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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42248

Chapter 42248 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

An in vitro study of the effect of cytostatic drugs on DNA synthesis in methylcholanthrene induced mouse sarcomas and in rat Walker 256 tumours. Acta Pathologica et Microbiologica Scandinavica. Section A, Pathology 81(4): 552-558

An in vitro study of the effects of dietary alteration and fasting on the desaturation of palmitic, stearic eicosa-8,11-dienoic and eicosa-8,11,14-trienoic acids. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 248(2): 180-185

An in vitro study of the effects of lead on an epithelioid cell line. Journal of Environmental Pathology and Toxicology 3(5-6): 491-511

An in vitro study of the effects of linoleic, eicosa-8,11,14-trienoic and arachidonic acids on the desaturation of stearic, oleic and eicosa-8,11-dienoic acids. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 248(1): 61-70

An in vitro study of the effects of tricyclic antidepressant drugs on the accumulation of C14-serotonin by rabbit brain. Biological Psychiatry 1(1): 81-85

An in vitro study of the influence of plasma protease inhibitors and aprotinin on trypsin-induced C3 cleavage in human serum. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 709(2): 227-233

An in vitro study of the interaction between diazepam and some antacid or excipients. Die Pharmazie 36(2): 114-117

An in vitro study of the interactions of skeletal muscle M-protein and creatine kinase with myosin and its subfragments. Journal of Molecular Biology 168(4): 831-846

An in vitro study of the intestinal absorption of pyridinium aldoximes. British Journal of Pharmacology 35(2): 304-312

An in vitro study of the methylation of methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein of Escherichia coli. Construction of the system and effect of mutant proteins on the system. Journal of Biochemistry 89(2): 411-420

An in vitro study of the possibility of the development of vibrio resistant strains to some drugs. Antibiotiki 12(3): 235-238

An in vitro study of the relationship of blood pH to blood clotting time. Angiology 21(9): 591-594

An in vitro study of the release of nickel from two surgical implant alloys. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research: 291-295

An in vitro study of the stability of the chicken intestinal cytosol 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3-specific receptor. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 202(1): 83-92

An in vitro study of the synthesis of serum proteins in the human placenta. Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 65(3): 55-56

An in vitro study of various drugs on central and peripheral airways of the rat: a comparison with human airways. British Journal of Pharmacology 68(4): 633-636

An in vitro study on joint fitting and cartilage thickness in the radiocarpal joint of foals. Research in Veterinary Science 34(3): 320-326

An in vitro study on migration activity of spleen cells of allografted and antithymocytic serum treated animals. Bulletin de L'academie Polonaise des Sciences. Serie des Sciences Biologiques 18(12): 749-751

An in vitro system for assessing lung cell response to ozone. Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association 31(9): 933-935

An in vitro system for chemotherapy studies on amastigote forms of T. cruzi and Leishmania. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 66(1): 10-10

An in vitro system for investigating the skin-penetrating mechanisms of larval helminths. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 66(1): 14-14

An in vitro system for studying mucus secretion and other physiological activities in human intestinal mucosa. Experientia 26(2): 130-131

An in vitro system for studying the kinetics of interchain disulfide bond formation in immunoglobulin G. Journal of Biological Chemistry 249(17): 5633-5641

An in vitro system for studying the spontaneous occurrence of trisomics. Birth Defects Original Article Series 10(8): 67-73

An in vitro system for the study of myelin synthesis. Journal of Neurochemistry 16(1): 83-92

An in vitro system that simulates plant cell extension growth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 67(4): 1814-1817

An in vitro system to study the action potential sodium channel. Febs Letters 121(2): 265-268

An in vitro technique for studying oxygen transmissivity through corneal stroma at 34 degrees C. Journal of the American Optometric Association 40(3): 288-290

An in vitro technique for testing nasal vasodilating agents. Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery 88(4): 434-438

An in vitro terminal dilution method for assay of the survival of non-adhering cells. International Journal of Radiation Biology and Related Studies in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine 21(1): 87-91

An in vitro test for Loxosceles reclusa spider bites. Toxicon 11(6): 465-470

An in vitro test for determination of potency of Russell's viper antivenene. Indian Journal of Medical Research 57(4): 775-783

