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Effect of alloxans on pancreatic B-cells with special regard to the alloxan-metal-complex theory. I. Effects of alloxan, alloxan-zinc chelates, dilauric acid and colchicine on blood sugar and rate of mitosis of B-cell Langerhans islets

, : Effect of alloxans on pancreatic B-cells with special regard to the alloxan-metal-complex theory. I. Effects of alloxan, alloxan-zinc chelates, dilauric acid and colchicine on blood sugar and rate of mitosis of B-cell Langerhans islets. Acta Histochemica 88(1): 29-46

Alloxan, alloxan-zinc-chelate, sodium salt of dialuric acid, and colchicine significantly raised the blood sugar level under the previously mentioned experimental conditions 28 h after the application. The typical three-phase blood sugar curve development after alloxan (initial hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, permanent hyperglycemia) was only approximately reached by dialuric acid which initiated, however, instead of the initial hyperglycemia a more pronounced hypoglycemic phase within the first 6 h. Alloxan-zinc-chelate protractedly and significantly made the blood sugar's increase up to the 7th d post injectionem, without being able to maintain a permanent hyperglycemia with half-normal dosage in comparison with alloxan. Non-diabetogenic alloxan doses (19 mg/kg i. v.) and the appropriate alloxan-zinc-chelate dosage (35 mg/kg) led to a significant increase of the blood sugar only in the chelate group with the long-term test up to 10 d, suggesting an increased and prolonged effect of the metal-chelates by stabilization of alloxan. The tested substances differently acted on the mitotic frequency of B-cells. The mitosis did not increase in the alloxan-zinc- and dialuric acid treated animals and was similar to normal animals far below the fractions of 1/10(6). A 4- and 5-fold increase of the mitotic frequency in the colchicine or alloxan treated animals as well as an accumulation of delayed metaphases suggest an impeded transition to the anaphase and include alloxan among the mitotic poisons.


PMID: 2113338

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