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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42008

Chapter 42008 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

"Yes--it is a drug". Die Medizinische Welt 33(51-52): 3-3

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"Your Family Doctor" celebrates 20 years on TV. Maryland State Medical Journal 18(2): 85-88

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"Zespol"--a new type of osteosynthesis. II. Indications, instruments and surgical technics. Chirurgia Narzadow Ruchu i Ortopedia Polska 49(4): 307-311

"Zespol"--a new type of osteosynthesis. III. Results of treatment. Chirurgia Narzadow Ruchu i Ortopedia Polska 49(4): 313-318

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$1.2 million in R.N. post-op negligence. Case in point: Variety Childrens Hosp. Inc. v. Perkins et al (382 So. 2d 331-FLA.). Regan Report on Nursing Law 21(3): 4-4

$15 million study launched to improve HIV-AIDs care. Public Health Reports 110(2): 226-226

$38 billion--up in smoke. American Family Physician 28(5): 97-98

%VO2max versus %HRmax regressions for six modes of exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 27(3): 458-461

&[World relationship and speech form in the pathology of children's speech. Der Nervenarzt 39(11): 489-497

&hysicians shape Alabama history. Journal of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama 37(6): 645 Passim-645 Passim

'... Drawers of teeth and hewers of jaw-bones...'. British Dental Journal 120(12): 569-573

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'Alternate channel' approaches seek to limit myocardial damage. JAMA 251(19): 2489-2491

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'Amoebic granuloma of the lung' detected in a patient of pleuropulmonary amoebiasis. Journal of the Association of Physicians of India 31(10): 674-676

'An arte to make the dumbe to speake, the deafe to heare': a seventeenth-century goal. Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 26(2): 123-149

'An examined and free apothecary'. Clio Medica 30: 16-36

'An honest broker' for fine-tuning Medicare. Hospitals 58(19): 102-105

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'As if none understood the art that cannot understand Greek': the education of midwives in seventeenth-century England. Clio Medica 30: 184-198

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'Ask' and 'tell' revisited: a reply to Warden. Journal of Child Language 9(3): 667-678

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'Attached cell' antigen 28.3.7 mapping to human chromosome 15 characterises TPA-induced differentiation of the promyelocytic HL-60 cell line to give macrophage/monocyte populations. Embo Journal 2(11): 2007-2012

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'Back to the origins': Erwin Straus--philosopher of medicine, philosopher in medicine. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 9(1): 1-5,113-20

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'Bis'-fibrinogenaemia. Scandinavian Journal of Haematology 26(1): 37-40

'Black lung' takes toll in suffering, not death. JAMA 247(17): 2332-2332

'Blood Pressure Month' brings recommendations. JAMA 251(17): 2193-2193

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