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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42183

Chapter 42183 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Adaptation of Soviet and foreign BCG vaccine in the organism of albino mice and golden hamsters. Problemy Tuberkuleza 46(2): 75-79

Adaptation of Swinny filter holders for the collection and elution of samples from thin-layer plates. Journal of Chromatography 42(1): 121-123

Adaptation of TRIC agents to tissue culture and characteristics of tissue culture adapted variants. American Journal of Ophthalmology 63(5): Suppl:1191-205

Adaptation of Trichomonas vaginalis strains to metronidazole "Polfa". Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne 15(3): 395-398

Adaptation of Vargues' automatic method for estimating serum antistreptolysine in current practice. Annales de Biologie Clinique 24(10): 1155-1161

Adaptation of Wechsler intelligence scales for children (WISC) to Argentinian subjects. Acta Psiquiatrica Y Psicologica de America Latina 30(4): 292-296

Adaptation of Widmark's ethanol determination to a photometric value and a new nomogram for values from back-titrations. Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry 22(3): 317-325

Adaptation of a Hindi version of the Junior Eysenck Personality Inventory. British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 10(2): 189-190

Adaptation of a Japanese table-top computer to dosimetric calculation in radiotherapy. Rinsho Hoshasen. Clinical Radiography 16(8): 655-662

Adaptation of a Lofstrand crutch for a below-elbow prosthesis. Physical Therapy 52(7): 749-749

Adaptation of a NADH-linked serum 5'-nucleotidase procedure to a small benchtop centrifugal analyzer. Clinical Chemistry 27(11): 1950-1951

Adaptation of a cheese-making procedure for use in rural homes. Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutricion 30(3): 369-383

Adaptation of a chemiluminescent DNA detection system to strongly positively charged nylon membranes: single copy gene detection in human genome. Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics 32(3): 152-155

Adaptation of a colorimetric determination of 5-(3,3-dimethyl-1-triazeno)-imidazole-4-carboxamide (NSC-45388) and 5-[3,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-triazeno]imidazole-4-carboxamide (NSC-82196) to blood. Cancer ChemoTherapy Reports 53(3): 199-202

Adaptation of a cytomegalic virus from fieldmice (Apodemus sylvaticus) on various heterologous cells, human included. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de L'academie des Sciences. Serie D: Sciences Naturelles 269(1): 104-106

Adaptation of a disease control vehicle to the modern concept of foot-and-mouth disease epizootiology. Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde 112(7): 315-323

Adaptation of a fixed rabies virus to monkey kidney cells. Use of this virus for the preparation of an inactivated anti-rabies vaccine. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de L'academie des Sciences. Serie D: Sciences Naturelles 269(22): 2287-2290

Adaptation of a freezing technic with a low concentration of glycerol for preserving red blood cells resuspended in saline-adenine-glucose. Revue Francaise de Transfusion et Immuno-Hematologie 27(1): 67-76

Adaptation of a high-voltage electron microscope for routine biological dark-field imaging. Ultramicroscopy 11(1): 21-34

Adaptation of a neuron to normorphine and clonidine. Biochemical Society Transactions 11(1): 65-68

Adaptation of a new group of students. Meditsinskaia Sestra 41(9): 55-57

Adaptation of a non-radioactive in situ hybridization method to electron microscopy: detection of tenascin mRNAs in mouse cerebellum with digoxigenin-labelled probes and gold-labelled antibodies. Histochemistry 99(3): 251-262

Adaptation of a primary care nursing service to provide health care for women with disabilities. American Nurses Association Publications: 29-35

Adaptation of a rat tumor to Syrian golden hamsters during 150 passages. Die Naturwissenschaften 56(1): 42-42

Adaptation of a removable orthodontic treatment appliance on the changed dentition after long-interrupted treatment, an example of the Bimler dental activator. Die Quintessenz 31(2): 67-71

Adaptation of a research needle crimping procedure to prevent aqueous humor leakage following intracameral drug injection. Ophthalmic Surgery 11(9): 638-638

Adaptation of a roller-tube apparatus to accommodate cultivation of cells in roller-bottles. Applied Microbiology 19(3): 541-541

Adaptation of a rotary microtome for sectioning with glass knives. Journal of Microscopy 100(3): 337-339

