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A new model for inducing total hepatic ischemia while preventing circulatory collapse secondary to splanchnic vascular congestion

, : A new model for inducing total hepatic ischemia while preventing circulatory collapse secondary to splanchnic vascular congestion. Shock 3(6): 440-446

Animal models used to study liver ischemia are limited by the lethal effect of splanchnic venous engorgement from portal triad occlusion (PTO). We compared a passive porto-systemic shunt (PSS) to a pump-driven PSS. The passive and pumped PSS groups (n = 6) received 60 min of PTO followed by 2 h of reperfusion. A control group received all interventions, but no PTO, and remained stable throughout. During PTO, severe circulatory shock with intestinal ischemia occurred in the passive group, while the pumped group remained stable. During reperfusion, both shunted groups experienced varying degrees of metabolic acidosis with decreases in cardiac index, stroke volume, superior mesenteric artery flow, and increases in systemic and intestinal vascular resistance. The mortality rate for the passive group was 83% vs. 0% for the pumped group. These results suggest that pumped PSS prevents splanchnic engorgement and allows for reproducible, isolated total hepatic ischemia in vivo.


PMID: 7656069

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