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A new model of integrating Occidental and Oriental approaches

, : A new model of integrating Occidental and Oriental approaches. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 26(1): 57-62

In the Western countries, dynamically oriented psychoanalysis, behaviour modification based on learning principles and existential, humanistic psychology have been widely used as treatment modalities for neuroses and psychosomatic disorders. Autogenic therapy for relaxation and self-control has been utilized. In the Orient, Yoga, Zen, Acupuncture and Fasting Therapy have been applied to various neuroses and psychosomatic conditions. These unique Oriental approaches, in general, induce an altered state of consciousness in the subjects, and the characterized by the heightening of self-normalization and the restoration of homeostasis. Morita therapy aims at accepting reality as it is and at promoting constructive ego function, and is effective for suitable cases. The above-mentioned Western approaches, which are rather psychosomatic, and the Oriental approaches, which are rather somatopsychic, are considered to be complementary within the framework of a holistic and integrative therapeutic model.


PMID: 7062302

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