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Adrenal gland function in dogs given methylprednisolone

, : Adrenal gland function in dogs given methylprednisolone. American Journal of Veterinary Research 41(9): 1503-1506

Serum cortisol (hydrocortisone) was measured by radioimmunoassay in dogs given methylprednisolone (MP) orally or methylprednisolone acetate (MPA) IM. The MP was given on a daily and on an alternate-day basis to different treatment groups and the MPA was administered weekly. Samples of blood were obtained twice a week over a 9-week treatment period for serum cortisol determination, and the adrenal gland response to ACTH was assessed on posttreatment days 1, 3, 5, and 7. Administration of MP on an alternate or daily basis caused a slight but significant (P < 0.05) depression in mean resting cortisol values over time. The MPA administration caused a severe depression of resting serum cortisol values. In response to ACTH, cortisol values invariably increased sharply in nontreated control dogs and in those dogs given MP on an alternate-day basis. Dogs given MP daily had a depressed response to ACTH. The MPA treatment resulted in adrenal cortices that were unresponsive to ACTH. Dogs given MPA, but not challenge exposed with ACTH, had markedly lowered cortisol values for at least 2 weeks after cessation of treatment. Consequently, a difference between daily- and alternate-day MP administration was detected after ACTH challenge exposure; MPA administration inhibited adrenal cortisol secretion for at least the duration of the experiment.


PMID: 6255839

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