Adaptation of a screw-cap for tubing holes. Analytical Biochemistry 26(1): 191-193

Adaptation of a screw-top vial for use in centrifugation of tissue onto electron microscope grids. Stain Technology 47(5): 273-274

Adaptation of a small spectrophotometer to automated analysis. Clinical Chemistry 16(5): 443-445

Adaptation of a spectrophotometer to automated continuous colorimetric analysis. Analytical Biochemistry 23(2): 355-357

Adaptation of a stable L-form of Staphylococcus aureus to the medium with low osmolarity. Japanese Journal of Experimental Medicine 50(1): 73-77

Adaptation of a strain of influenza A2 virus to puppy kidney cells. Comparative study of the adapted strain and the wild strain. Annales de L'institut Pasteur 113(5): 731-738

Adaptation of a syringe needle for placing sutures in surgery of the nasal cavity. Zhurnal Ushnykh, Nosovykh i Gorlovykh Boleznei 30(3): 109-110

Adaptation of a technic of rapid titration of acetate in biological fluids by gas chromatography. Annales de Biologie Clinique 38(4): 227-230

Adaptation of a thirty-five millimeter photographic system for a scanning electron microscope. Journal of Biological Photography 50(3): 65-67

Adaptation of a travenol kidney for chronic dialysis using a Kiil dialyzer and a sterile dialysate circuit. Transactions - American Society for Artificial Internal Organs 10: 172-173

Adaptation of a uniform periodontal terminology to recent findings. Schweizerische Monatsschrift für Zahnheilkunde 93(8): 649-664

Adaptation of a viral population to multiplication in a refractory host. Annales de Genetique 11(2): 98-110

Adaptation of a well counter for measurement of cardiac output. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 13(9): 707-707

Adaptation of a workload measurement system. American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 39(6): 999-1004

Adaptation of a zoom localizing apparatus on a remote control table. Journal de Radiologie, D'electrologie, et de Medecine Nucleaire 50(5): 346-346

Adaptation of acyl-enzyme kinetic theory and an experimental method for evaluating the kinetics of fast-acting, irreversible protease inhibitors. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 742(2): 409-418

Adaptation of adolescents to working conditions. Gigiena i Sanitariia 36(5): 84-87

Adaptation of airway stretch receptors in newborn and adult dogs. Respiration Physiology 52(3): 361-369

Adaptation of albumin density gradient centrifugation to human bone marrow fractionation. Revue Europeenne D'etudes Cliniques et Biologiques. European Journal of Clinical and Biological Research 15(3): 305-309

Adaptation of alcohol dehydrogenase activity in brain to chronic ethanol ingestion. Neurology 20(4): 391-392

Adaptation of an Aedes aegypti cell line to hemolymph-free culture medium. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 15(10): 1197-1200

Adaptation of an ECMO team in the era of successful alternative therapies for neonatal pulmonary failure. Journal of Pediatric Surgery 30(5): 674-678

Adaptation of an argon laser on a surgical microscope. Bulletin des Societes D'ophtalmologie de France 81(10): 883-884

Adaptation of an automated microbiology system for the growth of anaerobes and performance of antimicrobial susceptibility tests. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 78(4): 457-461

Adaptation of an automatic method of the dosage control in vitro of the delayed-action preparations. Journal de Pharmacie de Belgique 25(6): 529-539

Adaptation of an immunoenzyme technic to the analysis of total estrogens of the menstrual cycle. Annales de Biologie Clinique 40(4): 339-341

Adaptation of an insect cell line (Agallia constricta) in a mammalian cell culture medium. In Vitro 8(5): 375-378

Adaptation of an occlusal plane analyzer to a semiadjustable articulator. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 28(4): 445-447

Adaptation of animals to the action of deep cold under conditions of whole-body cooling. Zhurnal Eksperimental'noi i Klinicheskoi Meditsiny 13(2): 38-40

Adaptation of athletes to altitude. Lijecnicki Vjesnik 87(12): 1385-1388

Adaptation of attenuated strain of P. parainfluenzae-3 in cultured swine kidney cells and analysis of its immunogenicity. Veterinarno-Meditsinski Nauki 19(4): 13-17

