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The effect of hemodilution on regional myocardial function in the presence of coronary stenosis

, : The effect of hemodilution on regional myocardial function in the presence of coronary stenosis. Basic Research in Cardiology 72(4): 344-364

Hemodilution decreases blood viscosity and circulatory input impedance and thus reduces afterload. Its use in treatment of LV power failure has been advocated, but the safe limits of isovolemic hemodilution are not known. Compensation of the reduced O2-capacity of the blood was therefore studied with normal and impaired coronary reserve. In 20 dogs the LAD was stenosed to a degree just not affecting the supplied region and central and coronary hemodynamics were studied. Regional myocardial function was assessed by ultrasound transit time between transducers implanted in the LV wall. Lowering the hematocrit to 15% by isovolumic exchange of blood for Dextran 60 increased CVP (18%), PAP (47%), LAP (64%), LVedP (46%), CO (67%), and flow to the intact area (LCA: 211%). Flow in the stenosed LAD increased slightly. Enddiastolic length (EDL) of LAD dependent muscle segments rose to 120% and their contraction amplitude deltaL was decreased by 46%. Whereas non-ischemic segments showed compensatory rise in deltaL (38%) at almost constant EDL (+9%). After release of the LAD stenosis EDL and deltaL returned to normal. During progressive anemia myocardial O2-demand is not adequately met if coronary reserve capacity is depleted. Reversion of hypokinesia after removal of the stenosis shows unimpaired myocardial function at a hematocrit as low as 15% provided the coronary circulation is intact.


PMID: 901378

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