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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42009

Chapter 42009 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

'The motion of the spine and the related electromyogram of the patient suffering from lumbago'. Electromyography 8(2): 185-186

'The nature, substance and quality demanded'. Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 62(2): 142-145

'The new psychiatry' must account for its results. Lakartidningen 67(2): 102-103

'The nurse acting as surgeon's assistant'. British Journal of Theatre Nursing 4(12): 1-1

'The pen is mightier than the sword': some dangers of script writing. A report of the Commission on Physician Impairment. Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association 74(7): 428-429

'The pill' as center of attention?. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 139(28): 1457-1458

'The professionals provide practical care and sympathy; ileostomy association visitors provide empathy.' here we look at their work and how they are trained for it. All in the same boat. Nursing Times 76(36): 1574-1574

'The results of treatment': the horns of our dilemma. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 24(4): 417-418

'The singing hospital'--integrated group therapy in the Black mentally ill. South African Medical Journal 63(23): 897-899

'The spark within.'. Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association 75(1): 22-24

'The vital rubber'. Random thoughts on arterial disease. Scottish Medical Journal 15(1): 8-18

'The voice of the intellect is a soft one'. A review of the writings of Anna Freud, volume IV, 1945-1956. International Journal of Psycho-Analysis 53(3): 403-417

'The wheel within a wheel': meningococcal trends. JAMA 244(19): 2200-2201

'The working mother'. A look at the new legislation in Sudan. Occupational Health; A Journal for Occupational Health Nurses 22(6): 169-171

'The worst of all possible worlds.'. Lamp 38(2): 33-35

'There is a woman that wants a baby'. Nursing Mirror 157(18): Suppl Xi-Xii

'There is no armour against fate'. PhysioTherapy 59(3): 72-74

'There's a lot we physicians can do' to thwart health care intrusions--Doctor Annis. Michigan Medicine 79(20): 385-385

'There's a man on my bed'. Nursing Times 66(39): 1217-1217

'These are modern times': infant feeding practice in Peninsular Malaysia. Social Science & Medicine 18(1): 47-57

'They are not proper doctors, are they?'. Anaesthesia 50(6): 577-577

'They know best': women's perceptions of midwifery care during labour and childbirth. Midwifery 10(3): 157-164

'They never tell you anything'. Nursing Times 67(18): 551-551

'Think microleakage' for better prevention. Dental Survey 48(9): 42-43

'Thinning' of the neural rim of the optic nerve-head. An altered state, providing a new ophthalmoscopic sign associated with characteristics of glaucoma. Transactions of the Ophthalmological Societies of the United Kingdom 93(0): 213-242

'Third drug' trial. British Medical Journal 288(6422): 1008-1009

'This living hand'. Medical History 16(1): 1-10

'Thrown in at the deep end.'. Nursing Times 78(10): 404-405

'Thunder': shock waves in pre-biological organic synthesis. Space Life Sciences 3(3): 254-259

'Til death do us part: a case of failed affection. Cardiovascular Research 30(1): 27-30

'Time-and-motion' tend to stand still when the setting is idyllic. Dental Survey 50(7): 62-63

'Time-scribe': a universal time writer for any EEG/polygraph chart recorder. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 57(4): 388-391

'Timely' completion of medical records defined. Hospitals 58(22): 114-116

'Tis pity she's a whore. (John Ford 1586-1639). Health Visitor 45(1): 9-9

'Tis the season. Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey 80(5): 329-330

'Tis the season to do folly: horrendous holiday horticultural happenings. North Carolina Medical Journal 45(12): 791-793

'Tis with us perpetual night'. Nursing Times 66(53): 1690-1691

'To be dissected and anatomized'. Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 36(4): 490-492

'To bead or not to bead?'. Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 40(4): 237-239

'To call it work somehow demeans it': the social construction of talk in the care of terminally ill patients. Journal of Advanced Nursing 22(3): 556-561

'To live ... and serve the future hour'. Retirement of Professor John Rendle-Short. Australian Paediatric Journal 20(3): 175-176

'To mend the heart': ethics & high technology. 1. Coronary artery bypass surgery. Hastings Center Report 12(1): 13-18