Adaptation of bacteria from one type of hydrocarbon to another. Nature 209(5027): 1047-1048

Adaptation of baker's yeast to the oxidation of acetate. Biochemical Journal 110(2): 19p-20p

Adaptation of behavior of the young, adult and aged rat of variations in the environmental temperature. I. Adaptation to cold. Gerontologia 13(1): 14-19

Adaptation of blood pressure to continuous heavy coffee drinking in young volunteers. A double-blind crossover study. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 15(6): 701-706

Adaptation of brain lipid bilayers to ethanol-induced fluidization. Species and strain generality. Biochemical Pharmacology 29(12): 1673-1676

Adaptation of bromcresol green method for the determination of reserpine. Yao Xue Xue Bao 13(4): 280-285

Adaptation of cardiac catheterization techniques for insertion of intravascular cardiac pacemakers. Illinois Medical Journal 137(6): 616-621

Adaptation of cardiac output, coronary flow and other circulatory functions in dogs to exercise and to eating. Johns Hopkins Medical Journal 130(4): 216-234

Adaptation of cardiac output, coronary flow, and other circulatory functions in dogs to drinking. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 80(3): 521-531

Adaptation of cardiac pump function and myocardial contractility to physical training. Sheng Li Ke Xue Jin Zhan 13(3): 227-231

Adaptation of cardiac vagal responses to baroreceptor stimuli in the dog. Journal of Physiology 329: 411-423

Adaptation of cast crowns made by using various elastic impression materials. Nihon Shika Zairyo Kikai Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japan Research Society of Dental Materials & Appliances 30(2): 123-127

Adaptation of cellular control processes in relation to cancer and its therapy. Journal of Theoretical Biology 28(1): 31-45

Adaptation of cerebral structures to intellectual loads in the early stages of hypertension. Vrachebnoe Delo: 17-20

Adaptation of certain strains of Escherichia coli to different sea water temperatures. Mikrobiologiia 49(5): 776-782

Adaptation of children starting school education to conditions prevailing at school. Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny 25(2): 255-260

Adaptation of children to school attendance. (Study of 134 children). Ceskoslovenska Pediatrie 24(11): 1013-1018

Adaptation of children to the climate of the polar region and its effect. Pediatriia 52(10): 68-69

Adaptation of children to the hospital. Revista de Pediatrie, Obstetrica Si Ginecologie. Pediatria 29(2): 161-168

Adaptation of children, born to mothers with blood group incompatibility, without clinical signs of hemolytic disease of newborn. Pediatriia: 11-15

Adaptation of cholera control measures to the Spanish rural environment. Revista de Sanidad E Higiene Publica 45(12): 1221-1233

Adaptation of commercial Ektachrome for use in the gastro camera. Journal of the Biological Photographic Association 36(3): 100-104

Adaptation of coronary circulation and metabolism of the myocardium to chronic hypoxia of high altitudes. Archives des Maladies du Coeur et des Vaisseaux 64(10): 1424-1430

Adaptation of coronavirus JHM to persistent infection of murine sac(-) cells. Journal of General Virology 65: 915-924

Adaptation of crisis intervention group to navy outpatient psychiatric clinic population. Military Medicine 136(6): 546-548

Adaptation of cultured human lymphoblasts to growth in citrulline. Experimental Cell Research 84(1): 167-174

Adaptation of cyclic AMP generating system in rat cerebral cortical slices during chronic ethanol treatment and withdrawal. Neuropharmacology 20(1): 67-72

Adaptation of dialysis in acute renal failure; method and selection. Nursing Technique 29(8): 1007-1014

Adaptation of divers to curvature distortion under water. Ergonomics 13(4): 489-499

Adaptation of divers to size distortion under water. British Journal of Psychology 61(3): 365-373

Adaptation of dogs to 60 and 90 mm. Hg CO2 at a total pressure of 260 mm. Hg. Aerospace Medicine 39(12): 1294-1298

Adaptation of dogs to thyroparathyroidectomy. Study of variations of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in blood, urine and bone. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 165(12): 2304-2312

Adaptation of ecthyma contagiosum virus to cell culture. Veterinarno-Meditsinski Nauki 19(10): 18-25

Adaptation of end-brain vessels to gravitational overloading acting in a head-pelvis direction. Arkhiv Anatomii, Gistologii i Embriologii 59(7): 59-68

