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tRNA anticodon replacement experiments show that ribosomal frameshifting can be caused by doublet decoding

, : tRNA anticodon replacement experiments show that ribosomal frameshifting can be caused by doublet decoding. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 83(14): 5062-5066

The expression of certain normal genes requires a specific ribosomal frameshift event because the mRNA has the coding information for one protein in two different reading frames. One of several possible mechanisms for this involves recognition of a nontriplet codon by a noncognate tRNA. The AGUC-decoding Escherichia coli tRNASer3 reads a GCA alanine codon to cause a -1 frameshift. Replacement of the anticodon of tRNAPhe with the anticodon of tRNASer3 allows the constructed tRNA to cause this frameshifting. By altering the anticodon loop nucleotides at positions 33-36 in the constructed tRNAPhe molecules, the tRNA was found to recognize a 2-base codon. Instead of the usual anticodon, positions 34-36, the nucleotides in positions 34 and 35 form essential base pairs with the first two positions of the alanine codon. The uridine in position 36 is also required but not for base pairing.


PMID: 2425361

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