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Abnormal head circumference in learning-disabled children

, : Abnormal head circumference in learning-disabled children. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 23(5): 626-632

The head circumferences of 73 learning-disabled children were compared with those of a matched control population of 71 children. Macrocephaly was noted in eight learning-disabled children but in only three controls, and microcephaly was present in seven learning-disabled children but in none of the controls. Abnormal head circumferences were noted in nine learning-disabled males but in only three control males. Since this study revealed an increased prevalence of both macrocephaly and microcephaly in children with learning disabilities, future studies of such children should include accurate measurements of head circumference. It may be found that abnormal head circumference, when accompanied by other signs, can be used to identify preschool children potentially at risk for learning disabilities.


PMID: 7286456

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