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Multiple forms of 2-deoxy-D-glucoside-2-sulphamate sulphohydrolase from human placenta

, : Multiple forms of 2-deoxy-D-glucoside-2-sulphamate sulphohydrolase from human placenta. Biochemical Journal 181(3): 677-684

2-Deoxyglucoside-2-sulphamate sulphohydrolase was purified about 10 000-fold from the soluble extract of human placenta by using as substrate [N-sulpho-35S]heparin. Differently charged enzyme forms were observed on chromatography on DEAE-cellulose, all of which had an apparent mol.wt. of 110 000 as determined by gel filtration. By using immobilized heparan sulphate as affinity matrix the sulphamate sulphohydrolase could be separated into two forms, a minor one with low and a major one with high affinity for the adsorbent. When tested with [N-sulpho-35S]heparan sulphate the low-affinity form had a Km of 0.2 mM, and the high-affinity form a Km of 0.03 mM. Both forms exhibited the same Km of 10 microM towards [N-sulpho-35S]heparin and were equally well adsorbed to immobilized heparin. The two forms could be distinguished by their pH-optima and by the influence of KCl on heparan sulphate sulphohydrolase activity.


PMID: 518547

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