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Inhibition of cyclic AMP accumulation in intact NCB-20 cells as a direct result of elevation of cytosolic Ca2+

, : Inhibition of cyclic AMP accumulation in intact NCB-20 cells as a direct result of elevation of cytosolic Ca2+. Journal of Neurochemistry 59(5): 1630-1639

Earlier studies established that adenylyl cyclase in NCB-20 cell plasma membranes is inhibited by concentrations of Ca2+ that are achieved in intact cells. The present studies were undertaken to prove that agents such as bradykinin and ATP, which elevate the cytosolic Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) from internal stores in NCB-20 cells, could inhibit cyclic AMP (cAMP) accumulation as a result of their mobilization of [Ca2+]i and not by other mechanisms. Both bradykinin and ATP transiently inhibited [3H]cAMP accumulation in parallel with their transient mobilization of [Ca2+]i. The [Ca2+]i rise stimulated by bradykinin could be blocked by treatment with thapsigargin; this thapsigargin treatment precluded the inhibition of cAMP accumulation mediated by bradykinin (and ATP). A rapid rise in [Ca2+]i, as elicited by bradykinin, rather than the slow rise evoked by thapsigargin was required for inhibition of [3H]cAMP accumulation. Desensitization of protein kinase C did not modify the inhibitory action of bradykinin on [3H]cAMP. Effects of Ca2+ on phosphodiesterase were also excluded in the present studies. The accumulated data are consistent with the hypothesis that hormonal mobilization of [Ca2+]i leads directly to the inhibition of cAMP accumulation in these cells and presumably in other cells that express the Ca(2+)-inhibitable form of adenylyl cyclase.


PMID: 1328528

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