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Intermolecular duplexes in heterogeneous nuclear RNA from HeLa cells

, : Intermolecular duplexes in heterogeneous nuclear RNA from HeLa cells. Cell 10(4): 597-610

Rapidly sedimenting hnRNA complexes contain regions of stable intermolecular duplex. Disruption of such complexes, as judged by a reduction in sedimentation rate, requires conditions sufficient to denature the duplex regions. Rapidly sedimenting molecules reappear only when the complementary sequences reanneal-that is, the formation of such complexes is dependent upon time and the concentration of homologous RNA. These experiments lead us to the conclusion that rapidly sedimenting hnRNA complexes consist of two or more largely single-stranded RNA molecules held together by short duplex regions. Precisely such structures have been visualized in the electron microscope. Rapidly sedimenting fractions of native nuclear RNA from preparative sucrose gradients consist primarily of large, multi-molecular complexes interconnected by duplex regions averaging 300 base pairs in length. Exposure of the RNA to severely denaturing conditions eliminates such complexes. Reannealing of the RNA reconstitutes complexes which are indistinguishable from those observed in preparations before denaturation.


PMID: 862021

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