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Resonance Raman studies of dioxygen and carbon monoxide binding to imidazole-appended hemes

, : Resonance Raman studies of dioxygen and carbon monoxide binding to imidazole-appended hemes. Biophysical Journal 51(2): 283-287

Resonance Raman spectroscopy has been employed to probe the effects of proximal base strain on the bonding of O2 and CO in three synthetic hemins with covalently linked imidazole ligands. The strain is introduced by varying the length of the imidazole-containing side chain and by restricting the side chain flexibility with a phenyl ring. These hemins are abbreviated as "long," "short," and "stiff" hemins, respectively. In the deoxy state, the iron-imidazole stretching frequencies [nu(Fe--N epsilon)] for long, short, and stiff hemins are detected at 200, 207, and 204 cm-1, respectively. The strain induced in the iron-imidazole bond by the short hemin results in a higher nu(Fe--N epsilon) frequency, in contrast to the strain induced by sterically hindered 2-methylimidazole or 1,2-dimethylimidazole complexes in which the Fe--N epsilon bond is tilted and lengthened, but the imidazole ring remains perpendicular to the heme plane. However, in the short hemin, the plane of the imidazole ring may not be perpendicular to the plane of the porphyrin, altering the amount of pi-interaction (hence the strength of Fe--N epsilon bond) and the nature of normal mode containing Fe--N epsilon bond stretching. Upon CO binding, we have observed the nu(Fe--CO) stretching frequencies at 497 (long), 499 (short), and 496 cm-1 (stiff), somewhat lower than those reported by Mitchell et al. (Inorg. Chem., 1985, 24:967) for the chelated-heme X CO complexes (i.e., 501-506 cm-1). This is the first report of an iron-oxygen-associated vibration observed in solution for an unprotected heme. The oxy complexes were formed by introducing dioxygen to the deoxy complexes at -700C. The isotope-sensitive line was detected at 576 cm- (1602) in oxy stiff hemin, which was shifted to 545 cm-1 upon 1802 substitution. This is perhaps the largest isotope shift (31 cm-') observed to date, compared with the usual 22-24 cm-'.For the long and short hemins, the iron-oxygen-associated vibration was detected at 574 and 573 cm-', respectively.These values are very similar to those observed(N-methylimidazole) and myoglobin/hemoglobin.


PMID: 3828461

DOI: 10.1016/S0006-3495(87)83334-9

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