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Comparative evaluation of the anal sphincter function after sphincter-sparing operations in diffuse polyposis

, : Comparative evaluation of the anal sphincter function after sphincter-sparing operations in diffuse polyposis. Khirurgiia: 54-58

Experience in treating 76 patients who were subjected to various sphincter-preserving operations is analysed. It is shown that after subtotal resection of the large intestine with ++abdomino-anal resection of the rectum and pull-through of the right parts of the colon into the anal canal as well as after pull-through of the segment of the transverse colon into the anal canal, the neuro-reflex activity of the musculus sphincter ani internus is destroyed in 55% and reduces in 25% of patients while the reflex activity of the musculus sphincter ani externus is disturbed in 45% of patients and is not restored later. The results bear evidence that the condition of the rectal obturation apparatus does not depend on the segment of the colon subjected to the pull-through operation (cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon). Experience has shown that the results of sphicterometry, electromyography, and electromanometry in various periods after colectomy, mucosectomy of the rectum, and formation of ileorectal anastomosis are much better than those after pull-through operations on various parts of the colon, and return to normal values in 18 months.


PMID: 2079817

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