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Value of transduodenoscopic wirsungography in the diagnosis of pancreatic pseudocysts

, : Value of transduodenoscopic wirsungography in the diagnosis of pancreatic pseudocysts. Chirurgia Italiana 29(3): 231-249

The radiographic pictures obtained by endoscopic wirsungraphy in a group of 24 patients suffering from pancreatic pseudocysts and subsequently examined intraoperatively by wirsungraphy and cystography are analysed and commented. Pre-operative endoscopic visualisation of the lesion was obtained in 70% of the cases. In 55% of the cases there were co-existing alterations of calibre and trend of the main pancreatic duct, chiefly attributable to chronic basic pancreatitis and to a very small extent to the pseudocystic lesion. The following are discussed: a) the diagnostic value of the endoscopic procedure, which reaches absolute values in the direct visualisation of the sac, with a power of resolution that is difficult to reach with other methods; b) the probable prognostic significance with reference to the not absolutely precluded possibilities of spontaneous regression; c) the notable usefulness of the procedure, combined with intra-operative wirsungraphy and cystography, for anatomo-topographical definition of the lesion and its relations with the ductal system, indispensable for a correct formulation of the surgical tactic.


PMID: 923002

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