An in vitro test for the determination of hemagglutinating properties of various antibiotics as well as of antibiotics-lysozyme interactions. Blut 19(2): 63-72

An in vitro test medium for evaluating clinical Doppler ultrasonic flow systems. Journal of Clinical Ultrasound 1(2): 130-133

An in vitro test method of anthelmintics active against Fasciola hepatica. Annales Pharmaceutiques Francaises 32(1): 53-58

An in vitro test of a simplified model to demonstrate the operation of electronic root canal measuring devices. Journal of Endodontics 20(12): 605-606

An in vitro test of the immunosuppressive activity of antilymphocyte serum. Transplantation 9(2): 166-168

An in vitro test system for estimation of blood compatibility of biomaterials. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 8(6): 341-356

An in vitro thyroid function test without alcohol extraction. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 15(11): 1032-1034

An in vitro transversion by a mutationally altered T4-induced DNA polymerase. Journal of Molecular Biology 36(3): 321-333

An in vitro, sex dependents, and direct cytotoxic effect of streptozotocin on pancreatic islet cells. Hormone and Metabolic Research 13(2): 120-121

An in vivo acid-base nomogram for clinical use. Canadian Medical Association Journal 109(4): 291-293

An in vivo analysis of pancreatic protein and insulin biosynthesis in a rat model for non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Journal of Clinical Investigation 73(5): 1344-1350

An in vivo and in vitro autoradiographic investigation of growth in synchondrosal cartilage. American Journal of Anatomy 136(4): 479-485

An in vivo and in vitro evaluation of 1-beta-D-ribofuranosyl-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamidine: an inhibitor of human lymphoblast purine nucleoside phosphorylase. Molecular Pharmacology 18(2): 287-295

An in vivo and in vitro structural-functional analysis of cervical mucus secretion. Reproduccion 5(4): 261-280

An in vivo and in vitro study of the cyclophosphamide-induced enhancement of contact sensitivity to 2,4-dinitro-1-chlorobenzene (DNCB). Journal of Dermatology 8(5): 357-366

An in vivo and in vitro study of the mechanism of prednisone-induced insulin resistance in healthy subjects. Journal of Clinical Investigation 72(5): 1814-1820

An in vivo antilymphocytic serum (ALS) efficacy test. British Journal of Surgery 59(4): 311-311

An in vivo assay for thymus-homing bone marrow cells. Nature 293(5828): 151-154

An in vivo assay method for corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) in dexamethasone-nembutal treated rats. Endocrinologia Japonica 13(3): 245-256

An in vivo assay of neurotropic activity. Brain Research 278(1-2): 229-231

An in vivo assay to determine the ability of antibody subunits to bind to antigen. Immunochemistry 3(4): 341-342

An in vivo assessment of an antiseptic-anaesthetic spray for its antiseptic properties. British Journal of Clinical Practice 26(2): 73-75

An in vivo assessment of aorto-iliac bifurcation grafts. Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 14(3): 298-302

An in vivo biomechanical evaluation of anterior-posterior motion of the knee. Roentgenographic measurement technique, stress machine, and stable population. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 63(6): 960-968

An in vivo block in the initiation of protein synthesis. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 34: 255-260

An in vivo cholinergic influence on the retention of [3H]noradrenaline in regional brain synaptosomes. Neurochemical Research 9(5): 607-615

An in vivo comparative study of two apex locators. Journal of Endodontics 20(12): 576-579

An in vivo comparison of CPD and CPDA-2 preserved platelet concentrates after an 8-hour preprocess hold of whole blood. Transfusion 22(6): 491-495

An in vivo comparison of cefoxitin, a semi-synthetic cephamycin, with cephalothin. Journal of Antibiotics 27(1): 42-48

An in vivo comparison of the efficacy of the heartwater blood and ground-up tick suspension vaccines in calves. Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 52(4): 269-271

An in vivo comparison of two bile salt binding agents, cholestyramine and lignin. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 6(3): 281-286

An in vivo corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) assay based on plasma levels of radioimmunoassayable ACTH. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 142(3): 842-845