'To mend the heart': ethics & high technology. 2. Heart transplants. Hastings Center Report 12(1): 18-21

'To mend the heart': ethics & high technology. 3. The artificial heart. Hastings Center Report 12(1): 22-24

'To place the unplaceable'. Journal of Rehabilitation 37(6): 22-23

'To record his voice': two memorials to surgeon Walter Scott (1787-1854), first surgeon of northern Australia. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery 65(6): 442-448

'Today I counted'. Arizona Nurse 25(2): 11-11

'Toddler's fracture'? A recognised entity. Archives of Disease in Childhood 72(4): 376-376

'Tonic', 'fuel' and 'food': social and symbolic aspects of the long-term use of psychotropic drugs. Social Science & Medicine. Part B, Medical Anthropology 15(4): 521-533

'Top and tail endoscopy' and follow-up in Peutz-Jeghers syndrome. Endoscopy 14(3): 82-84

'Transdermal' may travel to other drugs. JAMA 250(2): 147, 151-3

'Transfer trauma' & the right to a hearing. Hastings Center Report 10(6): 23-24

'Transference' 'symptom emergence' and 'social repercussion' in behaviour therapy. A study of fifty-four treated patients. British Journal of Medical Psychology 39(3): 179-196

'Tricks' of trade aid kidney transplants. JAMA 249(17): 2288-2290

'Triple tetracycline' in the treatment of non-gonococcal urethritis in males. British Journal of Venereal Diseases 48(2): 137-140

'True' genotype of chimeric twins revealed by blood-group gene products in plasma. Vox Sanguinis 27(5): 395-402

'True' sarcomatoid carcinoma of the renal pelvis. First case report with immunocytochemical study. European Urology 10(5): 350-355

'Turning nurses on' to automation. Hospitals 46(9): 80-86

'Twas the night before Christmas'. Nursing Times 79(50): 67-69

'Twin' psoriasis in monozygotic twins. Archives of Dermatology 120(11): 1418-1419

'Twisted plywood' structure and mineralization in the scales of a primitive living fish Amia calva. Tissue & Cell 13(1): 165-171

'Two hats can be hard to wear'. Australian Family Physician 22(10): 1832-1834

'Type 2 response' in 21-hydrocylase deficiency. Clinical Endocrinology 12(3): 317-317

'Type A' personalities in men 'mellowed' by beta blockers. JAMA 247(20): 2759-2760

'Typhoid hepatitis' or typhoid fever and acute viral hepatitis. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 88(4): 437-438

'U' wave in health and disease. Indian Heart Journal 32(6): 335-338

'U'-cell culture--a new technique. Archives of Disease in Childhood 49(1): 74-74

'Ulcera cruris' as a rare manifestation of sarcoidosis. Dermatologica 149(1): 55-62

'Ultrashort' feedback control of follicle-stimulating hormone-releasing factor secretion. Neuroendocrinology 7(4): 227-235

'Umbrella' program for equipment maintenance proves cost-effective. Hospitals 55(13): 77-79

'Uncle George' resurrected. JAMA 250(19): 2609-2609

'Unicorn' among rats exposed to mycotoxins from Fusarium. Toxicology Letters 16(3-4): 211-215

'Universality of mental illness' revisited: assumptions, artefacts and new directions. British Journal of Psychiatry 165(4): 437-440

'Unlearning' has a stabilizing effect in collective memories. Nature 304(5922): 158-159

'Unseen' on-call workload of a general surgical team. Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 77(4 Suppl): 189-190

'Up agen middle class morality'. Hastings Center Report 13(1): 13-14

'Upper' A-V nodal parasystole. Cardiologia 53(6): 365-374

'Urban cowboy' myoglobinuria. JAMA 245(12): 1216-1216

'Us' and 'them' at work. Nursing Mirror 158(10): 9-9

'Utilization behaviour' and its relation to lesions of the frontal lobes. Brain 106: 237-255

'V' arthrodesis of the hip. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 60(3): 277-279

'Vacuolation' and 'glycogenation' not synonymous. Histopathology 9(11): 1246-1247

