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Autosomal fragile sites

, : Autosomal fragile sites. Journal de Genetique Humaine 32(3): 155-166

It is possible to distribute the 17 autosomic fragile sites presently known in three categories according to their sensitivity: BrdU-sensitive sites (10q25, 16q22, 17p12), distamycin A-sensitive sites (16q22, 17p12) and folate- and thymidilate-sensitive sites (2q11-q14, 3p14, 6p23, 7p11, 8q22, 9p21, 9q32, 10q23, 11q13, 11q23, 12q13, 16p12, 16q23, 17p12, 20p11). Four fundamental problems are discussed, first the relation between the presence of a fragile site and the phenotype, secondly the incidence of autosomic sites, third the origin of fragility (particularity of DNA structure, defect of the DNA/proteins binding and abnormal arrangement of chromatin, abnormality of the metaphasic scaffold) and fourth the localization of fragile sites.


PMID: 6481340

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