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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 39629

Chapter 39629 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Comparison of changes in vertical dimension between compression and injection molded complete dentures. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 62(6): 716-718

Comparison of channels formed by poly C9, C5b-8 and the membrane attack complex of complement. Molecular Immunology 27(6): 533-537

Comparison of characteristics between F344 and Slc:Wistar rats--Slc:Wistar rats cannot be distinguished from the F344 strain. Jikken Dobutsu. Experimental Animals 35(1): 65-76

Comparison of characteristics between frequent participants and non-participants in screening program for stomach cancer. Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 166(4): 459-469

Comparison of characteristics of bovine aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase with human enzyme. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1118(3): 318-322

Comparison of characteristics of human spermatozoa selected by the multiple-tube swim-up and simple discontinuous Percoll gradient centrifugation. Andrologia 23(3): 213-218

Comparison of chemical and biological properties of water-soluble adjuvants prepared from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium bovis and Mycobacterium smegmatis. Kitasato Archives of Experimental Medicine 49(4): 153-162

Comparison of chemical and immunological methods in fecal occult blood testing. Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics 33(9): 1049-1051

Comparison of chemical and radiochemical methods in determination of steroid hormones. Quaderni Sclavo di Diagnostica Clinica E di Laboratorio 11(2): 183-191

Comparison of chemical and thermal stability of soluble and immobilized alpha-amylases from B. licheniformis and A. oryzae. Biomedica Biochimica Acta 47(9): 821-830

Comparison of chemical constituents of essential oils from Elsholtzia splendens and cultivated Mosla chinensis by GC-MS analysis. Yao Xue Xue Bao 27(4): 287-293

Comparison of chemical permeation data obtained with ASTM and ISO permeation test cells--I. The ASTM standard test procedure. Annals of Occupational Hygiene 35(2): 153-166

Comparison of chemical permeation data obtained with ASTM and ISO permeation test cells--II. The ISO/DIS standard test procedure. Annals of Occupational Hygiene 35(2): 167-180

Comparison of chemical properties of purified plasma membranes and secretory vesicle membranes from bovine adrenal medulla. Cell and Tissue Research 188(2): 153-170

Comparison of chemically induced and spontaneous murine thymic lymphomas in RF and AKR mice: differential expression of c-myc and c-myb. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 82(2): 565-569

Comparison of chemically induced chromosome loss in a diploid, triploid, and tetraploid strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mutation Research 279(1): 41-48

Comparison of chemotherapy alone with allogeneic bone marrow transplantation in first full remission in children with acute myeloid leukemia in the AML-BFM-83 and AML-BFM-87 studies--matched pair analysis. Klinische Padiatrie 204(4): 246-252

Comparison of chemotherapy and autologous and allogeneic transplantation as postinduction regimen in adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a preliminary multicentric study. Haematology and Blood Transfusion 33: 409-412

Comparison of chest pain, electrocardiographic changes and thallium-201 scintigraphy during varying exercise intensities in men with stable angina pectoris. American Journal of Cardiology 68(6): 569-574

Comparison of chewing cycles in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old normal children. American Journal of Occupational Therapy 40(1): 40-43

Comparison of child adaptation to epilepsy and asthma. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 2(4): 139-144

Comparison of children of Holocaust survivors with children of the general population in Israel. Are children of Holocaust-survivor parents more disturbed than others?. Mental Health and Society 5(5-6): 252-256

Comparison of children with type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes in northern Finland and southern Ontario: differences at disease onset. Diabetes Research 14(3): 123-126

Comparison of chiropractic and hospital outpatient management of low back pain: a feasibility study. Report of a working group. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 40(1): 12-17

Comparison of chloral hydrate-hydroxyzine with and without meperidine for management of the difficult pediatric patient. Asdc Journal of Dentistry for Children 54(6): 437-444

