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Comparative studies on the properties of tryptophanase and tyrosine phenol-lyase immobilized directly on Sepharose or by use of Sepharose-bound pyridoxal 5'-phosphate

, : Comparative studies on the properties of tryptophanase and tyrosine phenol-lyase immobilized directly on Sepharose or by use of Sepharose-bound pyridoxal 5'-phosphate. European Journal of Biochemistry 51(1): 155-164

Tryptophanase from Escherichia coli B/qt 7-A and tyrosine phenol-lyase (beta-tyrosinase) from Escherichia intermedia were immobilized on Sepharose 4B by several direct coupling reactions or through pyridoxal 5'-phosphate previously bound to Sepharose. The most active preparation of immobilized tryptophanase was obtained by coupling tetrameric apoenzyme to pyridoxal-P bound on Sepharose at the 6-position through a diazo linkage. This immobilization procedure involves the formation to Schiff base linkage between 4-formyl group of Sepharose-bound pyridoxal-P and the epsilon-amino group of the lysine residue at the active center of one subunit of tetrameric apo-tryptophanase, followed by the fixation of the Schiff base linkage by reduction with NaBH4. In the case of beta-tyrosinase having two catalytic centers, however, this method was not so suitable as the case of tryptophanase. Direct coupling of the apoenzyme to CNBr-activated Sepharose or to a bromoacetyl derivative of Sepharose gave better results. In each case, the affinity for substrate or coenzyme was scarcely influenced by the immobilization. When used repeatedly in a batch system or continuously in a flow system in the absence of added pyridoxal-P, immobilized holo-tryptophanase of holo-beta-tyrosinase gradually lost its original activity; however, supplement of pyridoxal-P to the reaction system restored its initial activity. From the kinetic analyses of these phenomena, the rate constants of coenzyme dissociation from immobilized tryptophanase and beta-tyrosinase were calculated. Upon immobilization, the pH optima of both enzymes shifted 0.5 to 1.0 pH unit to the alkaline side. Both immobilized enzymes showed higher thermal stability and resistance to a denaturing agent such as guinidine-HCl than their free counterpart. Furthermore, the reactivity of sulfhydryl group of beta-tyrosinase, in connection with its coenzyme-binding property, was conveniently studied by use of the immobilized enzyme.


PMID: 1091485

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