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Effects of thyroxine treatment on the hepatic plasma membrane ATPase activity in rats

, : Effects of thyroxine treatment on the hepatic plasma membrane ATPase activity in rats. Journal of Environmental Pathology and Toxicology 2(6): 1235-1245

The effects of T4 and T3 upon ATPase activity of plasma membrane preparations produced by different methods has been studied. Media without Na+ or K+ was used to identify Mg++ activated ATPase, and media containing 100-120 mM Na+ and 20-30 mM K+ in addition to Mg++ was used to identify the augmented activity of Na-K ATPase. We also utilized media containing Na+, K+, and Mg++ in the presence and absence of ouabain to identify the Na+-K+ activation. We found no effect of doses of thyroxine in the physiologic range upon the Na+-K+ ATPase activity. A dose-response study indicated that high doses of T4 may stimulate Mg++ activated ATPase. In the P2 preparation of the Touster method we found minimally enhanced Na+-K+ ATPase activity. The quantity of T4 needed to cause such enhancement is approximately 50 times the physiologic replacement dose needed to restore thyroidectomized animals to a euthyroid state. We conclude that thyroid hormones do not stimulate Na+-K+ ATPase of plasma membranes when administered in a physiologic quantity, but may enhance Mg++ atpase activity when administered in a pharmacologic or toxic quantity.


PMID: 231081

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