An in vivo counterpart of HLA- restricted H-Y killing. Transplantation 29(4): 335-337

An in vivo demonstration of the antianaphylactic effect of terbutaline. Clinical Allergy 11(1): 79-86

An in vivo diagnosed case of independent coexistence of stomach ulcer and cancer. Polski Przeglad Radiologii i Medycyny Nuklearnej 31(1): 95-97

An in vivo effect of renin on erythropoietin formation. Laboratory Investigation; A Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 28(6): 719-722

An in vivo evaluation in man of the transfer of esterified cholesterol between lipoproteins and into the liver and bile. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 663(1): 143-162

An in vivo evaluation of I-fibrinogen labeled by four different methods. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 83(6): 977-982

An in vivo evaluation of adhesives used in extraoral maxillofacial prostheses. Journal of Prosthodontics 4(1): 11-15

An in vivo evaluation of iron-chelating drugs derived from pyridoxal and its analogs. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 221(2): 399-403

An in vivo evaluation of the immunosuppressive action of bleomycin. Cancer Research 32(9): 1993-1994

An in vivo experiment on the antitumor action of bleomycin bound to an ion exchange carrier. Antibiotiki i Khimioterapiia 39(8): 27-29

An in vivo measurement of absolute bone density. Journal of the Canadian Association of Radiologists 23(3): 168-170

An in vivo method for studying release of putative neurotransmitters from the rabbit olfactory bulbs. British Journal of Pharmacology 47(3): 667p-668p

An in vivo method for testing GABAergic compounds. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior 17(4): 651-654

An in vivo method for testing putative GABA-like compounds. Journal of Pharmacological Methods 3(1): 39-49

An in vivo method for the study of fissure microbiology. Caries Research 6(1): 77-77

An in vivo method for the study of the microbiology of occlusal fissures. Caries Research 7(2): 120-129

An in vivo method of studying the kinetics of cell proliferation in normal human epidermis. Acta Dermato-Venereologica 54(2): 87-90

An in vivo method to detect platelet trapping. European Surgical Research. Europaische Chirurgische Forschung. Recherches Chirurgicales Europeennes 2(1): 48-54

An in vivo microscopic study of the response of the microvascular system of dental pulp to isobutyl-2-cyanoacrylate. Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, and Oral Pathology 38(1): 139-146

An in vivo model for dissociating alpha 2-and DA2-adrenoceptor activity in an ocular adnexa: utility of the cat nictitating membrane preparation. Current Eye Research 3(11): 1289-1298

An in vivo model for epithelialization kinetics in human skin. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery 65(8): 600-603

An in vivo model for evaluating the response of pulp to various biomaterials. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 14(5): 631-638

An in vivo model for imaging forebrain dopamine systems in humans. Transactions of the American Neurological Association 106: 226-228

An in vivo model for measuring antigen-induced SRS-A-mediated bronchoconstriction and plasma SRS-A levels in the guinea-pig. British Journal of Pharmacology 78(1): 67-74

An in vivo model for studying adherence of intestinal pathogens. Ciba Foundation Symposium 80: 94-97

An in vivo model for studying platelet aggregation and disaggregation. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 47(3): 210-213

An in vivo model for studying the local haemodynamics of end-to-side anastomoses. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 9(2): 152-161

An in vivo model for the experimental selection and pharmacological study of drugs able to modulate polyclonal activation of B lymphocytes. International Journal of Immunopharmacology 6(6): 637-642

An in vivo pharmacological analysis of benzomorphan binding sites in rats. Nida Research Monograph 49: 114-120

An in vivo primary response to 2,4,6-trinitrophenyl substituted erythrocytes. Immunology 24(5): 823-830

An in vivo procedure for estimating spasmolytic activity in the rat by measuring smooth muscle contractions to topically applied acetylcholine. Journal of Pharmacological Methods 8(1): 39-46

An in vivo pyelonephritis assay for screening therapeutic agents. Journal of Antibiotics 27(1): 31-41

An in vivo recording of variations in oral temperature during meals: a pilot study. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 73(2): 214-218

An in vivo requirement for calcium in Photosystem II of Anacystis nidulans. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 109(4): 1134-1139

