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The role of the macula densa in renin release: studies by microperfusion

, : The role of the macula densa in renin release: studies by microperfusion. Journal of Hypertension. Supplement 4(6): S424-S427

The role of the macula densa in control of renin release and in mediation of tubulo-glomerular feedback was investigated following orthograde microperfusion in Munich Wistar rats. Tubules of surface glomeruli were perfused, drip-fixed with glutaraldehyde and biopsy cores taken containing perfused and non-perfused glomeruli. Serial sections were examined by light and electron microscopy. In some animals dilated basolateral spaces were observed between cells in control maculae densa but no spaces were found following microperfusion with hypertonic NaCl, isotonic mannitol or hypotonic NaCl containing 1 mg/l frusemide. In other animals no spaces were found in control cores, and perfusion with the above solutions had no effect. However, in such animals, tubules perfused with hypotonic NaCl (71 mmol/kg H2O) had prominent basolateral spaces in their maculae densa. The presence of dilated basolateral intercellular spaces is generally associated with osmotically driven water flow. The extent of dilatation of such spaces in the macula densa is correlated with transepithelial osmotic or ionic gradients and may indicate activity of these cells in the recognition of distal tubular fluid composition.


PMID: 3302152

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