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Polyamines in liver and their influence on chromatin condensation after 17-beta estradiol treatment of Atlantic salmon

, : Polyamines in liver and their influence on chromatin condensation after 17-beta estradiol treatment of Atlantic salmon. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 109(1): 17-24

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) were treated with 17-beta estradiol to induce vitellogenin synthesis in liver. This led to an increase in liver wet weight and total DNA. After incubation with micrococcal nuclease (EC less soluble chromatin was obtained from nuclei of the estradiol treated than the control fish, but active gene regions were solubilized by the nuclease. Thus, in the estradiol treated fish soluble mononucleosomes contained hybridizable vitellogenin gene sequences. As a result of estradiol treatment the content in total liver of putrescine rose 3-fold, that of spermidine 2-fold, while spermine was unchanged. In muscle no significant changes were observed. The regulatory functions of polyamines during gene expression were investigated by binding (14C)spermine to isolated liver nuclei depleted of endogenous polyamines. The number of binding sites was higher in nuclei of estradiol treated than control fish. (14C)spermine associated preferentially with micrococcal nuclease insensitive chromatin. Thus, the high content of putrescine and spermidine in liver supported the view of polyamine accumulation in proliferating tissues. The preferential binding to condensed chromatin indicated a stabilizing effect of polyamines on the organization of inactive chromatin structures.


PMID: 1614418

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