Comparison of chlorambucil and prednisone versus cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and prednisone as initial treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia: long-term follow-up of an Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group randomized clinical trial. Journal of Clinical Oncology 9(5): 770-776

Comparison of chloramphenicol acetyltransferase variants in staphylococci. Purification, inhibitor studies and N-terminal sequences. Biochemical Journal 177(2): 575-582

Comparison of chloride concentration and osmolality in proximal tubular fluid, peritubular capillary plasma and systemic plasma in the rat. Journal of Physiology 273(3): 765-773

Comparison of chloride transport in mouse erythrocytes and Friend virus-transformed erythroleukemic cells. Journal of Cellular Physiology 98(2): 347-357

Comparison of chloroplast and cytosolic Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase isozymes from tomato in relation to superoxide dismutase evolution. Isozymes 15: 121-139

Comparison of chloroquine, pyrimethamine and sulfadoxine, and chlorproguanil and dapsone as treatment for falciparum malaria in pregnant and non-pregnant women, Kakamega District, Kenya. Bmj 301(6750): 466-470

Comparison of chlortenoxicam and indomethacin on frusemide-induced diuresis. Postgraduate Medical Journal 65(769): 821-823

Comparison of chlorthalidone and sustained-action nifedipine in the treatment of mild to moderate arterial hypertension. Atencion Primaria 7(4): 258, 260, 262-4

Comparison of cholesterol egress from cultured cells enriched with cholesterol ester after exposure to cationized LDL or to LDL and chloroquine. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 573(1): 1-11

Comparison of cholesterol transport in pulmonary, peritoneal, and blood-derived macrophages from normo- and hypercholesterolemic rabbits. Journal of Lipid Research 26(8): 915-923

Comparison of cholesterol turnover by sterol balance and input-output analysis, and a shortened way to estimate total exchangeable mass of cholesterol by the combination of the two methods. Journal of Lipid Research 19(1): 94-102

Comparison of cholesterol-lowering regimens. American Family Physician 42(3): 761-768

Comparison of cholinergic inhibition and beta-adrenergic stimulation of adenylate cyclase from rat and guinea-pig hearts: effects of guanine nucleotides and monovalent cations. General Pharmacology 16(4): 311-320

Comparison of chondroitin sulfate to McCarey-Kaufman medium for corneal storage. American Journal of Ophthalmology 104(5): 490-493

Comparison of chord length and scleral arc length when placing sutures for episcleral exoplants. Retina 5(4): 225-226

Comparison of chromatographic characteristics of a series of homologous Bence-Jones proteins during size-exclusion chromatography by high-performance liquid chromatography and by Sephadex. Journal of Chromatography 323(2): 418-423

Comparison of chromosomal aberrations in epithelium adjacent to esophageal cancer (EC) and in esophageal cancer cell line EC8501. Proceedings of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Peking Union Medical College 3(2): 84-89

Comparison of chromosomal protein isolated from normal and anemic red blood cells of the toad: III. HMG proteins. Shi Yan Sheng Wu Xue Bao 18(1): 55-58

Comparison of chromosomal proteins of mouse primitive teratocarcinoma, liver and L cells. Experimental Cell Research 103(2): 450-453

Comparison of chromosome aberration frequency and small-colony TK-deficient mutant frequency in L5178Y/TK(+/-)-3.7.2C mouse lymphoma cells. Mutagenesis 5(6): 609-614

Comparison of chromosome aberration frequency before and after administration of 131I in two groups of thyroid cancer patients. Tumori 73(3): 257-262

Comparison of chromosome aberrations, sister chromatid exchanges and unscheduled DNA synthesis in the evaluation of the mutagenicity of environmental factors. Tsitologiia i Genetika 20(2): 109-115

Comparison of chromosome analysis and BCL-1 rearrangement in a series of patients with multiple myeloma. British Journal of Haematology 81(1): 58-61

Comparison of chronic inhalation effects in rodents after long-term exposure to either coal oven flue gas mixed with pyrolized pitch or diesel engine exhaust. Developments in Toxicology and Environmental Science 13: 441-457