'Vallergan' (trimeprazine tartrate) as premedicant for intravenous anaesthesia in dogs with 'intraval sodium' (thiopentone). Indian Veterinary Journal 42(11): 864-870

'Vampire syndrome': serum protein and lipid abnormalities related to frequent sale of plasma. Journal of Family Practice 40(3): 288-290

'Vaperm' patient-support system: a new general purpose hospital mattress. Lancet 2(8308): 1150-1152

'Variant' angina: evidence for small vessel coronary artery spasm?. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine 5(6): 529-533

'Vexierversuch' revisited: a reexamination of Goldiamond and Hawkin's experiment. American Journal of Psychology 86(4): 707-715

'Viable' tumor cells in posttherapy biopsy specimens. A potential application of human tumor clonogenic cell culture. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 107(2): 81-83

'Video, health education and the General Practitioner Contract'. Health Bulletin 53(5): 326-333

'Viractin'. Nature 215(5103): 893-893

'Voices of concern'-a study of verbal communication about patients in a psychiatric day unit. Journal of Advanced Nursing 6(5): 355-362

'Wages and conditions freeze--the implications for NSW nurses'. Lamp 40(1): 5-6

'Waking activity': the neglected state of infancy. Brain Research 256(4): 395-400

'Walking' epidurals in labour. Anaesthesia 50(10): 839-840

'Wasted', a new mutant of the mouse with abnormalities characteristic to ataxia telangiectasia. Nature 297(5865): 402-404

'Watch with me'. Nursing Times 61(48): 1615-1617

'Watch your words'--the name of their game. Dental Economics - Oral Hygiene 64(3): 70 Passim-70 Passim

'Watermelon stomach': an obscure source of bleeding. American Family Physician 51(8): 1821-2, 1825

'Wavy-fused' mutants in the Medaka, Oryzias latipes. Nature 211(5051): 866-867

'We didn't want him to die on his own'--nurses' accounts of nursing dying patients. Journal of Advanced Nursing 9(1): 59-70

'We have no dying patients'. Nursing Outlook 22(10): 651-653

'We must work with the people, not for them'. Nursing Times 77(30): 1282-1283

'Weaning without sugar'. British Dental Journal 157(10): 342-342

'Wednesday's children': a review of child abuse. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 75(2): 83-88

'Weight loss on low and high-carbohydrate diets'. International Journal of Obesity 4(3): 268-270

'Well woman' clinic. Royal Society of Health Journal 93(3): 137-139

'What do you actually do'? Problems in communicating about analytical techniques. Journal of Analytical Psychology 15(1): 13-22

'What do you mean by depression?'--a study of the relationship between antidepressive activity and personal concepts of depression. Behaviour Research and Therapy 21(1): 43-50

'What have I done wrong now'?. Nursing Mirror 159(21): 11-11

'What hope can I have'?. Nursing Times 67(41): 1290-1290

'What says meow?'. The role of context and linguistic experience in very young children's responses to what-questions. Journal of Child Language 10(2): 321-335

'When we talk about standards, we're considered a profession. When we talk about money, we're not.'. Nursing Times 78(12): 480-481

'Wherever the need...' The voluntary help scheme at St. Thomas's Hospital. Nursing Times 62(8): 253-256

'Why not fit the job to the nurse'?. Rn 45(5): 27-30

'Why won't medicaid let me keep my nest egg?'. Hastings Center Report 13(2): 23-25

'Will visiting hours even end?'. Rn 44(4): 50-51

'Will you help us with our research?'. Archives of Disease in Childhood 72(6): 541-542

'Window into eternity': archetype and relativity. Journal of Analytical Psychology 18(1): 11-24

'Wipex' labpac disinfection system. Journal of Hospital Infection 3(2): 205-206

'Work, finish, and publish' the chemistry of Michael Faraday 1791-1867. Chemistry in Britain 3(11): 482-486

'Would you put the slides through this evening'?. British Dental Journal 136(1): 33-34

'Y' connector system for prevention of peritonitis in CAPD: a controlled study. Proceedings of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association. European Dialysis and Transplant Association 20: 223-229

'Yellow lens' eyes of a stomiatoid deep-sea fish, Malacosteus niger. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences 215(1201): 481-489