Adaptation of energy metabolism during the development of the larva of tapeworm (Cysticercus). Changes in the quantities and distribution of glycogen and calcium corpuscles. Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne 28(5-6): 555-559

Adaptation of energy metabolism of liver and muscles in the rabbit to hypobaric hypoxia. Biokhimiia 48(1): 17-22

Adaptation of enzymes according to stability. Uspekhi Sovremennoi Biologii 76(4): 21-33

Adaptation of equipment for microlaryngoscopy and microsurgery of the larynx. Otolaryngologia Polska 26(6): 675-680

Adaptation of evoked auditory potentials: a midbrain through frontal lobe map in the unanesthetized cat. Brain Research 15(1): 121-136

Adaptation of extremely handicapped children, together with a report on the importance of early training of the motor apparatus. Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift 114(31): 1362-1366

Adaptation of finger-smoothed irreversible hydrocolloid to impression surfaces. International Journal of Prosthodontics 8(2): 117-121

Adaptation of first graders to the beginning of systematic education at school. Pediatriia: 47-51

Adaptation of freshly isolated strains of influenza virus. IV. Biological properties. Medycyna Doswiadczalna i Mikrobiologia 25(1): 75-82

Adaptation of freshly isolated strains of influenza viruses. I. Neuraminidase activity. Medycyna Doswiadczalna i Mikrobiologia 23(1): 33-38

Adaptation of full cast crown made by using the refractory die investing technique. Nihon Shika Zairyo Kikai Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japan Research Society of Dental Materials & Appliances: 124-129

Adaptation of functioning and bypassed segments of ileum during compensatory hypertrophy of the gut. Surgery 67(4): 687-693

Adaptation of fungi to fungitoxic compounds. Ciba Foundation Symposium 102: 190-203

Adaptation of gastrin secretion to a protein meal in the premature and term newborn infant. Gastroenterologie Clinique et Biologique 7(2): 164-170

Adaptation of guinea pig diaphragm muscle to aging and endurance training. American Journal of Physiology 222(3): 556-560

Adaptation of guinea pig plantaris muscle fibers to endurance training. American Journal of Physiology 221(1): 291-297

Adaptation of guinea pigs to histamine. Reactivity of the isolated lungs. Bulletin de L'academie Polonaise des Sciences. Serie des Sciences Biologiques 14(8): 591-594

Adaptation of head posture in response to relocating the center of mass: a pilot study. American Journal of Orthodontics 83(2): 138-142

Adaptation of hemoglobin function to subterranean life in the mole, Talpa europaea. Respiration Physiology 46(1): 7-16

Adaptation of hemopoietic systems to environmental conditions. Hamatologie und Bluttransfusion 9: 132-137

Adaptation of hemopoietic tissue resulting from estrone-induced osteosclerosis in mice. Cell and Tissue Kinetics 7(2): 113-123

Adaptation of hepatic phenylalanine hydroxylase in the rat. Enzyme 17(3): 155-159

Adaptation of herpes simplex virus type 1 to supraoptimal temperature. II. Immunofluorescent and cytological study of virus-infected cells, adapted and non-adapted to 40 degrees C. Acta Virologica 18(6): 486-492

Adaptation of horizontal semicircular canal responses. Acta Oto-Laryngologica 75(6): 471-476

Adaptation of hospital admission rooms to resuscitation purposes. Wiadomosci Lekarskie 24(9): 897-898

Adaptation of houses for home dialysis. British Medical Journal 2(5764): 770-770

Adaptation of human diploid fibroblasts in vitro to serum from different sources. Journal of Cell Science 61: 289-297

Adaptation of human long-term B lymphoblastoid cell lines to chemically defined, serum-free media. In Vitro 18(6): 515-524

Adaptation of human morphology to the teaching requirements of professional training. Educacion Medica Y Salud 15(2): 134-141

Adaptation of human neutrophil responsiveness to the chemoattractant N-formylmethionylleucylphenylalanine. Heterogeneity and/or negative cooperative interaction of receptors. Journal of Biological Chemistry 257(11): 6280-6286

Adaptation of human signal systems to study conditions at a university. Gigiena i Sanitariia: 86-87