Comparison of chronic inhibition of renin and converting enzyme in the marmoset. Clinical and Experimental Hypertension. Part A, Theory and Practice 9(2-3): 337-343

Comparison of chronic respiratory diseases in an agricultural versus urban environment. Revue Francaise des Maladies Respiratoires 7(1): 35-35

Comparison of chrysene metabolism in epithelial human bronchial and Syrian hamster lung cells. Cancer Letters 38(1-2): 171-180

Comparison of cicletanine with other antihypertensive drugs in SHR-SP models. Drugs Under Experimental and Clinical Research 14(2-3): 83-88

Comparison of cimetidine and antacids in short-term and long-term therapy of duodenal ulcer. Minerva Dietologica E Gastroenterologica 31(2): 281-284

Comparison of cimetidine and ranitidine on 24-hour intragastric acidity and serum gastrin profile in patients with esophagitis. Digestive Diseases and Sciences 30(4): 321-328

Comparison of ciprofloxacin and beta-lactam antibiotics in the treatment of urinary tract infections and alteration of fecal flora. American Journal of Medicine 82(4a): 290-294

Comparison of ciprofloxacin and co-trimoxazole in the treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women. Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 18 Suppl D: 103-106

Comparison of ciprofloxacin with ampicillin in acute infectious exacerbations of chronic bronchitis. A double-blind crossover study. American Journal of Medicine 87(5a): 107s-112s

Comparison of ciprofloxacin with polymyxin B for infection prophylaxis in neutropenic patients with acute non-lymphocytic leukemia. Japanese Journal of Clinical Hematology 31(10): 1664-1669

Comparison of circadian blood pressure variations in hypertensive patients with renal artery stenosis and essential hypertension. Journal of Human Hypertension 4(4): 390-392

Comparison of circadian variation of serum theophylline concentration and bioavailability between Theo-dur tablet and a new sustained-release theophylline formulation (E-0686 granule). Arerugi 37(4): 218-225

Comparison of circle absorber and Jackson-Rees systems for paediatric anaesthesia. Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia 35(1): 25-30

Comparison of circling behaviour following unilateral inhibition of GABA-transaminase or discrete electroyltic lesioning in the rat substantia nigra. British Journal of Pharmacology 55(2): 288p-288p

Comparison of circling induced by unilateral intrastriatal microinjections of haloperidol, clozapine and CCK-8 in rats. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior 24(4): 983-989

Comparison of circulating CA15-3 and carcinoembryonic antigen levels in patients with breast cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology 4(10): 1542-1550

Comparison of circulating MAM-6 and CEA levels and correlation with the estrogen receptor in patients with breast cancer. International Journal of Cancer 39(4): 431-435

Comparison of circulating T and B lymphocytes in discoid versus systemic lupus erythematosus. Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology 6(2): 149-155

Comparison of cisplatin and carboplatin cytotoxicity in human ovarian cancer cell lines using the MTT assay. Gynecologic Oncology 39(2): 119-122

Comparison of class I- and II-restricted T cell recognition of the identical peptide. European Journal of Immunology 21(11): 2781-2789

Comparison of class and subclass antibody response to live and UV-inactivated RSV administered intranasally in mice. Journal of Medical Virology 35(3): 198-205

Comparison of class and subclass distribution of antibodies to the hepatitis B core and B e antigens in chronic hepatitis B. Journal of Medical Virology 30(1): 1-6

Comparison of classic and digital pelvimetry for measuring the medial transverse diameter in 50 female patients. Journal de Radiologie 71(11): 633-638

Comparison of classical Lowry, modified Lowry and a dye-binding assay for the estimation of protein in allergen extracts and influence of different parameters on the modified Lowry assay. Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler 366(10): 979-984

Comparison of classical disinfection of hands and Hexadespon. Rozhledy V Chirurgii 54(10): 686-688