'You and bone marrow transplant'. Radiography 50(594): 288-289

'You may think I'm too old, but can't you treat my cancer?'. Rhode Island Medicine 78(5): 143-144

'You mustn't confuse the child with his illness'. Nursing Times 67(52): 1620-1623

'You promised me I wouldn't die like this!' A bad death as a medical emergency. Archives of Internal Medicine 155(12): 1250-1254

'You were wrong!'. Radiologic Technology 66(6): 383-384

'You're lucky to have a job'. Nursing Times 80(3): 11-12

'You're not rude, you're an angel'. American Journal of Nursing 95(3): 80-80

'Your x-ray shows a shadow. Nursing Times 76(2): 86-87

'Z-RNA'--a left-handed RNA double helix. Nature 311(5986): 584-586

'ZSTATS'--a statistical analysis for potential Z-DNA sequences. Nucleic Acids Research 12(1 Pt 2): 825-832

'Zap axotomy': localized fluorescent excitation of single dye-filled neurons induces growth by selective axotomy. Brain Research 270(1): 93-101

'a.S.M.E. British Journal of Medical Education 1(1): 2-6

'alpha'Aminoisobutyric acid transport in the amphibian crystalline lens. Experimental Eye Research 34(1): 49-56

'gamma-MSH' fragments from ACTH-beta-LPH precursor have an affinity for opiate receptors. European Journal of Pharmacology 64(2-3): 161-164

'i" Must be dotted. Pielegniarka i Polozna: 13-14

'non-b', Antigenic determinant of IgG. Vox Sanguinis 22(3): 193-199

'r.T.A'. International Nursing Review 13(5): 36-42

( )-6,6-Difluoronorgestrel, a new synthetic hormonal steroid. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 15(4): 360-363

( 131 I)Triiodothyronine transport into rat cerebral cortex slices. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 14(1): 107-117

( 3 H) Ouabain binding to a hydrophobic protein from electroplax membranes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 290(1): 419-423

( 3 H)Vincristine. Preparation and preliminary pharmacology. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 15(9): 894-898

( 3 H)lysergic acid diethylamide: cellular autoradiographic localization in rat brain. Science 173(4001): 1022-1024

( 3 H)metyrapol as a tool for studies of interactions of deoxycorticosterone with adrenal cortex mitochondria. Febs Letters 26(1): 193-196

( 6 N)methyl adenine in the nuclear DNA of a eucaryote, Tetrahymena pyriformis. Journal of Cell Biology 56(3): 697-701

(+)- and (-)-3-PPP exhibit different intrinsic activity at striatal dopamine autoreceptors controlling dopamine synthesis. European Journal of Pharmacology 106(1): 185-189

(+)-(5R)-methyl-4-oxo-octane-1,8-dioic acid, microbiological degradation product from rings C and D of cholic acid. Biochemical Journal 112(1): 127-128

(+)-4-Dimethylamino-2,alpha-dimethylphenethylamine (FLA 336(+)), a selective inhibitor of the A form of monoamine oxidase in the rat brain. Biochemical Pharmacology 31(7): 1401-1406

(+)-6-fluorotryptophan, an inhibitor of tryptophan hydroxylase: sleep and wakefulness in the rat. Neuropharmacology 20(4): 335-339

(+)-Amphetamine binding to rat hypothalamus: relation to anorexic potency for phenylethylamines. Science 218(4571): 487-490

(+)-Amphetamine oral 'drug taking behavior' in naive and tolerant rats. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 13(2): 177-189

(+)-Catechin inhibits the invasion of malignant fibrosarcoma cells into chick heart in vitro. Clinical & Experimental Metastasis 2(2): 161-170

(+)-Cyanidanol-3 changes functional properties of collagen. Biochemical Pharmacology 31(22): 3581-3589

(+)-Cyanidanol-3 for alcoholic liver disease: results of a six-month clinical trial. Alcohol and Alcoholism 19(1): 23-29

(+)-Cyanidanol-3 in acute viral hepatitis. Lancet 2(8208-8209): 1379-1380

(+)-Cyanidanol-3 in the treatment of acute viral hepatitis in childhood. Minerva Pediatrica 32(10): 711-724

