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The effect of hepatic ischaemia on liver function and the restoration of liver mass after 70 per cent partial hepatectomy in the dog

, : The effect of hepatic ischaemia on liver function and the restoration of liver mass after 70 per cent partial hepatectomy in the dog. British Journal of Surgery 62(6): 431-437

Partial hepatectomy was performed in dogs either as the only procedure or following a period of ischaemia of liver remnant produced by inflow occlusion for periods of 30-60 minutes before partial hepatectomy. Temporary portal decompression was maintained through the portion of liver subsequently excised. 1. Survival in dogs subjected to partial hepatectomy and ischaemia to the liver remnant was similar to that in animals after partial hepatectomy alone. 2. Metabolic changes were similar in both groups but dogs submitted to partial hepatectomy and ischaemia to the remnant had higher serum alkaline phosphatase and alanine amino-transferase levels with increased bromsulphthalein in the fourth to sixth post-operative weeks. 3. Replacement of liver mass proceeded rapidly in all groups of animals. It is concluded that ischaemia of the liver remnant for up to 60 minutes preceding partial hepatectomy in the dog is consistent with survival and produced little change in postoperative liver function or in the rate of restoration of liver mass.


PMID: 1148643

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