Comparison of cleansing methods in preparation for colonic surgery. Diseases of the Colon and Rectum 28(7): 491-495

Comparison of clenbuterol enantiomers using four psychopharmacological tests sensitive to beta-agonists. European Journal of Pharmacology 117(1): 127-129

Comparison of clindamycin, metronidazole, and penicillin for the treatment of experimental infections in mice caused by beta-lactamase-producing Bacteroides intermedius. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 5(1): 25-30

Comparison of clinic and home blood pressure levels and the role of the sympathetic nervous system in clinic-home differences. American Journal of Hypertension 3(3): 219-224

Comparison of clinical Acinetobacter strains using a carbon source growth assay. Epidemiology and Infection 104(3): 443-453

Comparison of clinical CPR studies in Milwaukee and elsewhere in the United States. Annals of Emergency Medicine 14(8): 750-754

Comparison of clinical and animal recipients of a pneumatic artificial heart. Asaio Transactions 32(1): 207-210

Comparison of clinical and autopsy diagnoses in 2 periods: from 1962 to 1965 and from 1982 to 1985. Lijecnicki Vjesnik 110(12): 410-412

Comparison of clinical and catheterization findings in patients with atrial and ventricular heart septal defects. Medicinski Pregled 29(5-6): 237-242

Comparison of clinical and instrumental methods to analyse the TMJ position. Deutsche Zahnarztliche Zeitschrift 43(11 Spec No): S44-S46

Comparison of clinical and laboratory findings of intrathoracic sarcoidosis between children and adults. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 278: 532-538

Comparison of clinical and microbiological parameters for determination of actual caries risk. Oral-Prophylaxe 11(2): 70-73

Comparison of clinical and objective methods of assessing trunk muscle strength--an experimental approach. Spine 12(10): 1020-1024

Comparison of clinical and pathologicoanatomic diagnoses in analyzing the status of therapeutic work in a hospital. Sovetskoe Zdravookhranenie: 21-24

Comparison of clinical and pathomorphologic diagnosis in autopsies of primary microcellular bronchial carcinoma. Plucne Bolesti 43(1-2): 13-15

Comparison of clinical and psychodiagnostic test results in questionably educable children. Arztliche Jugendkunde 66(2): 168-177

Comparison of clinical and real-life judgments of loudness discomfort. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology 3(3): 193-199

Comparison of clinical and surgical-pathologic staging in patients with endometrial carcinoma. Journal of Surgical Oncology 43(1): 33-35

Comparison of clinical and surgical-staging in patients with endometrial carcinoma. Obstetrics and Gynecology 66(3): 413-416

Comparison of clinical and urodynamic parameters before and following a sling operation for recurrent incontinence. Gynakologische Rundschau 28 Suppl 2: 26-28

Comparison of clinical benefits and outcome in patients with programmable and nonprogrammable implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology 15(9): 1279-1290

Comparison of clinical characteristics in myogenic, TMJ internal derangement and atypical facial pain patients. Clinical Journal of Pain 6(1): 4-17

Comparison of clinical diagnoses and Rimland E2 scores in severely disturbed children. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 16(2): 215-225

Comparison of clinical effect and blood concentration of phenylbutazone during long-term treatment. La Semaine des Hopitaux 52(31-32): 1723-1724

Comparison of clinical effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol with the classic effects of hashish. L'encephale 1(1): 33-41

Comparison of clinical effects of propranolol (Inderal) with once daily slow-release oxprenolol (Slow Trasicor) in angina pectoris. Journal of International Medical Research 7(3): 194-200

Comparison of clinical efficacy and tolerance of oxiconazole administered 1 x daily or 2 x daily. Mykosen 29(6): 280-284

Comparison of clinical efficacy and toxicity of conventional and optimum biological response modifying doses of interferon alpha-2C in the treatment of hairy cell leukemia: a retrospective analysis of 39 patients. Leukemia 3(6): 453-460