(+)-Cyanidanol-3 in the treatment of acute viral hepatitis: a randomized controlled trial. Hepatology 4(2): 331-335

(+)-Cyanidanol-3 induced fever. Medicina Clinica 81(17): 784-784

(+)-Homoberbines, a new class of heterocyclic compounds. Experientia 24(8): 766-766

(+)-Oxaprotiline but not (-)-oxaprotiline given chronically potentiates the aggressive behaviour induced by clonidine. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 35(3): 180-181

(+)-Reticuline--a new opium alkaloid. Tetrahedron Letters: 1271-1274

(+)-Tubocurarine blocks the Ca2+-dependent K+-channel of the bullfrog sympathetic ganglion cell. Brain Research 301(1): 146-148

(+)-abscisin II dormin) in the ether extract of Pisums prossen. Die Naturwissenschaften 54(1): 23-24

(+)-cis-4,5,7a,8,9,10,11,11a-octahydro-7H-10-methylindolo[1,7- bc][2,6]-naphthyridine: a 5-HT2C/2B receptor antagonist with low 5-HT2A receptor affinity. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 38(1): 28-33

(+)-cis-N-(para-, meta-, and ortho-substituted benzyl)-N-normetazocines: synthesis and binding affinity at the [3H]-(+)-pentazocine-labeled (sigma 1) site and quantitative structure-affinity relationship studies. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 38(3): 565-569

(+)-cyanidanol-3. Lancet 1(8271): 549-549

(+/-) CPP, an NMDA receptor antagonist, blocks the induction of commissural-CA3 LTP in the anesthetized rat. Brain Research 656(1): 215-219

(+/-)-(N-alkylamino)benzazepine analogs: novel dopamine D1 receptor antagonists. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 38(21): 4284-4293

(+/-)-(Z)-2-(aminomethyl)-1-phenylcyclopropanecarboxamide derivatives as a new prototype of NMDA receptor antagonists. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 38(15): 2964-2968

(+/-)-1-(Adamantan-2-yl)-2-propanamine and other amines derived from 2-adamantanone. Il Farmaco; Edizione Scientifica 35(5): 430-440

(+/-)-2-Depentylperhydrohistrionicotoxin: a new probe for a regulatory site on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-channel. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 25(8): 919-925

(+/-)-3-(4-Amino-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidin-1-yl)-5-(hydroxymethyl)- (1 alpha,2 alpha,3 beta,5 beta)-1,2-cyclopentanediol, the carbocyclic analogue of tubercidin. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 27(4): 534-536

(+/-)-4-Aryl-4,5-dihydro-3H-1,3-benzodiazepines. 1. Synthesis and evaluation of (+/-)-4,5-dihydro-2,3-dimethyl-4-phenyl-3H-1,3-benzodiazepine and analogues as potential antidepressant agents. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 25(4): 340-346

(+/-)-4-Aryl-4,5-dihydro-3H-1,3-benzodiazepines. 2. Nuclear-substituted analogues of (+/-)-4,5-dihydro-2,3-dimethyl-4-phenyl-3H-1,3-benzodiazepine and (+/-)-4,5-dihydro-2-ethyl-3-methyl-4-phenyl-3H-1,3-benzodiazepine as potential antidepressant agents. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 25(4): 346-351

(+/-)-4-Aryl-4,5-dihydro-3H-1,3-benzodiazepines. 3. 2-Phenyl and 2-amino analogues as potential antihypertensive agents. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 27(3): 401-404

(+/-)-cis-2-acetoxycyclobutyltrimethylammonium iodide: a semirigid analogue of acetylcholine. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 25(9): 1091-1094

(+/-)-trans-2-(Aminomethyl)cyclobutanecarboxylic acid hydrochloride: a rigid analogue of gamma-aminobutyric acid. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 23(10): 1142-1144

(+/-)2,3-Dihydroxypropyl dichloroacetate, an inhibitor of glycerol kinase. Cancer Biochemistry Biophysics 7(3): 253-259

(+/-)[125Iodo] cyanopindolol, a new ligand for beta-adrenoceptors: identification and quantitation of subclasses of beta-adrenoceptors in guinea pig. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 317(4): 277-285