An in vivo single- and multiple-dose study of several marketed brands of conventional and controlled-release theophylline. Drug Intelligence & Clinical Pharmacy 18(2): 147-153

An in vivo sister-chromatid exchange assay in the larvae of the mussel Mytilus edulis: response to 3 mutagens. Mutation Research 105(4): 235-242

An in vivo study of a new factor VIII high purity preparation. Thrombosis Research 31(2): 375-385

An in vivo study of aortic flow disturbances. Cardiovascular Research 6(1): 1-14

An in vivo study of axial rotation and immoblization at the lumbosacral joint. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 50(8): 1591-1602

An in vivo study of cation transport in essential hypertension. Journal of Hypertension. Supplement 2(3): S457-S459

An in vivo study of cellular and humoral tumor immune mechanisms. Surgical Forum 22: 95-97

An in vivo study of energy losses of ball and disc valves in the mitral position. Journal of Applied Physiology 28(3): 282-290

An in vivo study of epidermal chalone and stress hormones on mitosis in tongue epithelium and ear epidermis of the mouse. Virchows Archiv. B, Cell Pathology 9(4): 271-279

An in vivo study of fluoride fixation from the use of dentifrices containing either 2 amine fluorides, or a combination of sodium fluoride and sodium monofluorophosphate. Le Chirurgien-Dentiste de France 53(211): 31-38

An in vivo study of hepatic and splenic interleukin-1 beta mRNA expression following oral PSK or LEM administration. Japanese Journal of Cancer Research 85(12): 1298-1303

An in vivo study of intracytoplasmic membranous structures associated with chronic stunt virus infection in granular hemocytes of Amyelois transitella. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 79(2): 158-164

An in vivo study of low back pain and shock absorption in the human locomotor system. Journal of Biomechanics 15(1): 21-27

An in vivo study of the axial rotation of the human thoracolumbar spine. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 49(2): 247-262

An in vivo study of the biological properties of nucleated blood cells in patients with chronic myeloleukemia. Problemy Gematologii i Perelivaniia Krovi 14(7): 12-20

An in vivo study of the blood-flow patterns across the normal mitral valve. British Journal of Surgery 57(11): 850-850

An in vivo study of the carrier proteins of 3H-vitamins D3 and D4 in rat serum. American Journal of Physiology 213(2): 380-386

An in vivo study of the concentrating process in the descending limb of Henle's loop. Kidney International 5(5): 337-347

An in vivo study of the effect of chronic metabolic acidosis on renal gluconeogenesis. Experientia 25(2): 160-161

An in vivo study of the ontogeny of alloreactivity in the frog, Xenopus laevis. Immunology 45(1): 39-48

An in vivo study of the radioprotective effect of diethyldithiocarbamate (DDC). International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 9(11): 1635-1640

An in vivo study of the remineralization of carious inner dentin. The remineralization effect of glass ionomer cements. Tsurumi Shigaku. Tsurumi University Dental Journal 10(1): 57-74

An in vivo test for the immunocompetence of human lymphocytes. Transplantation 16(6): 565-569

An in vivo tritium release assay of human dopamine beta-hydroxylase. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 51(4): 810-815

An in vivo useful tool to evaluate the activity of serotonin uptake inhibitors: prevention by chlorimipramine of the prolactin releasing action of d-fenfluramine. Advances in Biochemical Psychopharmacology 31: 229-234

An in vivo-in vitro alkaline DNA unwinding assay for hepatic DNA damage: comparison with the alkaline sucrose gradient centrifugation technique. Analytical Biochemistry 142(2): 351-359

An in vivo-in vitro comparison of the 2- and 3-phosphate esters of clindamycin. Journal of Antibiotics 25(4): 230-238

An in vivo-in vitro replicative DNA synthesis (RDS) test using rat hepatocytes as an early prediction assay for nongenotoxic hepatocarcinogens screening of 22 known positives and 25 noncarcinogens. Mutation Research 320(3): 189-205

An in vivo-in vitro short term carcinogenicity test using rat peritoneal cells. Cancer Letters 10(2): 95-107

