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Effects of [Met5]enkephalin on regional blood flow and vascular resistance in rabbits

, : Effects of [Met5]enkephalin on regional blood flow and vascular resistance in rabbits. European Journal of Pharmacology 137(1): 25-31

Methionine enkephalin [( Met5]enkephalin) has different cardiovascular effects, depending on species and routes of peptide administration. In anesthetized animals [Met5]enkephalin decreases blood pressure and heart rate. The site(s) and the mechanism of the hypotensive effects of the peptide are not known. The main purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that [Met5]enkephalin dilates specifically a certain vascular bed which may account for the hypotensive effect of the peptide. Anesthetized male rabbits were instrumented for the measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, electrocardiogram and renal nerve activity. Four different microspheres (15 microns) were infused into the left ventricle in 10-15 s in either saline or with [Met5]enkephalin (1 mg/kg). Upon completion of the last microsphere injection the animals were killed and 35 tissues samples were taken for the determination of blood flow. Blood flows to many organs such as brain, glandular and cardiac tissues were not altered significantly by [Met5]enkephalin. However, [Met5]enkephalin increased blood flow to skeletal muscular bed. The increase in muscle blood flow was antagonized by naloxone, a specific opioid antagonist. These results suggest that the hypotensive action of [Met5]enkephalin in anesthetized rabbit is in part due to its vasodilatory effect in skeletal muscle.


PMID: 3609133

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