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A trypsin-sensitive, heat-labile, N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor in adipocyte post-microsomal supernatant which affects the assay of adipocyte glycerol phosphate acyltransferase activities

, : A trypsin-sensitive, heat-labile, N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor in adipocyte post-microsomal supernatant which affects the assay of adipocyte glycerol phosphate acyltransferase activities. Biochemical Journal 214(1): 247-255

Addition of adipocyte 100 000 g post-microsomal supernatant to assays of glycerol phosphate acyltransferase in isolated mitochondria or microsomal fractions decreased activity at lower concentrations of palmitoyl-CoA. At higher concentrations of palmitoyl-CoA, activation was observed on addition of post-microsomal supernatant. The effect of post-microsomal supernatant to decrease activity at lower [palmitoyl-CoA] was abolished by heating or by trypsin treatment, and was also abolished by addition of N-ethylmaleimide to assays or by pretreatment of post-microsomal supernatant with N-ethylmaleimide. The stimulatory effect seen at higher [palmitoyl-CoA] was not sensitive to heat or trypsin treatment. The effect of post-microsomal supernatant at lower [palmitoyl-CoA] cannot be attributed to palmitoyl-CoA hydrolase activity. It was found that brief treatment of adipocyte mitochondria with low concentrations of trypsin was an effective way to remove contaminating microsomal glycerol phosphate acyltransferase activity. Adipocyte post-microsomal supernatant was more effective than an equivalent quantity of liver post-microsomal supernatant protein in decreasing adipocyte microsomal glycerol phosphate acyltransferase activity. The effects of the supernatants from both tissues were decreased by flavaspidic acid. Semi-purified Z-protein fraction from rat liver did not mimic the effect of adipocyte post-microsomal supernatant to decrease glycerol phosphate acyltransferase at lower [palmitoyl-CoA]. Post-microsomal supernatants obtained from noradrenaline-treated adipocytes were less effective than those from control cells in decreasing glycerol phosphate acyltransferase activity in microsomal fractions at lower [palmitoyl-CoA]. It is suggested that adipocyte cytosol may contain an acyl-CoA-binding protein or proteins differing from Z-protein in some respects. The physiological significance of the findings is briefly discussed.


PMID: 6615468

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