An in vivo/in vitro evaluation of teratogenic action. Teratology 23(1): 57-61

An in vivo/in vitro evaluation of the teratogenic action of excess vitamin A. Teratology 28(2): 209-214

An in-depth look at DSM-III. An interview with Robert Spitzer. Interview by John Talbott. Hospital & Community Psychiatry 31(1): 25-32

An in-depth look at pressure sores using monolithic silicon pressure sensors. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 74(6): 745-756

An in-depth study of the head nurse role. Supervisor Nurse 11(11): 16-21

An in-depth study of triangulation. Journal of Advanced Nursing 22(1): 183-187

An in-depth study of vasectomized men in Latin America: a preliminary report. Journal of Reproductive Medicine 10(4): 150-155

An in-house industrial counseling program: the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company experience. Journal of Occupational Medicine. 22(1): 35-40

An in-house program of continuing education for perinatal nurses. Jogn Nursing; Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing 11(2): 109-111

An in-line filter for intravenous solutions. Archives of Surgery 99(4): 462-463

An in-office aid group for Broome County. New York State Dental Journal 39(4): 208-209

An in-progress research report of perceptual-cognitive development of young black children in three cultures. Journal of the National Medical Association 74(2): 115-123

An in-service guide for death education. Gerontology & Geriatrics Education 2(3): 191-197

An in-service registrar-training programme in colposcopy at Groote Schuur Hospital. Reliability and results. South African Medical Journal 63(14): 520-522

An in-service training program for dietary employees. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 50(3): 216-218

An in-service training program for general dentistry faculty. Lda Journal 41(2): 13-14

An in-service training program for nurse's aides. Nursing Homes 18(1): 9-12 Passim

An in-service workshop model for regular class teachers concerning mainstreaming of the learning disabled child. Journal of Learning Disabilities 14(1): 26-28

An in-skate training brace for young beginning ice skaters. Journal of the American Podiatry Association 71(11): 643-645

An in-training evaluation of residency training programs and trainees. Canadian Medical Association Journal 95(14): 717-719

An in-training examination for residents as a guide to learning. New England Journal of Medicine 276(8): 448-451

An in-vitro approach to the study of oligodendrocytes and their involvement in multiple sclerosis. Neurologic Clinics 1(3): 729-755

An in-vitro biomechanical comparison of the Orosco and AO locking plates for anterior cervical spine fixation. Journal of Spinal Disorders 8(3): 220-223

An in-vitro evaluation of setting time of mercaptan rubber. Journal of the Kentucky Dental Association 23(4): 17-21

An in-vitro evaluation of the influence of canal curvature on the sealing ability of Thermafil. International Endodontic Journal 27(4): 190-196

An in-vitro evaluation of the influence of temperature of plasticization on the sealing ability of Thermafil. International Endodontic Journal 27(1): 39-44

An in-vitro investigation of drug availability from lipophilic solutions. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 36(6): 357-360

An in-vitro investigation of mucosa-adhesive materials for use in controlled drug delivery. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 36(5): 295-299

An in-vitro method for qualitative testing of pineal extract (epiphyseal hormone. Studii Si Cercetari de Endocrinologie 17(3): 233-237

An in-vitro method for simulation of oxygen transport in the microcirculation. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 180: 251-259

An in-vitro method for the assay of luteinizing hormone releasing factor. Journal of Endocrinology 59(2): Xi-Xii

An in-vitro method of investigating the rates of transcapillary exchange and net filtration by single-injection technique. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences 78(3): 145-149

An in-vitro model for the study of inhibin production by rat ovarian cells. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 72(1): 249-260

An in-vitro model for tooth eruption utilizing periodontal ligament fibroblasts and collagen lattices. Archives of Oral Biology 28(8): 715-722

An in-vitro model of anesthetic hypertonic hyperpyrexia, halothane--caffeine-induced muscle contractures: prevention of contracture by procainamide. Anesthesiology 35(5): 465-473

An in-vitro model of intracellular bacterial infection using the murine macrophage cell line J774.2. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 36(2): 90-94

An in-vitro procedure for the quantitative measurement of follicle-stimulating hormone activity. Journal of Endocrinology 54(2): 355-356