Adaptation of human skeletal muscle to endurance training of long duration. Clinical Physiology 3(2): 141-151

Adaptation of imagery to a group of children. Rivista Sperimentale di Freniatria E Medicina Legale Delle Alienazioni Mentali 94(5): 1248-1255

Adaptation of immature nerve tissue to oxygen deficiency. Ceskoslovenska Neurologie A Neurochirurgie 43(3): 155-160

Adaptation of immunofluorescent methods to the direct determination of erythrocyte group factors in hemolyzed blood and blood stains. Medico-legal application. Archives Belges de Medecine Sociale, Hygiene, Medecine du Travail et Medecine Legale. Belgisch Archief van Sociale Geneeskunde, Hygiene, Arbeidsgeneeskunde en Gerechtelijke Geneeskunde 27(7): 447-465

Adaptation of impulse-transmission through the human AV node to various atrial frequencies. Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kreislaufforschung 39: 211-217

Adaptation of incisor crown morphology to achieve orthodontic stability. Dental Practitioner and Dental Record 22(7): 263-266

Adaptation of infant warmer for magnification radiography. Radiology 112(1): 219-220

Adaptation of influenza virus to growth in cultured murine methylcholanthrene induced tumors. Archiv für die Gesamte Virusforschung 45(3): 199-208

Adaptation of intestinal muscle in bypassed loops after jejunoileal bypass in rat. American Journal of Physiology 244(6): G599-G603

Adaptation of intestinal muscle in continuity after jejunoileal bypass in the rat. American Journal of Physiology 241(3): G259-G263

Adaptation of larval Ambystoma tigrinum to concentrated environments. American Journal of Physiology 220(6): 1814-1819

Adaptation of left ventricle to chronic pressure overload: response to inotropic drugs. American Journal of Physiology 238(2): H134-H143

Adaptation of leukocyte cultures from small amounts of whole blood for cytogenetic studies by the method of "inculation" of prepared cultures. Folia Morphologica 27(3): 337-341

Adaptation of ligaments to sliding, pressure and flexion. Archives D'anatomie, D'histologie et D'embryologie Normales et Experimentales 52(5): 233-311

Adaptation of lipogenic enzymes of liver and adipose tissue to starvation and refeeding. Zeitschrift für Alternsforschung 36(5): 365-371

Adaptation of loudness to monaural stimulation. Journal of General Psychology 76(2d Half): 251-273

Adaptation of lower limbs for use as hands. Chirurgia Narzadow Ruchu i Ortopedia Polska 37(4): 507-510

Adaptation of lymphadenopathy associated virus (LAV) to replication in EBV-transformed B lymphoblastoid cell lines. Science 225(4657): 63-66

Adaptation of macrochaeta rudiments in mutants of forked Drosophila melanogaster to thermal shock during repeated heating. Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii 33(1): 32-41

Adaptation of mammalian cells to cold respiration and KCN sensitivity of cold-adapted cells. Physiologia Bohemoslovaca 18(3): 295-301

Adaptation of mammalian cells to cold. 3. Different growth pattern of L and LC cells in culture. Experimental Cell Research 44(2): 678-679

Adaptation of mammalian cells to cold. II. Cold-induced endoreduplication and polyploidy. Experimental Cell Research 40(3): 673-677

Adaptation of mammalian cells to cold. Isolation of resistant and sensitive clones from a population of wild L cells. Physiologia Bohemoslovaca 17(2): 161-165

Adaptation of mammalian cells to cold. Metabolism of glucose in cold-adapted L cells. Physiologia Bohemoslovaca 17(2): 167-171

Adaptation of mammalian cells to cold. VII. Molecular basis of cold resistance in LC 2 cells. Experimental Cell Research 50(2): 383-387

Adaptation of mammalian protein metabolism to amino acid supply. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 28(2): 214-225

Adaptation of mammals to mountain conditions. Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii 28(3): 341-345

Adaptation of mass spectrometry for the analysis of tumor antigens as applied to blood group glycolipids of a human gastric carcinoma. Cancer Research 40(3): 897-908

Adaptation of medical care to the changing disease spectrum of adolescents. Gesundheitswesen ) 56(10): 537-542

Adaptation of medical installations to radioprotection standards. Journal Belge de Radiologie 52(5): 8-22