(-) Delta 9 THC as an hypnotic. An experimental study of three dose levels. Psychopharmacologia 33(4): 355-364

(-)- -Bisabolol and cis-2-(hexadiin-(2,4)-ylidene)-1,6-dioxaspiro-(4,4)-nonene-(3) in commercial extracts of camomile. Arzneimittel-Forschung 22(3): 583-585

(-)- s -tetrahydrocannabinol: two novel in vitro metabolites. Experientia 27(10): 1154-1155

(-)-10,11-Methylenedioxy-N-propylnoraporphine, an orally effective dopamine agonist and duodenal antiulcerogen in the rat. European Journal of Pharmacology 88(2-3): 273-274

(-)-3H-desmethoxyverapamil labelling of putative calcium channels in brain: autoradiographic distribution and allosteric coupling to 1,4-dihydropyridine and diltiazem binding sites. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 327(2): 183-187

(-)-4-Hydroxymorphinanones: their synthesis and analgesic activity. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 24(12): 1437-1440

(-)-7-hydroxy-beta-isosparteine, an alkaloid accompanying beta-isosparteine in Lupinus sericeus Pursh. Journal of Organic Chemistry 32(10): 3045-3049

(-)-Amidephrine, a selective agonist for alpha 1-adrenoceptors. European Journal of Pharmacology 91(4): 377-381

(-)-BM 13.0913: a new oral antidiabetic agent that improves insulin sensitivity in animal models of type II (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental 44(5): 570-576

(-)-Deprenyl a selective MAO "B' inhibitor, increases [3H]imipramine binding and decreases beta-adrenergic receptor function. European Journal of Pharmacology 89(1-2): 111-117

(-)-Deprenyl increases the survival of rat retinal ganglion cells after optic nerve crush. Current Eye Research 14(2): 119-126

(-)-Deprenyl leads to prolongation of L-dopa efficacy in Parkinson's disease. Modern Problems of Pharmacopsychiatry 19: 170-176

(-)-Emetine and macromolecular biosynthesis in Ehrlich ascites-tumour cells. Biochemical Journal 126(3): 22p-23p

(-)-Norcocaine. Acta Crystallographica. Section C, Crystal Structure Communications 50: 2067-2069

(-)-Sulpiride activates the firing rate and tyrosine hydroxylase activity of dopaminergic neurons in unanesthetized rats. Brain Research 264(1): 105-110

(-)-[125I]-iodopindolol, a new highly selective radioiodinated beta-adrenergic receptor antagonist: measurement of beta-receptors on intact rat astrocytoma cells. Journal of Cyclic Nucleotide Research 6(4): 297-307

(-)-[3H]Desmethoxyverapamil, a novel Ca2+ channel probe. Binding characteristics and target size analysis of its receptor in skeletal muscle. Febs Letters 176(2): 371-377

(-)-[3H]Dihydroalprenolol binding in subcellular fractions of rat cortex following noradrenergic denervation. Brain Research 223(1): 223-228

(-)-alpha-Acetylmethadol for treatment of chronic pain patients who abuse opioids. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 12(3): 243-247

(-)-alpha-Isosparteine from Lupinus argenteus var. stenophyllus. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 72(5): 563-564

(-)-p-Chloroamphetamine and serotonin turnover in rat brain. Neuropharmacology 11(2): 291-295

(-)Baclofen decreases neurotransmitter release in the mammalian CNS by an action at a novel GABA receptor. Nature 283(5742): 92-94

(-)Deprenyl in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Clinical Neuropharmacology 5(2): 195-230

(-)Maackiain acetate specifically inhibits different forms of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase in rat and man. Nature 291(5817): 659-661

(-)N-(chloroethyl)norapomorphine inhibits striatal dopamine function via irreversible receptor binding. Nature 285(5766): 571-573

(-)Pentobarbital opens ion channels of long duration in cultured mouse spinal neurons. Science 209(4455): 507-509

(-)Tertatolol is a potent antagonist at pre- and postsynaptic serotonin 5-HT1A receptors in the rat brain. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 347(5): 453-463

