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Improving the income support of the chronically mentally ill: a model program to address the needs of the ex-psychiatric patient

, : Improving the income support of the chronically mentally ill: a model program to address the needs of the ex-psychiatric patient. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Revue Canadienne de Psychiatrie 33(1): 3-6

Interest in developing support services for the long-term mentally ill has increased in recent years. One of the most important aspects of support essential to the basic community survival of the chronic patient is income maintenance. Unfortunately, support in this area has been declining for this population. The purpose of this paper is to briefly outline the decline in the overall well-being of patients who rely on social assistance, describe a model income maintenance program established in a provincial psychiatric hospital, and, to evaluate the program's success in alleviating the financial problems of the long-term mentally ill. The income maintenance program described has proven to be a successful method of improving the economic situation of the long-term mentally ill. In its first 30 months of operation, the income status of over 3,000 patients has been systematically reviewed and 77% of those eligible have been converted to higher social assistance rates. The conversion has resulted in a 30 to 40% increase in income for the patients involved. The program has also contributed to improved relations with hospital staff and social assistance offices.


PMID: 2834033

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