Adaptation of membrane-associated determinants is an outgrowth of their metabolism. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research 42: 145-168

Adaptation of meningococcal L-forms to agar-free liquid medium. Journal of Bacteriology 99(3): 899-901

Adaptation of methods for the determination of benzene, chlorobenzene, trichloroethylene, methanlol and styrene in the air of industrial establishments, for the analysis of industrial air. Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny 19(3): 279-284

Adaptation of microcirculation and gas exchange following lung resection. Pneumonologie. Pneumonology 147(2): 187-193

Adaptation of microplanimeter to Leitz transmitted light interference microscope. Zeitschrift für Wissenschaftliche Mikroskopie und Mikroskopische Technik 67(2): 100-102

Adaptation of microvolume EMIT assays for theophylline, phenobarbital, phenytoin, carbamazepine, primidone, ethosuximide, and gentamicin to a CentrifiChem chemistry analyzer. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 5(3): 335-340

Adaptation of mouse leukemic cells (L5178Y) to anisotonic media. I. Cell volume regulation. Experimental Cell Research 79(2): 295-310

Adaptation of mouse leukemic cells (L5178Y) to anisotonic media. II. Cell growth. Experimental Cell Research 79(2): 311-317

Adaptation of multiple internal reflection (MIR) spectroscopy to the identification of steroids from thin-layer chromatographic zones. Analytical Biochemistry 37(2): 345-352

Adaptation of muscle tissue to the state of chronic arterial hypoxemia in patients with congenital heart defects. Kardiologiia 10(10): 105-109

Adaptation of musculature to complete lower dentures. Zahnarztliche Praxis 22(22): 266-267

Adaptation of mycobacteria to different kinds of carbon sources (sugars and alkanes). Mikrobiologiia 36(1): 75-81

Adaptation of myocardial metabolism to high altitude. Experimental study. Preliminary report. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift 103(8): 293-294

Adaptation of naval personnel and their families in New Caledonia. (Attempt at approach). Revue des Corps de Sante des Armees Terre, Mer, Air 10(3): 275-295

Adaptation of neural taste responses in cat. Brain Research 20(2): 277-282

Adaptation of newborn rats to repeated exposure to histotoxic hypoxia. Bratislavske Lekarske Listy 73(6): 662-670

Adaptation of newborn rats to repeated oxygen insufficiency. Ceskoslovenska Fysiologie 20(6): 575-577

Adaptation of normal subjects to the chromatic test field of the Nagel anomaloscope. Fiziologia Normala Si Patologica 19(2): 149-155

Adaptation of nuclear polyhedrosis virus of Bombyx mori L. to Galleria mellonella (L.). Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal 32(4): 487-491

Adaptation of nursery school techniques to deprived children. Some notes on the experience of teaching children of multi-problem families in a therapeutically oriented nursery school. Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry 4(4): 670-700

Adaptation of occupational medicine techniques to community health care. Journal of Occupational Medicine. 14(1): 50-54

Adaptation of ocular functions to hyperbarism. Studii Si Cercetari de Fiziologie 13(2): 145-148

Adaptation of on-center ganglion cells in the cat retina. Pflugers Archiv 307(2): R146-R146

Adaptation of pH meter for measurement of pH on 0.5 ml of blood. Bulletin of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine 14(4): 120-121

Adaptation of palatal mucosal grafts based on selected parameters of functional and cytologic indices. Czasopismo Stomatologiczne 37(10): 805-811

Adaptation of parainfluenza virus 3 to established cell lines. Medycyna Doswiadczalna i Mikrobiologia 21(1): 77-82

Adaptation of parenteral nutrition in respiratory insufficiency. Revue Medicale de la Suisse Romande 104(3): 213-215

Adaptation of patients after resection of lung tissue and their late fates. Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 22(1): 4-6

Adaptation of patients to dental prostheses. Medicinski Pregled 33(11-12): 493-496

Adaptation of patients with hypertension during treatment in the biotron. Vrachebnoe Delo: 31-33

Adaptation of patients with ischemic heart disease to physical exertion. Kardiologiia 24(2): 116-117

Adaptation of perimeter for eye movement exercises following squint surgery. Klinika Oczna 43(4): 455-456