Comparison of clinical efficacy of ciprofloxacin (CPFX, BAY o 9867) and pipemidic acid (PPA) in the treatment of infectious enteritis by a double-blind method. The Japan Research Committee of Ciprofloxacin, Research Group for Infectious Enteritis. Kansenshogaku Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases 62(4): 322-339

Comparison of clinical efficacy of lomefloxacin (LFLX, NY-198) and pipemidic acid (PPA) in the treatment of infectious enteritis by a double-blind method. The Japan Research Committee of Lomefloxacin Research Group Enteritis. Kansenshogaku Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases 63(6): 606-622

Comparison of clinical efficacy of norfloxacin (NFLX) and pipemidic acid (PPA) in the treatment of infectious enteritis by a double-blind method. The Japan Research Committee of Norfloxacin Research Group Enteritis. Kansenshogaku Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases 61(7): 830-848

Comparison of clinical efficacy of rokitamycin (RKM) and ofloxacin (OFLX) for the treatment of Campylobacter enteritis by a double-blind method. The Research Committee for the Effect of Rokitamycin, Research Group for Infectious Enteritis. Kansenshogaku Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases 65(9): 1165-1182

Comparison of clinical efficacy of thrombolytic drugs in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Revista Espanola de Cardiologia 45 Suppl 2: 9-20

Comparison of clinical examination, electromyography, myelography, computerized tomography and surgical findings in lumbar disc hernias. Rivista di Neurologia 56(3): 174-182

Comparison of clinical features in HLA-B27 positive and negative patients with ankylosing spondylitis. Arthritis and Rheumatism 20(4): 909-912

Comparison of clinical features in patients greater than or equal to 60 years of age to those less than or equal to 40 years of age with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. American Journal of Cardiology 66(10): 875-878

Comparison of clinical features of childhood and adult onset Still's disease. Ryumachi 31(5): 511-518

Comparison of clinical features of rotavirus infection with rotavirus antigen titers in feces obtained during the acute phase. Kansenshogaku Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases 64(9): 1168-1171

Comparison of clinical findings and nuclear magnetic resonance tomography in syringohydromyelia and intramedullary tumors. Fortschritte der Neurologie-Psychiatrie 54(2): 54-58

Comparison of clinical findings of 148 HIV-related non-Hodgkin's lymphomas among intravenous drug abusers and homosexual men in Italy and France. Haematologica 74(2): 225-226

Comparison of clinical findings with patho-anatomical findings in patients with myocardial infarct. Medicinski Pregled 30(7-8): 361-365

Comparison of clinical parameters, bronchoalveolar lavage, gallium-67 lung uptake, and serum angiotensin converting enzyme in assessing the activity of sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis 3(1): 10-18

Comparison of clinical periodontal parameters with the Community Periodontal Index for Treatment Needs (CPITN) data. Schweizer Monatsschrift für Zahnmedizin 100(4): 408-411

Comparison of clinical picture between lung disease due to atypical mycobacteria and lung tuberculosis. Kekkaku 52(9): 429-434

Comparison of clinical presentation of acute myocardial infarction in patients older than 65 years of age to younger patients: the Multicenter Chest Pain Study experience. American Journal of Cardiology 63(12): 772-776

Comparison of clinical profile with various laboratory tests in thyroid disorders. Journal of the Association of Physicians of India 27(2): 137-141

Comparison of clinical response of DR-matched, MLC-compatible cadaver renal allografts and those from HLA-identical related donors. Transplantation Proceedings 19(1 Pt 1): 652-654

Comparison of clinical response to cefpirome treatment and minimum inhibitory concentration of causative isolates. Microbiological and Clinical Study Groups. Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 29 Suppl A: 75-80

Comparison of clinical scores and acute phase proteins in the assessment of acute Crohn's disease. British Journal of Surgery 72(12): 1013-1016

