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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 40507

Chapter 40507 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Iopanoate glucuronide: procedure for its iolation and purification and pharmacokinetics of its biliary excretion. Investigative Radiology 13(4): 347-355

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Iosif Abramovich Kassirskiĭ (on his 80th birthday. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 50(7): 153-154

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Iosif Adamovich Polishchuk. Vrachebnoe Delo: 117-118

Iosif Evseevich Kazakevich. Ortopediia Travmatologiia i Protezirovanie: 88-90

Iosif Fomich Pozhariskiĭ - a prominent Russian scientist and pathologist. Arkhiv Patologii 39(6): 80-84

Iosif Grigor'evich Fridliand. Gigiena Truda i Professional'nye Zabolevaniia: 60-61

Iosif Lavrent'evich Bregadze (on 75th anniversary of his birth). Khirurgiia: 112-113

Iosif Markovich Neĭman. Patologicheskaia Fiziologiia i Eksperimental'naia Terapiia: 88-89

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Iotrolan versus iopamidol for radiculography: a randomized double-blind study. British Journal of Radiology 61(721): 89-90

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Iowa Agricultural Health and Safety Service Project. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 18(4): 385-389

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Iowa breast and cervical cancer project. Iowa Medicine 82(12): 499-499

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Iowa nurses take legislative lead: Senator Tom Harkin's Nurse Advisory Committee. Journal of Emergency Nursing: Jen 18(5): 478-478

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Iowa physician manpower: disturbing trends. Iowa Medicine 77(6): 272-274

Iowa receives major grant for cochlear implant study. Iowa Medicine 75(12): 545-547

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Iowa senator champions the cause of rural America. Hospitals 52(2): 61-4, 66

Iowa swine-like influenza immunization plan. Journal of the Iowa Medical Society 66(6): 203-205

Iowa wrestling study: cross-validation of the Tcheng-Tipton minimal weight prediction formulas for high school wrestlers. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 20(3): 310-316

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Iowa's commitment law--its demographic and dispositional variables in Linn County. Journal of the Iowa Medical Society 69(11): 437-442

Iowa's economy in the coming decade. Iowa Medicine 80(1): 12-13

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Iowa's medical care scene. Journal of the Iowa Medical Society 67(11): 423-428

Iowa's swing beds bring big bucks. Hospitals 60(6): 105-105

Iowa: the victim state. Iowa Medicine 77(1): 37-40

Iowans in favor of liability reform. Iowa Medicine 76(2): 53-55

Ioxaglate versus diatrizoate in selective pulmonary angiography. I. Subjective reactions. Acta Radiologica: Diagnosis 26(4): 467-469

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Ip chemotherapy employing a regimen of cisplatin, cytarabine, and bleomycin. Cancer Treatment Reports 70(6): 755-760

Ipecac abuse--danger. Journal of American College Health 40(5): 237-238

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Ipecacuanha. Archives of Emergency Medicine 3(2): 151-152

Ipecacuanha asthma: more lessons. Thorax 46(6): 467-468

Iperalimentazione. A program to calculate hyperalimentation needs. International Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 1(4): 245-249

Iphosphamide-induced nephrotoxicity in children. Pediatric Nephrology 6(2): 162-165

Ipma annals from the 60th interstate postgraduate medical assembly. Postgraduate Medicine 59(6): 174-178

Ipomeamarone in blemished and diseased sweet potatoes (Ipomea batatas). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 25(1): 94-96

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Ipriflavone inhibits phosphoinositide hydrolysis and Ca2+ uptake in the osteoblast-like UMR-106 cells. European Journal of Pharmacology 226(3): 273-277

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Ipronidazole, ronidazole, and dimetridazole in feed for treatment and prevention of swine dysentery in swine after multiple exposure and in swine spontaneously infected with Salmonella choleraesuis. American Journal of Veterinary Research 38(10): 1461-1469

Iproplatin and carboplatin induced toxicities: overview of phase II clinical trial conducted by the EORTC Early Clinical Trials Cooperative Group (ECTG). European Journal of Cancer & Clinical Oncology 24(2): 255-262

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Iprove food product expertise. Veterinariia: 89-90

Ipsapirone and 1-(2-pyrimidinyl)-piperazine increase rat locus coeruleus noradrenergic activity. Brain Research Bulletin 24(1): 17-22

Ipsapirone: a novel anxiolytic and selective 5-HT1A receptor ligand. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research 361: 461-467

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Ipsilateral Coat's reaction in the eye of a child with en coup de sabre morphoea--a case report. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology 40(4): 115-116

Ipsilateral Horner's syndrome as a rare complication of tube thoracostomy. New England Journal of Medicine 313(2): 121-122

Ipsilateral acoustic reflex stimulation in normal and sensorineural impaired ears: a preliminary report. Canadian Journal of Otolaryngology 4(4): 695-703

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Ipsilateral and contralateral testicular blood flows during unilateral testicular torsion by 133Xe clearance technique. International Urology and Nephrology 24(5): 515-520

Ipsilateral and cross-over elongation of the motor nerve by nerve grafting: an experimental study in sheep. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 85(1): 77-89; Discussion 90-1

Ipsilateral antegrade femoral arteriography. Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 157(1): 199-199

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Ipsilateral axillary nerve palsy and corneal ulceration complicating severe measles. A case report. Central African Journal of Medicine 36(1): 23-24

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Ipsilateral carpal, metacarpal, and ankle fractures resulting from an attempted basketball slam-dunk. A case report. American Journal of Sports Medicine 16(5): 544-546

Ipsilateral cerebral hemiatrophy and precocious puberty produced by astrocytoma--a case report. No Shinkei Geka. Neurological Surgery 5(11): 1181-1187

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Ipsilateral subclavian to external carotid and STA-MCA bypasses for retinal ischemia. Surgical Neurology 9(1): 5-8

Ipsilateral symptomatology in left temporal lobe lesions. Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 32(3): 127-130

Ipsilateral synchronous ductal and colloid breast carcinomas with mammographic correlation. Australasian Radiology 36(4): 330-331

Ipsilateral ureteroureterostomy for single ureteral disease in patients with ureteral duplication: a review of 8 years of experience with 16 patients. Journal of Urology 119(4): 472-475

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Ipsilateral versus bilateral placement of a tactile vocoder display. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 77(3): 1266-1268

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