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Iron deficiency induces reversal of dopamine dependent circadian cycles: differential response to d-amphetamine and TRH

, : Iron deficiency induces reversal of dopamine dependent circadian cycles: differential response to d-amphetamine and TRH. Peptides 6(5): 851-855

Rats made nutritionally iron-deficient (ID) have significantly diminished haemoglobin, serum iron and hypothermic response to d-amphetamine (15 mg/kg). The reduction of d-amphetamine induced hypothermia is comparatively greater in the dark than in the light period. Neither TRH (1 mg/kg) nor CG 3703, a peptidase resistant TRH analogue (1 mg/kg), induced hypothermia in control of ID animals. However, in combination with d-amphetamine, TRH and CG 3703 did not alter the hypothermic effect observed initially with d-amphetamine. In contrast to control animals, ID rats treated with saline or d-amphetamine (15 mg/kg) exhibited a greater degree of motor activity in the light as compared to the dark period. However, the overall activity (light plus dark) was unchanged in the ID group. The motor activity in response to TRH or CG 3703 was not changed as a result of iron-deficiency. These differential responses may be due to a more pronounced action of d-amphetamine on dopaminergic system, which is known to be changed in iron-deficiency, and of TRH and CG 3703 on the noradrenergic neurones.


PMID: 3936024

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