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Human leukemias studied with monoclonal antibodies to erythroid cells

, : Human leukemias studied with monoclonal antibodies to erythroid cells. Eksperimental'naia Onkologiia 8(1): 27-28

Activity of monoclonal antibodies HAE3 and HAE9 specific for human erythroid cells to different leukemic cells is described. These monoclonals do not react with nonerythroid leukemic cells. HAE3 and HAE9 reactivities are similar to those of polyclonal monospecific antibodies against an antigen of erythroblasts--a surface antigenic marker of nucleated red cells and reticulocytes. Monoclonal antibodies HAE3 and HAE9 are proposed to be used in diagnosis of leukemias.


PMID: 3512238

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