonists of the histamine receptors mediating stimulation of gastric acid secretion in the Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua. Agents and Actions 19(1-2): 42-47

Characterization with antibodies of the gamma-aminobutyric acidA/benzodiazepine receptor complex during development of the rat brain. Journal of Neurochemistry 54(1): 187-194

Characterization with dithiothreitol (DTT) of IgM auto-lymphocytotoxic antibodies in dialyzed patients awaiting kidney transplants. Bollettino Della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale 65(8): 743-750

Characterization with monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies of a new major allergen from grass pollen in the group I molecular weight range. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 83(1): 144-151

Characterization with monoclonal antibodies of human lymphocytes active in natural killing and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity of dengue virus-infected cells. Immunology 58(3): 429-436

Characterization, by molecular cloning, of smaller forms of thyroid peroxidase messenger ribonucleic acid in human thyroid cells as alternatively spliced transcripts. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 71(2): 384-390

Characterization, cloning and sequence analysis of the CDC25 gene which controls the cyclic AMP level of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Embo Journal 5(2): 375-380

Characterization, cloning, and binding properties of the major 53-kilodalton Treponema denticola surface antigen. Infection and Immunity 60(5): 2058-2065

Characterization, cloning, curing, and distribution in lactic acid bacteria of pLP1, a plasmid from Lactobacillus plantarum CCM 1904 and its use in shuttle vector construction. Plasmid 22(3): 193-202

Characterization, composition and determination of the sugars in ricinotoxin from Ricinus communis L. seeds. Toxicological European Research. Recherche Europeenne en Toxicologie 1(2): 103-108

Characterization, enzymatic and lectin properties of isolated membranes from Phaseolus aureus. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 443(3): 360-374

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Characterization, expression, and evolution of the mouse embryonic zeta-globin gene. Molecular and Cellular Biology 5(5): 1025-1033

Characterization, expression, and immunohistochemical localization of 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/delta 5-delta 4 isomerase in human skin. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 99(4): 415-421

Characterization, function, and biosynthesis of modified nucleotides in tRNA. Journal of Biochemistry 79(4): 35p-35p

Characterization, growth, and differentiation of a human myeloid leukemia cell line, TI-1 cell. Blood 80(1): 46-52

Characterization, in some human breast cancer cell lines, of gastrin-releasing peptide-like receptors which are absent in normal breast epithelial cells. International Journal of Cancer 46(2): 293-298

Characterization, in the guinea pig, of a hepatic cytosol protein binding dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate and estrone sulfate. Comptes Rendus de L'academie des Sciences. Serie Iii, Sciences de la Vie 306(13): 415-420

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Characterization, localization and pharmacological profile of a high-affinity [3H]lidocaine binding site. European Journal of Pharmacology 169(1): 103-114

Characterization, localization, and biosynthesis of acetylcholinesterase in K 562 cells. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 267(1): 245-251

Characterization, molecular cloning and sequencing of YP3s1, a fertile yolk protein 3 mutant in Drosophila. Molecular & General Genetics 228(1-2): 81-88

Characterization, purification, and affinity labeling of the brain [3H]glibenclamide-binding protein, a putative neuronal ATP-regulated K+ channel. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 85(24): 9816-9820

Characterization, sequence determination, and immunogenicity of a 64-kilodalton protein of Mycobacterium bovis BCG expressed in escherichia coli K-12. Infection and Immunity 55(6): 1466-1475

Characterization, size estimation and solubilization of alpha-macroglobulin complex receptors in liver membranes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 980(3): 326-332

Characterization, solubilization and purification of an opioid receptor from the brain of the frog Rana ridibunda. Nida Research Monograph 75: 5-8

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