Comparison of clinical significance and allergenic cross-reactivity of storage mites Blomia kulagini and Lepidoglyphus destructor in Sweden and Brazil. Allergy 45(6): 409-417

Comparison of clinical state of newborn infants as evaluated by means of the Apgar score and gasometric studies in the first hours of life. Pediatria Polska 50(12): 1453-1456

Comparison of clinical tests and the KT1000 in the diagnosis of anterior cruciate ligament rupture. British Journal of Sports Medicine 25(2): 96-97

Comparison of clinical usefulness of immunophenotyping of leukemia using the immunofluorescence and immunoenzyme APAAP methods. Acta Haematologica Polonica 23(2): 87-94

Comparison of clinical, hematological and molecular findings of Jamaican and Sicilian patients with sickle cell disease. Haematologica 75 Suppl 5: 42-56

Comparison of clinical, light and electron microscopic findings in cardiomyopathies. Zeitschrift für Kardiologie Suppl 2: 27-27

Comparison of clinically healthy gingiva and palatal mucosa in man. Stereologic analysis of the connective tissue. Journal de Parodontologie 4(4): 317-322

Comparison of clinico-morphological studies in protracted hepatitis. Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 30(19): 801-804

Comparison of clofezone and diclofenac in the treatment of out-patients suffering from activated (painful) osteoarthrosis. Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie 37(9-10): 342-349

Comparison of clofibrate and bezafibrate in type IIa and type IIb hyperlipoproteinemia. Medizinische Klinik 73(49): 1731-1737

Comparison of clofibrate and chlorpropamide in vasopressin-responsive diabetes insipidus. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental 26(7): 749-762

Comparison of clonal analysis and DNA restriction analysis for typing of Neisseria meningitidis. Microbial Pathogenesis 4(1): 45-51

Comparison of clonazepam sorption to polyvinyl chloride-coated and polyethylene-coated tubings. Pharmaceutisch Weekblad. Scientific Edition 12(5): 188-189

Comparison of cloned genes provides evidence for intergenomic exchange of DNA in the evolution of a tobacco glucan endo-1,3-beta-glucosidase gene family. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 88(5): 1820-1824

Comparison of cloned mouse alpha- and beta-globin genes: conservation of intervening sequence locations and extragenic homology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 75(12): 6187-6191

Comparison of cloned rabbit and mouse beta-globin genes showing strong evolutionary divergence of two homologous pairs of introns. Nature 276(5683): 37-44

Comparison of cloprednol and prednisolone in chronic asthmatic patients. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 6(1): 91-93

Comparison of closed and fiber-optic-augmented sonic scaling performed by general dentists. General Dentistry 39(5): 333-338

Comparison of closed and open commissurotomy: analysis of long term results in 65 cases. Zhonghua Wai Ke Za Zhi 17(6): 451-453

Comparison of closed reduction and percutaneous pinning versus open reduction and percutaneous pinning in displaced supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children. Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma 6(4): 407-412

Comparison of coagulase, deoxyribonuclease (DNase), and heat-stable nuclease tests for identification of Staphylococcus aureus. Journal of Clinical Pathology 30(7): 606-608

Comparison of coagulase-negative staphylococci by pulsed-field electrophoresis. Fems Microbiology Letters 71(2): 133-138

Comparison of coagulation values obtained by traditional venipuncture and intra-arterial line methods. Heart & Lung 15(6): 622-627

Comparison of coarse mesh gauze with biologic dressings on granulating wounds. American Journal of Surgery 131(6): 727-729

Comparison of coaxial and side-by-side double lumen subclavian catheters with the single lumen catheter. American Journal of Kidney Diseases 7(3): 221-224

Comparison of cobalamin-independent and cobalamin-dependent methionine synthases from Escherichia coli: two solutions to the same chemical problem. Biochemistry 31(26): 6045-6056

Comparison of cocaine and lignocaine as intranasal local anaesthetics. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 102(7): 628-629

