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A new model for arteriosclerosis. Electron microscopic study of the reaction of the arterial wall following lipofundin-S administration

, : A new model for arteriosclerosis. Electron microscopic study of the reaction of the arterial wall following lipofundin-S administration. Morphologiai Es Igazsagugyi Orvosi Szemle 21(3): 168-173

The vascular wall injury in rats induced by intravenous administration of Lipofundin-S has been studied by electron microscopy and alterations occurring in the aortic wall has been described. Morphological changes revealed in thi model are similar to the fibroblastic atherosclerotic lesion which is well known in the human pathology. A further advantage of this new model is the shortness of the experimental period. Considering the above mentioned facts Lipofundin model seems to be particularly useful for testing medicaments used in the therapy of atherosclerosis.


PMID: 7266550

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