An in-vitro quantitative study of phytohaemagglutinin (PHA) induced transformation of lymphocytes from premature newborn infants, from older premature infants, and from full-term newborn infants. Blut 23(1): 7-13

An in-vitro study of 2 resins used in orthodontics for their cell toxicity. Fortschritte der Kieferorthopadie 55(6): 311-318

An in-vitro study of the adherence of Candida albicans to acrylic surfaces. Archives of Oral Biology 25(8-9): 603-609

An in-vitro study of the antimicrobial activity of copper and zinc salts on pure and mixed microbial cultures. Minerva Stomatologica 43(9): 393-396

An in-vitro study of the bonding and fracture pattern of light-hardening, fluoride-releasing bonding materials in metal brackets. Fortschritte der Kieferorthopadie 55(6): 304-310

An in-vitro study of the effect of buffer on the degradation of poly(glycolic acid) sutures. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 15(1): 19-27

An in-vitro study of the effect of sulfisoxazole and colistin on the bone marrow. Journal of the Egyptian Medical Association 51(10): 929-938

An in-vitro study of the kinematics of the normal, injured and stabilized cervical spine. Journal of Biomechanics 17(5): 363-376

An in-vitro study of the role of sucrose and interactions between oral bacteria in possible mechanisms of dental plaque formation. Archives of Oral Biology 28(8): 723-727

An in-vitro study of the spontaneous motility and rhythmicity gradient in the rat and guinea pig female reproductive tracts. Acta Europaea Fertilitatis 3(3): 205-226

An in-vitro study on the effect of soft drinks on enamel. Journal of the Indian Academy of Dentistry 6(1): 55-58

An in-vitro system for determining the activity of compounds against the intracellular amastigote form of Leishmania donovani. Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 14(5): 463-475

An in-vitro technique for the quantitative detachment of cells from tooth surfaces. Archives of Oral Biology 17(12): 1731-1736

An in-vitro test for the duration of action of insulin suspensions. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 36(7): 427-430

An in-vitro test of thyroid function by T3 Uptake (MAA) Kit. Horumon to Rinsho. Clinical Endocrinology 28(4): 443-446

An in-vitro test of thyroid function. Erythrocyte uptake of thyronine labeled with iodine 131. Minerva Radiologica 15(1): 30-35

An in-vivo method for estimating inhibin production by adult rat testes. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 71(1): 259-265

An in-vivo method for testing drugs that influence striatal dopaminergic functions. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior 19(2): 231-234

An in-vivo method for the production and evaluation of platelet-rich elimination thrombi. Zeitschrift für die Gesamte Experimentelle Medizin Einschliesslich Experimentelle Chirurgie 145(3): 252-259

An in-vivo method of measuring strength and fatigue in small mammals. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 21(3): 231-232

An in-vivo nerve-muscle preparation of the rat with isometric registration. Der Anaesthesist 23(2): 68-71

An in-vivo staining test, using toluidine blue for oral cytodiagnosis. Shika Gakuho. Dental Science Reports 65(8): 66-69

An in-vivo stimulatory effect of 3,3',5-tri-iodo-L-thyronine on polyphenol oxidase activity in an ascidian. Journal of Endocrinology 58(3): 679-680

An in-vivo study of enamel remineralization after acid etching. Journal - Southern California Dental Association 39(9): 747-751

An in-vivo study of normal wrist kinematics. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 104(3): 176-181

An in-vivo study of renal cadmium and hypertension. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 10(6): 459-461

An in-vivo study of the buffering effect of almasilate in eight volunteers. British Journal of Clinical Practice 38(11-12): 412-413

An in-vivo study of the effect of prolonged use of a specific mouthwash on the oral flora. Chronicle 28(9): 284-286

An in-vivo-in-vitro correlation for the bioavailability of frusemide tablets. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 36(8): 536-538

An inability of gamma-acetylenic GABA to block eating evoked by hypothalamic stimulation. Behavioural Brain Research 1(4): 343-349

An inability of subcutaneous vasopressin to affect passive avoidance behavior. Neuroendocrinology 30(3): 174-177

