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Affinity modification of creatine kinase from rabbit skeletal muscle by 2',3'-dialdehyde derivatives of ADP and ATP

, : Affinity modification of creatine kinase from rabbit skeletal muscle by 2',3'-dialdehyde derivatives of ADP and ATP. Bioorganicheskaia Khimiia 9(4): 487-495

Periodate-oxidized ADP and ATP (oADP and oATP) are substrates and affinity reagents for creatine kinase from rabbit skeletal muscle. oADP and oATP modified a lysine epsilon-amino group in the nucleotide-binding site of the enzyme. Complete inactivation is observed upon binding 2 moles oADP per 1 mole of the enzyme dimer. Modification with oADP is described by a liner dependence of the log of enzyme activity on time, testifying to a pseudo-first-order of the reaction. The reaction rate constant (ki = 8.10(3) min-1) and dissociation constant for the reversible enzyme-oADP complex (Kd = 62 microM) were determined. ADP protected the enzyme from inactivation and covalent binding of the analog, whereas oADP covalently bound to the enzyme was phosphorylated by phosphocreatine. The data obtained allow to suggest that the epsilon-amino group of a lysine residue of the active site is located in close proximity to ribose of ATP and ADP forming a complex with the enzyme. This group seems essential for correct orientation of the nucleotide polyphosphate chain in the enzyme active center, but take no immediate part in the transphosphorylation process.


PMID: 6679775

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