Adaptation of periodontal tissues to nonphysiological forces. Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences 28(4): 493-495

Adaptation of peripheral anesthesia technics to morphological variations of the face. Revista de Chirurgie, Oncologie, Radiologie, O. R. L., Oftalmologie, Stomatologie. Seria: Stomatologie 21(5): 415-423

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Adaptation of persons of different ages to monotonous work. Gigiena Truda i Professional'nye Zabolevaniia 15(7): 9-12

Adaptation of phonetic feature analyzers for place of articulation. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 56(2): 617-627

Adaptation of physiological variables to time zone transitions. Journal of Physiology 197(1): 84p-85p

Adaptation of planning and organization of radiological facilities to hospital size. Der Radiologe 12(1): 35-37

Adaptation of planning and organization to the size of the hospital. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Rontgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin: Suppl:130-2

Adaptation of plants to atmospheric pollutants. Ciba Foundation Symposium 102: 52-72

Adaptation of plants to mineral stress in problem soils. Ciba Foundation Symposium 102: 20-39

Adaptation of plants to soils containing toxic metals--a test for conceit . Ciba Foundation Symposium 102: 4-19

Adaptation of plasminogen activator sequences to known protease structures. Febs Letters 157(2): 219-223

Adaptation of polarographic oxygen sensors for biochemical assays. Methods of Biochemical Analysis 28: 175-199

Adaptation of prepubertal children to exercise. Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association 74(6): 173-177

Adaptation of presynaptic acetylcholine autoreceptors following long-term drug treatment. European Journal of Pharmacology 74(1): 109-110

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Adaptation of psychophysical and psychosocial judgments to shifts in stimuli. Journal of General Psychology 86(1st Half): 85-92

Adaptation of public health care system to the special demands in states of national crisis, emergency and defence - draft of a health security law. Das Offentliche Gesundheitswesen 42(12): 960-966

Adaptation of rabbit small intestinal brush-border membrane enzymes after extensive bowel resection. Journal of Pediatric Surgery 30(7): 1000-2; Discussion 1003

Adaptation of rat olfactory bulb neurones. Journal of Physiology 326: 361-369

Adaptation of rats of different ages to forced intake of a 2 per cent NaC1 solution without the occurrence of salt hypertension. Physiologia Bohemoslovaca 15(2): 137-147

Adaptation of rats to aerogenic hypoxia in early postnatal ontogenesis. Ceskoslovenska Fysiologie 21(1): 73-79

Adaptation of rats to repeated aerogenic hypoxia in early postnatal ontogenesis and adulthood. Physiologia Bohemoslovaca 23(3): 199-209

Adaptation of rats to repeated oligemia of the central nervous system produced by positive radial acceleration of 5 g. Physiologia Bohemoslovaca 17(2): 153-159

Adaptation of refractory period of rat ventricle to changes in heart rate. American Journal of Physiology 223(4): 894-897

Adaptation of renal ammonia production to metabolic acidosis: a study in metabolic regulation. Physiologist 23(1): 19-25

Adaptation of renewal of rat liver proteins to dietary protein with low biological value. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii 41(2): 29-32

Adaptation of resin restorative materials to etched enamel and the interfacial work of fracture. British Dental Journal 148(6): 155-159

Adaptation of resistance vessels to chronic local hypotension in the dog. Microvascular Research 7(2): 170-180

Adaptation of response-recognition training film for use in the classroom. Perceptual and Motor Skills 26(3): Suppl:1029+-Suppl:1029+

Adaptation of restraint stress to body weight in the rat. Digestion 2(5): 253-261

Adaptation of retinal dopamine neuron activity in light-adapted rats to darkness. Brain Research 241(2): 359-361

Adaptation of reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography for the isolation and sequence analysis of peptides from plasma amyloid P-component. Analytical Biochemistry 123(2): 413-421

Adaptation of rumen fermentation to monensin. Reproduction, Nutrition, Development 35(4): 353-365

Adaptation of sailors to working conditions in the standardization of a microclimate of the living quarters on a ship. Gigiena Truda i Professional'nye Zabolevaniia: 15-18

Adaptation of silver amalgam to cavity walls. Actualites Odonto-Stomatologiques 99: 333-354

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