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A longitudinal study of growth in Newcastle upon Tyne adolescents

, : A longitudinal study of growth in Newcastle upon Tyne adolescents. Annals of Human Biology 10(2): 125-133

White Newcastle upon Tyne schoolchildren born in 1962 were examined at approximately half-yearly intervals from 9 to 17 years of age. During the last year of compulsory education losses to follow-up became selective with respect to socio-economic background, and the results reported here are restricted to 564 boys and 669 girls seen regularly between the ages of 10 and 15 years at least. Newcastle adolescents were slightly shorter and lighter than the London children on whom Tanner's British Standards were based. The longitudinal pattern of skinfold changes in boys was different from that observed in girls. Differences in height attained between occupational groups were well established by the age of five years, and the same was true of differences between family-size groups for children with fathers in manual occupations. It is inferred that differences in height between occupational and family-size groups resulted more from differences in leg than in trunk length. At age 15, the correlations of height attained with maternal height were 0.42 and 0.43, and with birthweight 0.25 and 0.28, for boys and girls respectively. Adjustment, by regression, of heights attained for birthweight, age at peak height velocity and maternal height diminished differences between occupational and family-size groups. After such adjustment, heights significantly lower than average were found only among subjects with fathers in unskilled manual occupations and with large families. Among subjects with fathers in manual occupations, subscapular and triceps skinfolds and arm circumference decreased significantly with increasing family size.


PMID: 6838161

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