An inaccuracy. American Journal of Surgical Pathology 19(4): 488-489

An inactivated eastern equine encephalomyelitis vaccine propagated in chick-embryo cell culture. I. Production and testing. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 19(1): 119-122

An inactivated vaccine based on a glycoprotein E-negative strain of bovine herpesvirus 1 induces protective immunity and allows serological differentiation. Vaccine 13(4): 342-346

An inactivated, oil-emulsion vaccine for the prevention of porcine parvovirus-induced reproductive failure. Research in Veterinary Science 36(2): 136-143

An inactivator for the affinity labelling of adenine nucleotide dependent enzymes. Febs Letters 38(3): 254-256

An inactive nurse returns to work. Nursing Management 12(11): 44-48

An inactive, prorenin-like substance in human kidney and plasma. Clinical Science 59 Suppl 6: 29s-33s

An inborn error of cerebroside biosynthesis as the molecular defect of the Jimpy mouse brain. Life Sciences 8(18): 911-918

An inborn error of vitamin B12 metabolism associated with cellular deficiency of coenzyme forms of the vitamin. Pathological and neurochemical findings in one case. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 23(1): 117-128

An inbred line of Syrian hamsters with frequent spontaneous adrenal tumors. Cancer Research 30(2): 305-308

An inbred strain of rats with a high incidence of squamous-cell carcinomas of the mouth. British Journal of Cancer 41(2): 295-301

An inbuilt growth factor is essential in laboratory planning. Hospitals 40(9): 103-108

An inbuilt tragedy. Nursing Mirror 156(8): 48-49

An incentive contract for nursing home aides. American Journal of Nursing 74(3): 475-477

An incentive model of rewarding brain stimulation. Psychological Review 76(3): 264-281

An incentive tax for Medicare, Medicaid and National Health Insurance. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 5(1): 10-24

An incentive-based employee fitness program. Health Education 12(2): 23-24

An inch, not a mile--comments on DSM-II. International Journal of Psychiatry 7(6): 382-384

An incidence study of military personnel engaging in suicidal behavior. Military Medicine 134(12): 1440-1444

An incidence study of pressure sores following surgery. Ana Clinical Sessions: 49-54

An incident during ergometry. Schweizerische Rundschau für Medizin Praxis 71(52): 2022-2023

An incident of Zectran poisoning. Journal of the Maine Medical Association 64(7): 158-159

An incident of an atypical course of periarteritis nodosa. Sovetskaia Meditsina: 111-113

An incident of birth. Bedside Nurse 5(7): 18-22

An incident of cylinder retaining screws damaging the Woods metal in the temperature safety screw of a cyclopropane cylinder valve. Anesthesia and Analgesia 50(5): 775-775

An incident of familial cancer, including 3 cases of osteogenic sarcoma. Cancer 25(4): 889-891

An incident of the evolutive cycle of Schistosoma mansoni. Rivista di Parassitologia 27(3): 153-157

An incident with a local anaesthetic spray. Anaesthesia 50(2): 181-181

An incident with sodium hypochlorite--only my error?. Schweizerische Monatsschrift für Zahnmedizin 94(7): 661-662

An incidental hemangioma of the liver: the dilemma of patient management. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 3(1): 93-97

An incisiform supernumerary in an unusual site. A case report. British Dental Journal 129(4): 174-174

An incision and method of wound closure for radical mastectomy. Journal of the Mount Sinai Hospital, New York 35(6): 599-609

An incision for ano-rectal surgery. American Journal of Proctology 18(4): 288-291

An incisional hernia containing an incarcerated twin pregnant uterus. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 111(2): 308-309

An incisor-form "mesiodens" in the deciduous teeth. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Tandheelkunde 75(2): 119-123

An inclinable turntable for light- and electron microscope preparations. Mikroskopie 27(3): 95-96

An inclusion body with a regular pattern in a synapse of the outer plexiform layer of the dog's retina. Albrecht Von Graefes Archiv für Klinische und Experimentelle Ophthalmologie. Albrecht Von Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 180(1): 38-43

An inclusive heart tumour inducing disorder of impulse transmission. Zentralblatt für Allgemeine Pathologie U. Pathologische Anatomie 118(4): 381-384

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