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Postnatal patterns of brain lipids in progeny of vitamin B-6 deficient rats before and after pyridoxine supplementation

, : Postnatal patterns of brain lipids in progeny of vitamin B-6 deficient rats before and after pyridoxine supplementation. Journal of Nutrition 106(10): 1404-1414

The influence of deficient and adequate maternal intakes of pyridoxine on lipid profiles in brains of progeny at 5, 10, 15, 25 and 50 days of age was studied. The effects of supplementing deficient dams at two different times with pyridoxine on the brain development of progeny were also examined. Three groups of weanling, female rats were fed diets deficient in pyridoxine (1.2 mg pyridoxine-HC1/kg diet) and another group received a control diet (30.0 mg pyridoxine-HC1/kg diet). One deficient group and the control group were fed their diets throughout growth, gestation and lactation. Two groups of dams were fed the deficient diet through growth, gestation and until 5 or 10 days postpartum when pyridoxine was supplemented by feeding the control diet. Body and brain weights were significantly lower in 15, 25 and 50 day-old progeny of deficient dams and deficient dams supplemented at 10 days postpartum. Cerebroside content at 15 days and ganglioside content at 15 and 25 days were significantly lower in brains of pups from unsupplemented deficient dams and deficient dams supplemented at 10 days postpartum. The postnatal development of cerebroside and ganglioside levels in brain was delayed or retarded in brain of pups from unsupplemented deficient dams. Supplementation of dams fed a low level of pyridoxine (1.2 mg/kg diet) with the vitamin beginning at 5 days postpartum reversed all observed effects of the low vitamin intake on brain lipids in progeny.


PMID: 966066

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