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A new pair of M13 vectors for selecting either DNA strand of double-digest restriction fragments

, : A new pair of M13 vectors for selecting either DNA strand of double-digest restriction fragments. Gene 19(3): 269-276

The strategy of shotgun cloning with M13 is based on obtaining random fragments used for the rapid accumulation of sequence data. A strategy, however, is sometimes needed for obtaining subcloned sequences preferentially out of a mixture of fragments. Shotgun sequencing experiments have shown that not all DNA fragments are obtained with the same frequency and that the redundant information increases during the last third of a sequencing project. In addition, experiments have shown that particular fragments are obtained more frequently in one orientation, allowing the use of only one of the two DNA strands as a template for M13 shotgun sequencing. Two new M13 vectors, M13mp8 and M13mp9, have been constructed that permit the cloning of the same restriction fragment in both possible orientations. Consequently, each of the two strands becomes a (+) strand in a pair of vectors. The fragments to be cloned are cleaved with two restriction enzymes to produce a fragment with two different ends. The insertion of such a fragment into the vector can occur only in one orientation. Since M13mp8 and M13mp9 have their array of cloning sites in an antiparallel order, either orientation for inserting a double-digest fragment can be selected by the choice of the vector.


PMID: 6295880

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