Comparison of coccidioidin and spherulin in complement fixation tests for coccidioidomycosis. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 6(1): 33-41

Comparison of cockroach allergenic activity in whole body and fecal extracts. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 87(2): 574-580

Comparison of cocurrent and countercurrent flow-related enhancement in MR imaging. Radiology 170(1 Pt 1): 265-271

Comparison of cod-liver oil and aspirin-dipyridamole for the prevention of intimal hyperplasia in autologous vein grafts. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 41(1): 54-57

Comparison of coffee intake and coffee-induced symptoms in patients with duodenal ulcer, nonulcer dyspepsia, and normal controls. American Journal of Gastroenterology 85(10): 1339-1342

Comparison of cognition and performance in patients with organic brain damage and psychiatric patients. Acta Psychiatrica Belgica 77(3): 339-347

Comparison of cognitive and behavioral self-control treatments of depression. Psychological Reports 60(3 Pt 1): 975-982

Comparison of cognitive therapy and behavior therapy in the treatment of depression. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 45(4): 543-551

Comparison of cognitive-behavioral group treatment and an alternative non-psychological treatment for chronic low back pain. Pain 48(3): 339-347

Comparison of cold enrichment and U.S. Department of Agriculture methods for isolating Listeria monocytogenes from naturally contaminated foods. The Listeria Study Group. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 57(8): 2109-2113

Comparison of cold flush perfusion with modified blood versus modified Euro-Collins solution for lung preservation. Journal of Heart Transplantation 9(4): 429-434

Comparison of cold-quartz ultraviolet, low-energy laser, and occlusion in wound healing in a swine model. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 67(3): 151-154

Comparison of colicins B-K260 and D-CA23: purification and characterization of the colicins and examination of colicin immunity in the producing strains. Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 11(2): 345-358

Comparison of colloidal bismuth subcitrate with ranitidine in healing and relapse of Campylobacter pylori-associated duodenal ulcers. Zhonghua Nei Ke Za Zhi 29(6): 339-41, 382

Comparison of colonic reservoir and straight colo-anal reconstruction after rectal excision. British Journal of Surgery 75(4): 318-320

Comparison of colonoscopy and the contrast enema in five hundred patients with colorectal disease. American Journal of Surgery 129(2): 181-186

Comparison of colony and stool blots for detection of enteropathogens by DNA probes. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 37(5): 407-410

Comparison of colony-stimulating activities for evaluating in vitro granulomonopoiesis in normal subjects and in patients with myeloid leukemias. Revista de Investigacion Clinica; Organo del Hospital de Enfermedades de la Nutricion 37(4): 323-327

Comparison of color duplex and phlebography in the diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis of the legs. Annali Italiani di Chirurgia 63(5): 645-647

Comparison of colorimetric and high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of sulphamethoxazole and acetylsulphamethoxazole. Journal of Chromatography 527(1): 174-181

Comparison of colorimetric, fluorescent, and enzymatic amplification substrate systems in an enzyme immunoassay for detection of DNA-RNA hybrids. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 27(5): 1002-1007

Comparison of colour Doppler ultrasound with venography in the diagnosis of axillary and subclavian vein thrombosis. British Journal of Radiology 64(765): 777-781

Comparison of colourimetric methods for ammonia determination. Pharmaceutica Acta Helvetiae 65(9-10): 258-261

Comparison of colpocystourethrorectography and transrectal ultrasonography in the assessment of female urinary incontinence. La Radiologia Medica 82(1-2): 101-106

Comparison of colposcopic-cytologic examinations and microscopic biopsy findings. Ginekologia Polska 49(4): 315-320

Comparison of colposcopy-directed biopsies and cold-knife conization. Missouri Medicine 72(11): 639-41, 649

Comparison of combination nifedipine-propranolol and diltiazem-propranolol with high dose diltiazem monotherapy for stable angina pectoris. American Journal of Cardiology 62(16): 1028-1032