(--)-alpha-Acetylmethadol effects on alcohol and diazepam use, sexual function and cardiac function. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 12(4): 323-332

(--)-m-Chlorophenyl-piperazine, a central 5-hydroxytryptamine agonist, is a metabolite of trazodone. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 33(7): 477-478

(--)-threo-Chlorocitric acid: a novel anorectic agent. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior 15(2): 303-310

(0)-forms of RNA-containing oncogenic viruses as a model of latent infection. Vestnik Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk SSSR 28(2): 28-33

(1 beta, 5 alpha, 6 beta)-10,10- (1,2-ethylenedioxy)-1,5-dimethylbicyclo[4.4.0]decan-4-one. Acta Crystallographica. Section C, Crystal Structure Communications 51: 268-270

(1 leads to 4)- -D-glucan phosphorylase ((1 leads to 4)- -D-glucan:orthophosphate glucosyltransferase) isoenzymes from sweet corn seed embryo. Carbohydrate Research 26(2): 385-392

(1,2 3 H)progesterone uptake by guinea pig brain and uterus: differential localization, time-course of uptake and metabolism, and effects of age, sex, estrogen-priming and competing steroids. Brain Research 45(2): 525-543

(1,2-Diphenylethyl) piperazines as potent opiate-like analgesics; the unusual relationships between stereoselectivity and affinity to opioid receptor. Life Sciences 33 Suppl 1: 431-434

(1,3-Dialkyl-5-amino-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)arylmethanones. A series of novel central nervous system depressants. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 27(11): 1396-1400

(1-(1-2-Hydroxy-3-mercaptopropanoic acid))-oxytocin, a highly potent analogue of oytocin not bound by neurophysin. Biochemical Journal 125(3): 909-911

(1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4 iodophenyl)-2-aminopropane)-induced head-twitches in the rat are mediated by 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) 2A receptors: modulation by novel 5-HT2A/2C antagonists, D1 antagonists and 5-HT1A agonists. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 273(1): 101-112

(1-(omega-mercaptoundecanoic acid))-oxytocin, a 28-membered ring homolog of deamino-oxytocin. Journal of the American Chemical Society 92(14): 4426-4427

(1-14C)glucosamine incorporation by subcellular fractions of small intestinal mucosa. Identification by precursor labeling of three functionally distinct glycoprotein classes. Journal of Biological Chemistry 245(14): 3584-3592

(1-Beta-mercapto-beta,beta-diethylpropionic acid)-8-lysine-vasopressin, a potent inhibitor of 8-lysine-vasopressin and of oxytocin. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 17(2): 250-252

(1-beta-mercapto-beta,beta-diethylpropionic acid,4-leucine)-8-lysine-vasopressin and (1-beta-mercapto-beta,beta-diethylpropionic acid,4-leucine)oxytocin, compounds possessing antihormonal properties. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 17(9): 969-972

(10.5 A)-1 diffraction and transmembrane proteins of erythrocyte ghost membranes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 600(1): 108-116

(125I]IodotyrosylB1]insulin. Semisynthesis, receptor binding, and cell-mediated degradation of a B chain-labeled insulin. Journal of Biological Chemistry 256(8): 4042-4049

(14C) Streptozotocin: its distribution and interaction with nucleic acids and proteins. Biochemical Pharmacology 30(14): 1907-1913

(14C) acetylcholine synthesis by cortex slices of rat brain. Journal of Neurochemistry 15(12): 1391-1405

(14C) carbonate kinetics and albumin synthesis by the isolated perfused rat liver. Clinical Science 45(1): 3p-3p

(14C)-labelling and fractionation of lipids in bovine glomerular basement membrane. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 282(Suppl): Suppl 282:r46-Suppl 282:r46

(14C)Glucosamine incorporation into specific products in the nerve ending fraction in vivo and in vitro. Brain Research 57(2): 397-408

(14C)adenine uptake into Bacillus anthracis adenylsuccinate lyase deficient mutant. Acta Microbiologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 21(3-4): 219-227

(14C)glutamate uptake and compartmentation in glia of rat dorsal sensory ganglion. Journal of Neurochemistry 23(1): 201-209

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