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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42329

Chapter 42329 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Assessing elderly incontinent patients. British Medical Journal 282(6277): 1706-1707

Assessing electrocardiographic data in the pre-infarct period. Voenno-Meditsinskii Zhurnal 1: 68-69

Assessing employee potentials for abuse. Journal of Clinical Psychology 39(6): 1021-1029

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Assessing equivalence of inhaled drugs. Respiratory Medicine 89(8): 525-527

Assessing erectile dysfunction. Canadian Medical Association Journal 129(9): 921-922

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Assessing expanded functions performed by hygienists in Missouri. Dental Hygiene 55(5): 36-41

Assessing exposure of individuals in the identification of disease determinants. Iarc Scientific Publications: 135-142

Assessing exposure to carcinogens in drinking water. American Journal of Public Health 85(9): 1298-1300

Assessing extrasystole in hospital and polyclinic patients. Sovetskaia Meditsina 33(3): 135-136

Assessing families and helping them change. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Revue Canadienne de Psychiatrie 29(2): 75-76

Assessing families in their own homes. American Journal of Psychiatry 137(12): 1523-1529

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Assessing feelings reported by depressives in research investigations. British Journal of Medical Psychology 54(Pt 2): 99-109

Assessing field defects of the low-vision patient. American Journal of Optometry and Physiological Optics 58(6): 486-491

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Assessing fit. A key indicator of family health. Journal of Nurse-Midwifery 40(3): 277-289

Assessing fluid and electrolyte balance in elders. American Journal of Nursing 95(11): 40-5; Quiz 46

Assessing for colour vision defects. Special Education: Forward Trends 8(3): 15-15

Assessing for parenting capacity. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 53(3): 468-481

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Assessing gender differences in college cigarette smoking intenders and nonintenders. Journal of School Health 53(9): 531-535

Assessing genetic heterogeneity in production cell lines: detection by peptide mapping of a low level Tyr to Gln sequence variant in a recombinant antibody. Bio/Technology 11(11): 1293-1297

Assessing genetic technologies. Two ethical issues. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care 10(4): 573-582

Assessing geriatric patients and their drug therapy regimens. Qrb. Quality Review Bulletin 7(9): 19-24

Assessing gerontological knowledge and attitudes. Career development strategies in gerontology. Gerontology & Geriatrics Education 2(2): 151-154

Assessing handicap of stroke survivors. A validation study of the Craig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 74(4): 276-286

Assessing health education. Nursing Mirror 159(8): Iv-Xi

Assessing health needs in people with severe learning disabilities: a qualitative approach. Journal of Clinical Nursing 4(5): 295-302

Assessing health needs in primary care. Chronic diseases need to have standard definitions. Bmj 310(6993): 1535-1535

Assessing health needs in primary care. Interventions must be effective to be needed. Bmj 310(6993): 1535-1535

Assessing health needs in primary care. Morbidity study from general practice provides another source of information. Bmj 310(6993): 1534-1534

Assessing health needs in primary care. Standardised methods of data collection are required. Bmj 310(6993): 1534-1535

Assessing health needs in primary care. Tailor data collection to needs. Bmj 310(6993): 1535-1535

Assessing health resources. Canadian Journal of Public Health 59(10): 375-379

Assessing health status in a dialysis clinic. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy 52(14 Suppl 3): S31-S32

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Assessing humanitarian needs--Afghanistan. Accident and Emergency Nursing 2(4): 200-204

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Assessing improvement of low back pain. British Medical Journal 280(6207): 111-111

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Assessing individual differences in motivation and their effect on performance of number facility. Psychological Reports 20(1): 55-59

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Assessing levator palpebrae superioris muscle function in infants. American Journal of Ophthalmology 98(3): 377-378

Assessing levels of consciousness. Nursing: 672-673

Assessing levels of consciousness: Glasgow coma scale. Nursing 2(23): 668-669

Assessing levels of consciousness: brain death. Nursing 2(23): 671-672

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Assessing lung function in infants during the first months of life. Pediatriia 49(3): 38-41

Assessing malnutrition - a clarification. Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin 19(20): 80-80

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Assessing mental disorder in the criminal justice system: feasibility versus clinical accuracy. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 18(1): 15-28

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Assessing methods-a feel for other things. British Medical Journal 283(6294): 775-777

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Assessing needs and board rates for handicapped children in foster family care. Child Welfare 50(10): 588-592

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Assessing oil aerosol in the air of underground mining sites. Gigiena Truda i Professional'nye Zabolevaniia 14(2): 59-60

Assessing opportunities for choice-making: a comparison of self- and staff reports. American Journal of Mental Retardation 99(4): 418-429

Assessing organizational effectiveness in higher education drug prevention consortia. Journal of Drug Education 25(3): 239-250

Assessing oxygen consumption in white mice. Gigiena Truda i Professional'nye Zabolevaniia 14(5): 60-60

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Assessing persons with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection using the Beck Depression Inventory: disease processes and other potential confounds. Journal of Personality Assessment 64(1): 86-100

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Assessing physical containment in recombinant DNA facilities. Recombinant Dna Technical Bulletin 7(1): 1-7

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