Comparison of combination pergolide and levodopa to levodopa alone after 63 months of treatment. Clinical Neuropharmacology 14(2): 165-169

Comparison of combinations of interferons with tumor specific and nonspecific monoclonal antibodies as therapy for murine B- and T-cell lymphomas. Cancer Research 48(15): 4196-4200

Comparison of combined and single-agent chemotherapy in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of favourable histological type. British Medical Journal 1(6112): 533-537

Comparison of combined portal-arterial versus portal perfusion during liver procurement. Transplantation Proceedings 20(1 Suppl 1): 578-587

Comparison of commercial elastomeric impression materials. Operative Dentistry 15(3): 94-104

Comparison of commercial kits for radioimmunoassay: III. Radioassay of serum folate. Clinical Chemistry 21(13): 1922-1926

Comparison of commercial kits for the detection of anti-nDNA antibodies using Crithidia luciliae. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 87(4): 461-469

Comparison of commercial kits for the detection of antibody to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) in Nigeria. East African Medical Journal 67(3): 209-213

Comparison of commercial pyrogen testing laboratories. American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 33(8): 801-803

Comparison of commercial sources of primary rabbit kidney and MRC-5 cell cultures for herpes simplex virus isolation. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 4(2): 147-152

Comparison of commercially available cytokeratin antibodies in normal and neoplastic adult epithelial and non-epithelial tissues. Journal of Clinical Pathology 44(8): 660-663

Comparison of commercially available parathyroid hormone immunoassays in the differential diagnosis of hypercalcemia due to primary hyperparathyroidism or malignancy. Annals of Internal Medicine 91(5): 739-740

Comparison of commercially available parathyroid hormone immunoassays in the differential diagnosis of hypercalcemia: a reanalysis. American Journal of the Medical Sciences 294(6): 415-418

Comparison of commercially available radial immunodiffusion kits for the determination of serum alpha 1-antitrypsin concentrations. American Review of Respiratory Disease 111(1): 97-100

Comparison of compact colony-forming activity and paracoagulation activity of strains of Staphylococcus aureus in serum and plasmas of various animals. Medical Microbiology and Immunology 177(6): 323-331

Comparison of compensatory pituitary and testicular responses to hemicastration between prepubertal and mature rats. Journal of Andrology 12(2): 119-125

Comparison of competitive protein binding analysis and radioimmunoassay for the determination of cortisol in serum and urine. Clinical Biochemistry 10(3): 104-108

Comparison of complement fixation and Tzanck smear tests for the diagnosis of herpes labialis. Mikrobiyoloji Bulteni 20(2): 84-90

Comparison of complete amino acid sequences and receptor-binding properties among 13 serotypes of hemagglutinins of influenza A viruses. Virology 182(2): 475-485

Comparison of complexity and diversity of polyadenylated polysomal and informosomal messenger ribonucleic acid from Chinese hamster cells. Biochemistry 18(19): 4254-4261

Comparison of complications associated with single-holed and multi-holed extradural catheters. British Journal of Anaesthesia 64(2): 183-185

Comparison of complications during rehabilitation between conservative and early surgical management in thermal burns involving the feet of children and adolescents. Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation 9(1): 92-95

Comparison of complications following frontal sinus fractures managed with exploration with or without obliteration over 10 years. Laryngoscope 98(5): 516-520

Comparison of complications of total hip arthroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and osteoarthritis. Orthopedics 14(1): 55-57

Comparison of composite resins for filling. De; the Journal of Dental Engeering: 22-29

Comparison of compounds used for intradermal anesthesia. Anesthesiology 45(6): 687-689

Comparison of compression and torque measurements of self-tapping and pretapped screws. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 83(3): 447-458

Comparison of compressive strength of solid and hollow pontic designs for ceramometal fixed partial dentures. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 57(6): 693-696

Comparison of compressive strengths of six dental amalgam alloys. Journal - Mississippi Dental Association 31(1): 18-19

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