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Inhibition of development of Na(+)-dependent hexose transport in renal epithelial LLC-PK1 cells by differentiation-stimulating factor for myeloid leukemic cells/leukemia inhibitory factor

, : Inhibition of development of Na(+)-dependent hexose transport in renal epithelial LLC-PK1 cells by differentiation-stimulating factor for myeloid leukemic cells/leukemia inhibitory factor. Febs Letters 268(1): 261-264

Differentiation-stimulating factor (D-factor)/leukemia inhibitory factor is a cytokine inducing differentiation of mouse myeloid leukemic M1-T22 cells. The effect of recombinant human D-factor on growth and differentiation of pig kidney LLC-PK1 cells was examined. LLC-PK1 cells did not concentrate alpha-methylglucoside during their early growth in culture but developed the capacity to concentrate this hexose as they reached confluence and their growth rate decreased. Purified D-factor caused dose-dependent inhibition of the development of this concentrative capacity. It did not affect the growth rate of the cells, but inhibited the formation of multicellular domes in confluent cultures. LLC-PK1 cells were found to have high-affinity binding sites (831 per cell) for D-factor with a dissociation constant of 197 pM.


PMID: 1974521

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